• WordNet 3.6
    • adj respectful full of or exhibiting respect "respectful behavior","a respectful glance"
    • adj respectful feeling or manifesting veneration
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He looks so rottenly respectable He looks so rottenly respectable
Yours Respectful, Hannah Mullet Yours Respectful, Hannah Mullet
Frame 1: A religious woman is presented a sporting magazine from 'Mr. Fox'. The caption says: “With Mr Fox's respects & many happy returns of the day” Frame 2: A hunter is presented a religious text from 'Mrs. Stork'. The caption says: “With Mrs Stork's kind regards and the compliments of the season” Frame 1: A religious woman is presented a sporting magazine from 'Mr. Fox'. The caption says: “With Mr Fox's respects...

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In 1964, Sandy Koufax, Elstom Howard, Jimmy Brown, Oscar Robertson, and Cookie Gilchrist were all voted MVP from their respected (MLB, NFL, NBA) leagues. Each of them wore the number 32.
    • a Respectful Marked or characterized by respect; as, respectful deportment. "With humble joi and with respectful fear."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The average age of an Italian barista is 48 years old. A barista is a respected job title in Italy.
    • respectful Marked or characterized by respect; showing respect: as, respectful deportment.
    • respectful Full of outward or formal civility; ceremonious.
    • respectful Worthy of respect; receiving respect.
    • respectful Synonyms Civil, dutiful, courteous, complaisant, deferential, polite.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The New York Yankees have won the most champoinships (26 times) in their respected sport (MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL) for any professional sports team.
    • adj Respectful full of respect: marked by civility
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  • Aristotle
    “Democracy arose from men's thinking that if they are equal in any respect, they are equal absolutely.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “There is no greater treasure than the respect and love of a true friend.”
  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning
    “Since when was genius found respectable?”
  • William Lyon Phelps
    William Lyon Phelps
    “The final test of a gentleman is his respect for those who can be of no possible service to him.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “It is far better to be trusted and respected that it is to be liked.”
  • (Frederick II) Frederick The Great
    “Don't forget your great guns, which are the most respectable arguments of the rights of kings.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr.,—L. respicĕre, respectumre-, back, specĕre, to look.


In literature:

I shall also give the truth as to the alleged abuse of confidence, of which, according to others, I was guilty in respect to the Emperor.
"The Private Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, Complete" by Constant
Mrs. Finn made the proposition to Lady Mary in respect to Lady Cantrip's invitation.
"The Duke's Children" by Anthony Trollope
His duty to God, which every man must feel; and with respect to his neighbor, to do as he would be done by.
"The Writings of Thomas Paine, Volume II" by Thomas Paine
Every one respectfully made way to let her pass.
"The Memoirs of Louis XIV., His Court and The Regency, Complete" by Duc de Saint-Simon
He wanted a Roxalana of familiar gaiety, without any respect for the dignity of the sovereign.
"Memoirs Of The Court Of Marie Antoinette, Queen Of France, Complete" by Madame Campan
I shall never be wanting in the respect due to them, nor in that which this respect requires.
"The Confessions of J. J. Rousseau, Complete" by Jean Jacques Rousseau
She's seventeen; if she can't respect herself now, she never will, and there's no help for it.
"The Nether World" by George Gissing
After lunch, clad in the garb of respectability, he went up by a quick train.
"The Crown of Life" by George Gissing
They were commanded by Captains McKinzie and Casey respectively.
"Memoirs of Three Civil War Generals, Complete" by U. S. Grant, W. T. Sherman, P. H. Sheridan
I think I may say that nature and her mother had been sufficiently efficacious for Lilian Dale in this respect.
"The Small House at Allington" by Anthony Trollope
He did not know whether he had a great respect for her, but he knew that he had a great respect for her mind.
"In the Wilderness" by Robert Hichens
All the world respected her for her sweetness, her wisdom, and the purity of her character.
"Famous Affinities of History, Vol 1-4, Complete" by Lyndon Orr
At the same time the authorities felt themselves obliged to treat him with respect.
"The Rise of the Dutch Republic, Volume II.(of III) 1566-74" by John Lothrop Motley
And she's going to be the respectable wife of a respectable man, Mr Ruggles.
"The Way We Live Now" by Anthony Trollope
It is because there is in me a being worthy of respect, that I have the duty of respecting it, and the right to make it respected by you.
"Lectures on the true, the beautiful and the good" by Victor Cousin
Corporal punishment was associated with an unpopular man, and it lost its respectable character and never regained it.
"Dickens As an Educator" by James L. (James Laughlin) Hughes
Sulkowski received this mute and respectful greeting with dignified benevolence.
"Count Brühl" by Joseph Kraszewski
With respect to your salary, I must pray you to settle with Dr Franklin the amount of bills drawn in your favor.
"The Diplomatic Correspondence of the American Revolution" by Various
Let her respect herself and respect others.
"Memoir of John Howe Peyton" by Various
A very respectable place.
"The Catholic World. Volume III; Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6." by E. Rameur

In poetry:

Q. What is requir'd of ev'ry worthy guest,
(Besides all proper rev'rence and respect)
Who without dread comes to this holy feast,
If he, from it, can any good expect?
"The Lord's Prayer" by Rees Prichard
But vain the fear--for she remain'd the same,
To outward charms indifferent or blind,
Heedless alike of either praise or blame,
If it respected not her heart and mind.
"Elegy On Sophia Graham" by Matilda Betham
Not unregarded sighs the lowly hind;
Though you contemn, the gods respect his vow;
Vindictive rage awaits the scornful mind,
And vengeance, too severe! the gods allow.
"Elegy XVI. He Suggests the Advantage of Birth To a Person of Merit" by William Shenstone
Q. First, let me know, if thou the same canst say,
What is thy bounden duty to the Lord —
The duty, that compels thee to obey
His sacred laws, and to respect his word?
"The Ten Commandments " by Rees Prichard
Devote thy knees, their Maker to adore,
And with unfeign'd respect before him bend —
Ascribing, when thou dost his aid implore,
To him all might, and glory without end.
"Advice To Serve God" by Rees Prichard
All due respect and rev'rence and renown,
Be to the Donor of each blessing given,
To him be honour, pow'r, and homage, shown,
Who kindly hears us from the highest heaven!
"Concerning Prayer, And Its Proper Requisites" by Rees Prichard

