• WordNet 3.6
    • v resound emit a noise
    • v resound ring or echo with sound "the hall resounded with laughter"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Resound Return of sound; echo.
    • Resound To be echoed; to be sent back, as sound. "Common fame . . . resounds back to them again."
    • Resound To be filled with sound; to ring; as, the woods resound with song.
    • Resound To be mentioned much and loudly.
    • Resound To echo or reverberate; to be resonant; as, the earth resounded with his praise.
    • Resound To praise or celebrate with the voice, or the sound of instruments; to extol with sounds; to spread the fame of. "The man for wisdom's various arts renowned,
      Long exercised in woes, O muse, resound ."
    • Resound To sound loudly; as, his voice resounded far.
    • Resound To throw back, or return, the sound of; to echo; to reverberate. "Albion's cliffs resound the rural lay."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • resound To sound back; ring; echo; reverberate; be tilled with sound; sound by sympathetic vibration.
    • resound To sound loudly; give forth a loud sound.
    • resound To be echoed; be sent back, as sound.
    • resound To be much mentioned; be fumed.
    • resound To sound again; send back sound; echo.
    • resound To sound; praise or celebrate with the voice or the sound of instruments; extol with sounds; spread the fame of.
    • resound Synonyms To reecho, reverberate.
    • n resound Return of sound; echo.
    • resound To sound again or repeatedly: as, to resound a note or a syllable.
    • resound To sound again: as, the trumpet sounded and resounded.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Resound rē-zownd′ to sound back: to echo: to praise or celebrate with sound: to spread the fame of
    • v.i Resound to be sent back or echoed: to echo: to sound loudly: to be much mentioned
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  • Thomas Fuller
    “Fame is the echo of actions, resounding them to the world, save that the echo repeats only the last art, but fame relates all, and often more than all.”
  • Marquis De Sade
    “The more defects a man may have, the older he is, the less lovable, the more resounding his success.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. resounen, OF. resoner, F. résonner, from L. resonare,; pref. re-, re- + sonare, to sound, sonus, sound. See Sound to make a noise


In literature:

All England resounded with a burst of indignation.
"Louis Philippe" by John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot) Abbott
Suddenly, without a word, she snatched the girl close to her broad breast and pressed her lips on Jinnie's with resounding smacks.
"Rose O'Paradise" by Grace Miller White
His knees struck the floor with a resounding thump.
"What's-His-Name" by George Barr McCutcheon
Resounding hammer strokes came from the shop.
"Valley of Wild Horses" by Zane Grey
Bugle peals resounded from ship and shore, while salvoes of artillery swept over the waves and reverberated among the cliffs.
"Ferdinand De Soto, The Discoverer of the Mississippi" by John S. C. Abbott
The cannonade resounded over Liege, as if with constant peals of thunder.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume II (of VIII)" by Various
It was his tone that made the heart resound like a smitten bell.
"In a Little Town" by Rupert Hughes
As Sarja called in his own tongue to them the green men on the surrounding boats broke into resounding cries.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, August 1930" by Various
Crash after crash was resounding from various parts of Washington.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, October, 1930" by Various
The thousand nameless, vague and distant cries which one hears only at night, began to resound from all quarters.
"A Romance of the West Indies" by Eugène Sue
Vast echoes resounded in Hilary's mind.
"Slaves of Mercury" by Nat Schachner
The sea was dotted with swimming men, the beach was full of running men, terrified men made the cliff resound with their cries.
"The Pirate Woman" by Aylward Edward Dingle
Before the beginning of the conflict the battle song resounds.
"The German Classics of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries" by Various
Yells and curses resounded on every side.
"In The Ranks" by R. E. McBride
When Stackridge shook the door, however, the illusion was dispelled by two fierce growls that resounded within.
"Cudjo's Cave" by J. T. Trowbridge
An unusually big wave struck the schooner a resounding slap on the starboard quarter, causing her to lurch suddenly.
"Doubloons--and the Girl" by John Maxwell Forbes
The old hero struck his shield, so that it resounded far through the solitary streets of the city.
"Henry of Ofterdingen: A Romance." by Friedrich von Hardenberg
The bang of a heavy door resounded, and then a deep silence showed she was alone.
"Tony Butler" by Charles James Lever
Hats and hammers were waved and three resounding cheers rang out.
"The Cottage of Delight" by Will N. Harben
The band resounded from the groups of palms in the gallery.
"Majesty" by Louis Couperus

In poetry:

