• That reminds me
    That reminds me
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v remind put in the mind of someone "Remind me to call Mother"
    • v remind assist (somebody acting or reciting) by suggesting the next words of something forgotten or imperfectly learned
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: When explorers first arrived in Venezuela, they were reminded of Venice. They named the country "Little Venice", which translated into Spanish is Venezuela
    • v. t Remind To put (one) in mind of something; to bring to the remembrance of; to bring to the notice or consideration of (a person). "When age itself, which will not be defied, shall begin to arrest, seize, and remind us of our mortality."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: At Will's first competition he competes with the sword, and after his first victory Jeff gives a little speech which recieves no response until one of Will's friends cheers. this was a mistake none of the extras spoke english and so missed their cue to start cheering, and needed a reminder from one of the lead actors. This scene was going to be shot but the director decided this was better than what they had planned.
    • remind To put in mind; bring to the remembrance of; recall or bring to the notice of: as, to remind a person of his promise.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: While sailing along the Caribbean coast of South America in 1499, the Spanish explorer Alonso de Ojedo saw Indian houses built on stilts over the water. The area reminded him of Venice, and he named it Little Venice, which in Spanish is Venezuela.
    • v.t Remind rē-mīnd′ to bring to the mind of again: to bring under the notice or consideration of
    • ***


  • Edwin Hubbel Chapin
    “An aged Christian, with the snow of time upon his head, may remind us that those points of earth are whitest which are nearest to heaven.”
  • Murray Kempton
    Murray Kempton
    “The faces in New York remind me of people who played a game and lost.”
  • Bobby Nichols
    Bobby Nichols
    “If you have to remind yourself to concentrate during competition, you've got no chance to concentrate.”
  • Redd Foxx
    Redd Foxx
    “The food here is so tasteless you could eat a meal of it and belch and it wouldn't remind you of anything.”
  • William John Bennett
    William John Bennett
    “Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that thankfulness is indeed a virtue.”
  • Demosthenes
    “To remind a man of the good turns you have done him is very much like a reproach.”


In literature:

Shop windows remind me of neighbors' bathrooms before breakfast.
"Erik Dorn" by Ben Hecht
The spectacle reminded him of his own check.
"Joan of Arc of the North Woods" by Holman Day
She reminded Forrester, ever so slightly (and, of course, in a reverent way), of Gerda Symes.
"Pagan Passions" by Gordon Randall Garrett
The smile on his careworn face reminded Charlotte of the smile on St. Stephen's face, when he was dying.
"How It All Came Round" by L. T. Meade
I need not remind you of Sir Richard Calmady's accident and the subsequent operation?
"The History of Sir Richard Calmady" by Lucas Malet
I was reminded of old woodcuts in a history of the French Revolution.
"Greener Than You Think" by Ward Moore
When in Calcutta everything reminded us that we had left our own country behind, though not all our own people.
"Life and Work in Benares and Kumaon, 1839-1877" by James Kennedy
Braisted and I encouraged each other, whenever we were near enough to hear, by the reminder that we had only one more day with reindeer.
"Northern Travel" by Bayard Taylor
I oughtn't to have reminded you.
"The Kingdom Round the Corner" by Coningsby Dawson
Still, there was a purpose behind everything God did, Odeon reminded himself, whether a human could perceive it or not.
"The Alembic Plot" by Ann Wilson

In poetry:

And that reminds me, I heard something
About your waywardness: you burned their books,
It seems, instead of answering those sages.
"Paracelsus: Part III: Paracelsus" by Robert Browning
The sweet suggestions of the wind,
That spake in whispers, now are stilled;
The songless branches all remind
That summer's glory is fulfilled.
"In Sutton Woods" by Alfred Austin
Think of me, let thy heart grow kinder
In summer's sunshine or in winter's gloom,
Think of me, when thy sole reminder
Is but the shadow of my silent tomb.
"Think Of Me" by Thomas Edward Spencer
Black loom the crags of the uplands behind me,
Dark are the sands of the far-stretching shore.
Dim are the pathways and rocks that remind me
Sadly of years in the lost Nevermore.
"The Bride Of The Sea" by Howard Phillips Lovecraft
That savage toss of the pine boughs past music
And that roar of the elms…
Here come, in the candle light, soft reminder
Of poetry's truth, while rain beats as softly here
As sleep, or shelter of farms
"Soft Rain Beats Upon My Windows" by Ivor Gurney
Ye sons of the strong, when that dawning shall break,
Need the harp of the aged remind you to wake?
That dawn never beam'd on your forefathers' eye,
But it roused each high chieftain to vanquish or die.
"Flora Macivor's Song" by Sir Walter Scott

In news:

Richard Stoltzman's Phoenix in Flight is pretty much what you'd expect from the world's foremost clarinet soloist: a solid hour of classical repertoire that reminds us why he won the two Grammys and we didn't.
Doug Campbell reminds you that there are "other" presidential candidates.
1 People don't have tails that wag On days you're dragging, Sparky can remind you that running should be joyful.
These films can remind us that risk-taking and defying expectations sometimes serve as their own rewards.
On a ridge above the Bountiful community, painted white stones with the reminder, "KEEP SWEET.".
Certainly, the House needs to compromise on some issues, but someone needs to remind President Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that they also need to compromise .
The present shortage of flu vaccine reminds us of stories from the old Soviet Union.
Comstock reminds us that people really listen when you have money on the table, when you have a real action plan.
Market activity this week kind of reminded us of waiting at an airport for a connecting flight .
"It's a reminder, you know," he says.
Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign is still alive and today it emerged from the shadows to remind supporters that she "made history" in the 2008 campaign and that mementos from that bid are now for sale.
Each Republican speaker was reminded of the impact their budget plan would have on their constituents back home.
Remind me again why we have a Budget and Control Board .
Crocs and Croc -wannabe's are springing up everywhere again, which reminds me of an encounter I observed between Holly and the fashion police.
They are a reminder of warm weather and a parade of many other blossoms to come for the upcoming spring and summer.

In science:

It may be worth reminding that the n-volume of the n-simplex tends to zero (super)-exponentially in n.
Uniformly Generating Distribution Functions for Discrete Random Variables
First we remind the basic notions of Bose-Einstein condensation, as a common starting point.
Helium nanodroplets and trapped Bose-Einstein condensates as prototypes of finite quantum fluids
Remind that in the latter formula it is assumed that the sum is over all equivalence classes of spin graphs.
Gibbs and Quantum Discrete Spaces
Here, we remind readers of the definition of α.
The Effect of the Random Magnetic Field Component on the Parker Instability
Let us first remind some basic results on multiplicative chaos.
Random walks in random environment on trees and multiplicative chaos