In news:

Ranchers want a president who respects the frontier.
The new video from Arcata reggae bros Woven Roots is all about representin' da Humboldt values: sustainable agriculture, a locavore diet and respect for women.
Here's how ideas once considered out on the far fringes of political discourse find their way into the mainstream, and begin to acquire respectability.
Highly-respected former Rockbridge County High School Player is missed by the community.
FOR THE PAST MONTH, since it has been close enough to be visible on the itinerary, two teams have had one game circled on their respective calendars.
Members of Boy Scout Troop 281, from Anderson Township, arrive to pay their respects to Marge Schott, who in 1999 donated $1 million to the Dan Beard Boy Scout Council.
BERKELEY HEIGHTS — A respectful decline should be met with respect.
Respected civic leader and former Minnesota Gophers football star John Williams died Sunday in Minneapolis.
Hundreds line up to pay respects at Dorothy Height funeral.
Hundreds pay respects to civil rights leader Height.
Hundreds of people pay their respects to the matriarch of the civil rights movement, who died April 20 at age 98.
Laurie DeLuca in the concerto proved once again just why she's such a respected soloist, as well as clarinetist with the Seattle Symphony.
MONTEVALLO – The University of Montevallo men's and women's cross country teams opened the season with a first-place finish in their respective races on their home course Aug 31 in the Early Bird Classic.
I was born and raised in the Detroit area, my dad worked for General Motors, so in one respect that's kind of what I knew.
In many respects, Hill Country is a reverent re-creation of Kreuz Market in Lockhart, Texas, the Lone Star State's most beloved barbecue.

In science:

Since we are interested in the zero sets Zs , which do not depend on constant factors, we could just as well suppose our sections lie in the unit sphere SH 0 J (M , LN ) with respect to the Hermitian inner product (9), and pick random sections with respect to the spherical measure.
Universality and scaling of zeros on symplectic manifolds
Thus using (1.26), (1.27) one can see that the joint moments of {#B } with respect to Pn converge to the joint moments with respect to P .
Determinantal random point fields
AdS space seems in this respect a good candidate in that it allows for tachyonic modes. N = (1, 1) supersymmetry on the worldsheet makes these theories similar in some respect to supersymmetric Type II.
AdS/CFT Correspondence and Type 0 String Theory
That is to say, under such a comparison, one chooses some “natural” problems, encodes it with respect to the specific methodologies associated with the implemented formalisms, and uses the resultant instances as queries of the respective systems.
QUIP - A Tool for Computing Nonmonotonic Reasoning Tasks
C | |z | ≤ r} (iii) σ((1 − p)y ) = {z ∈ C | r ≤ |z | ≤ 1} where in (ii) (respectively (iii)), the spectrum is computed relative to the algebra pMp, (respectively (1 − p)M(1 − p)).
Invariant subspaces of Voiculescu's circular operator
We write τi respectively σi for (the right handed) Dehn twist around γi and x2i−1 respectively.
Large characteristic subgroups of surface groups not containing any simple loops
We introduce two types of normal ordering: the one is taken with respect to the SL(2, R) invariant vacuum and the other is with respect to the oscillator vacuum.
Worldsheet and Spacetime Properties of p-p' System with B Field and Noncommutative Geometry
I (ξ 1) and an anti-twist field σ− This implies that a twist field σ+ I (ξ 1), both of which are I , are located at the origin and at infinity on mutually non-local with respect to Z I and Z the plane respectively.
Worldsheet and Spacetime Properties of p-p' System with B Field and Noncommutative Geometry
Assuming first that X (x) and Υ(t) are polynomials up to fourth degree on x and t, respectively, second fM and eN are polynomials up to second degree also on x and t, respectively, and third the torsion and nonmetricity are proportional rational functions.
A class of colliding waves in metric-affine gravity, nonmetricity and torsion shock waves
Comparing Eqs.(31,33) we get nln ˜P (Y ) + n Y oY = nn2K (η)/2 − En ηoη where { }Y and { }η mean taking extrema with respect to Y and η respectively.
Instanton approach to the Langevin motion of a particle in a random potential
SA (E ) and SA (T ) means the type IIA S-duality in the electrical and transverse direction, respectively. T (E ) and T (T ) means a T-duality in the electrical and transverse direction, respectively.
Open Branes in Space-Time Non-Commutative Little String Theory
Proposition 3.5 shows that there is no infinite cluster a.s. with respect to the free measure iff there is a unique infinite cluster a.s. with respect to the dual wired (G, q)(cid:1)′ (G† , q) = (cid:0)pfree measure.
Explicit isoperimetric constants and phase transitions in the random-cluster model
Let (M m , gαβ ) and (N n , hij ) be two generalized Lagrange spaces, where m, respectively n, is the dimension of M , respectively N .
Harmonic Maps between Generalized Lagrange Spaces
The manifold M , respectively N , is coordinated by (aα ), respectively (xi ).
Harmonic Maps between Generalized Lagrange Spaces
In Bernoulli bond percolation on Zd , the edges of Zd are open (respectively closed) with probability p (respectively 1 − p) independently.
On the mixing time of simple random walk on the super critical percolation cluster