• WordNet 3.6
    • adj repelling highly offensive; arousing aversion or disgust "a disgusting smell","distasteful language","a loathsome disease","the idea of eating meat is repellent to me","revolting food","a wicked stench"
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  • William Blake
    “All futurity seems teeming with endless destruction never to be repelled; Desperate remorse swallows the present in a quenchless rage.”
  • Camille Paglia
    “If you live in rock and roll, as I do, you see the reality of sex, of male lust and women being aroused by male lust. It attracts women. It doesn't repel them.”
  • Edward Dahlberg
    “We are a most solitary people, and we live, repelled by one another, in the gray, outcast cities of Cain.”


In literature:

Here the enemy made a last desperate effort to turn our flank, but was repelled.
"Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant, Complete" by Ulysses S. Grant
It is that which gives you the power to impart a repelling shock to people you dislike, as in the case of Prince Ivan.
"A Romance of Two Worlds" by Marie Corelli
So dead fell her broken hope that her face was repellent with the effort she made to support herself.
"Vittoria, Complete" by George Meredith
His cold nature, highly as my brother esteems him, is repellent to me.
"Cleopatra, Complete" by Georg Ebers
But the blood fired her cheeks at the thought, and she repelled it at once.
"A Thorny Path [Per Aspera], Complete" by Georg Ebers
She ought to have repelled him thus.
"In The Fire Of The Forge, Complete" by Georg Ebers
A haughty, almost repellent bearing.
"Barbara Blomberg, Complete" by Georg Ebers
At the beginning of the last century the latter were considered repelling.
"The Story Of My Life From Childhood To Manhood The Autobiography Of Georg Ebers, Complete" by Georg Ebers
Would a gentler, less eager person have won instead of repelling confidence?
"The Young Step-Mother" by Charlotte M. Yonge
The troops from Corinth were brought up in time to repel the threatened movement without a battle.
"The Memoirs of General Ulysses S. Grant, Part 3." by Ulysses S. Grant

In poetry:

O! take, then—for dangers by wisdom repell'd,
For evils, by courage and constancy brav'd—
O take! for a throne by thy counsels upheld,
The thanks of a people thy firmness has sav'd!
"The Pilot That Weath'd The Storm" by George Canning
Take Faith's strong shield, the arrows to repel —
The deadly shafts, shot by the prince of hell:
A lively faith in Christ will always cool
The fi'ry darts thrown from the flaming pool.
"A Warning To Guard, Whilst It Is Yet Day, Against The Assaults Of The World, The Flesh, And The Devi" by Rees Prichard
V. Yes, yes, 'twas a charm of such magical force
As Reason herself never wish'd to repel,
For it drew its sweet magic from Sympathy's source,
And Reason herself bows to Sympathy's spell.
"To Mrs. Lefanue" by Sydney Owenson
IX. Yet come! delicious Joy! ere yet the chill
Of age repels thy influence o'er my heart,
While yet each sense responsive meets thy thrill,
Oh come! delicious Joy! all transient as thou art!
"Joy" by Sydney Owenson
How often has the thought
Of my mourned mother brought
Peace to my troubled spirit, and new power
The tempter to repel!
Mother, thou knowest well
That thou hast blessed me since thy mortal hour!
"My Father, Mother, Brothers, Sisters" by John Pierpont
Clear thou the Horizon, disperse ev'ry cloud,
Those rife rains repel, (for thou'rt gracious and good)
Allay the fierce tempest, and, after the rain,
Give sunshine and crispness agen to our grain!
"Another, On The Same Occasion" by Rees Prichard

In news:

Scientist have discovered the most advanced mosquito repellent.
These boots are important to the longevity of the CV, as they repel dirt and retain the grease needed to help the joint survive.
HASTINGS (AP) – A city in southeastern Minnesota is hoping to solve a vandalism problem in its parks by installing a noise machine to repel teenagers.
New repellant tricks mosquito's sense of smell .
The sheet with Advanced Teflon repels liquids, prevents staining and releases soiling caused by daily use.
Someone at a shopping mall in Florida thought it would be a good idea to have Santa make his grand entrance by repelling down a rope to the waiting kids below.
Now, not only can anglers wear stylish ­sun-protective fabrics around their neck, ears and face, but those products also repel sand gnats and mosquitoes.
Sunrise Smarty repels all challengers in the Fall Highweight at Aqueduct.
A device to repel dogs.
In 1956, a Racial Law Repelled Harvard's Team.
Thinksport's heavy-duty mineral formula spreads evenly without clumping and has jojoba, olive, and sunflower oils to repel sweat and water.
Photo by Philip Wood Debra Linn, of Granite Bay, sprays bug repellant on herself.
In fact, it is so repellent to me that I won't even watch it.
This month, ELLE challenged Leandra Medine—whose blog, The Man Repeller, is dedicated to outlandish style—to come in for a day at the office and reimagine traditional silhouettes.
One of the quickest, easiest ways to look completely unattractive, to actually be repellent, is to slouch.

In science:

As an example, let A be the set of compact minimal sets that are either attractors or repellers or isolated from minimal sets and stagnant.
Flows near Compact Invariant Sets - Part I
Idem for B− (K ) if K is a repeller. (cid:1) are distinguished from the corresponding concepts in 12 Metric concepts in (cid:0)C(M ), dH e.g..
Flows near Compact Invariant Sets - Part I
An analogue argument shows that if X is a repeller then there are points y ∈ M \ X such that α (y) ⊂ X .
Flows near Compact Invariant Sets - Part I
Thus an attractor X can neither be a repeller nor stagnant since both these conditions contradict the stability of X .
Flows near Compact Invariant Sets - Part I
Then every nonvoid, compact invariant set, isolated from minimals and having no orbits of infinite height arbitrarily nearby is either an attractor or a repeller or stagnant.
Flows near Compact Invariant Sets - Part I