And human voices too resound:
Gallant hearts! take better cheer!
The strongest chains by which you're bound,
Are but the chains of your own fear!
"The Factory Town" by Ernest Jones
The frost is keen, the wind is cold,
No wild-bird twitters from the spray,
But, still resounding as of old,
Thy voice thrills forth, and seems to say:
"To A Canary" by Thomas Frederick Young
With night comes the tempest, unaw'd by the blast
She stood hem'd by ruin around;
She saw a frail bark on the rugged rock cast,
And heard its lasts signals resound.
"Mary" by Thomas Gent
And it sends back the hound's deep-throated tone.
Full with the message of resounding ill;
And the pale hunters curse it with a groan,
For the swamp angel is a demon still.
"The Swamp Angel" by Anonymous Americas
GAY Annandale, with fields so fair,
And pleasant hills, and valleys there;
Resounding groves, none can compare,
When nature crowns;
They join the warblers in the air,
With vocal sounds.
"The Praise Of B----" by Susannah Hawkins
Hark! from yon fane, within whose hallow'd mounds,
Her bards, her warriors, and her statesmen, sleep;
The solemn, slow, funereal bell resounds,
While mournful echoes dread accordance keep.
"Sheridan" by Thomas Gent

In news:

Preston County voters resoundingly rejected an increase in the excess property levy proposed by their local school system.
On Jan 14, Taiwan re-elected President Ma in a resounding exercise of democracy.
If drug-law reformers working in three western states have any say, the answer will be a resounding no.
The Johnstown Public Library's 2012 Summer Reading Program was a resounding success, with 268 children enthusiastically registering to "Dream Big READ".
When the Board of Commissioners meets at 7 pm tonight at the Board of Commissioners Auditorium in Pontiac, we hope the 25-member board grants resounding approval of the proposed refinancing .
A resounding vote for early voting.
Kidd's Kids Day Is A Resounding Success.
Poindexter wins Hamakua council seat in resounding victory.
On Layton land use issues, two resounding 'no's'.
Zimbabwe's long-time President Robert Mugabe said Saturday that his party is geared up for a " resounding " victory in elections scheduled next year.
Referendum on Obama (NY-20) is a resounding hit for Pres.
Hank Wright Tourney a ' resounding ' success'.
It was a resounding success and raised more than $170,000 for the Boca Grande Health Clinic.
New Study Offers Resounding "Yes.".
Landmark Supreme Court ruling a ' resounding win' for religious groups.

In science:

It is important to briefly note the following question: If one knows the form of the fine grid operator Ah , then is it proper to use the same operator on a coarse grid for subsequent relaxation? The answer, it would appear, is a resounding “it depends”.
Variational Principles in General Relativity
The answer to the first two questions is obviously a resounding NO. A Hamiltonian of the TBRE is specified by the choice of the a random variables vα .
The Two-Body Random Ensemble in Nuclei
The resounding success of matrix models has inspired their generalization in higher dimensions to random tensor models.23–29 Until recently however tensor models have failed to provide an analytically controlled theory as, for a long time, no generalization of the 1/N expansion to tensors has been found.
A review of the large N limit of tensor models
The answer is a resounding NO, but it remains an extremely important question how to tell if a given Gorenstein ring is a complete intersection; this question plays a small but important role in the work of Wiles, for example.
Hyman Bass and Ubiquity: Gorenstein Rings
The team combines the experience of senior astronomers, some of whom helped make Hipparcos such a resounding scientific success, with the energy and drive of young scientists and engineers.
Concluding Remarks: Gaia and Astrophysics in 2015-2020
Had Figure 3 been plotted over a wider range in the ordinate, probability (evidence) ratios relative to the null model of e40−60 would have been visible, indicating a resounding detection of the cluster in the shear data.
Physical component analysis of galaxy cluster weak gravitational lensing data
This aspect of the program of renormalization is considered to be a resounding success and deservedly so.
Rethinking Renormalization
OpenPFGW also fails when the tested number is a Fermat pseudoprime for several bases (with a resounding failure when it is a Carmichael number), since it is unable to quickly detect the compositeness of these numbers.
A primality test for $Kp^n+1$ numbers
Is there anything special about the mass discrepancy at some large length scale? The answer is a resounding no (Figure 6a).
How Galaxies Don't Form
Higher mapping class groups The techniques which work for the torus at first appear to fail resoundingly for the mapping class group of more complicated surfaces, since the mapping class group in that setting is not linear.
Generic Phenomena in Groups -- Some Answers and Many Questions
The answer to this question is a resounding no, see (22.5).
Rational Curves on Quasi-Projective Surfaces