• WordNet 3.6
    • n relegating authorizing subordinates to make certain decisions
    • ***


In literature:

At frequent intervals throughout the widening West may be seen the relegated ship of the desert standing forlorn, friendless, forsaken.
"Trail Tales" by James David Gillilan
The rule of caste which settled down over the community in this early period relegated every individual to his particular place.
"History of Human Society" by Frank W. Blackmar
They are inclined to 'relegate it into the region of myth;' in plain English, to call old Herodotus a liar, or at least a dupe.
"Lectures Delivered in America in 1874" by Charles Kingsley
The incident of the night, while at the time it had been quite thrilling, was already relegated to the past.
"The Big Five Motorcycle Boys on the Battle Line" by Ralph Marlow
However, after bandaging, Nadine relegated him to the small embassy hospital.
"Frigid Fracas" by Dallas McCord Reynolds
Excursions, parties and a good time generally are slowly but surely being relegated to the rear.
"Twenty-Five Years in the Black Belt" by William James Edwards
Nor will they soon be relegated to the shades.
"Home Life of Great Authors" by Hattie Tyng Griswold
She told me they were going to relegate themselves on watermelon this evening!
"The Wide Awake Girls in Winsted" by Katharine Ellis Barrett
She was relegated to the heart of the mountains, as her appearance was supposed to indicate disaster.
"Life of Wagner" by Louis Nohl
I relegated it all to the realm of the unknown and unknowable.
"From Bondage to Liberty in Religion" by George T. Ashley

In poetry:

That we must feign a bliss
Of doubtful future date,
And while we dream on this
Lose all our present state,
And relegate to worlds yet distant our repose?
"From the Hymn of Empedocles" by Matthew Arnold

In news:

Sizing up relegation and title races.
With eight games remaining for teams in the Premier League season, eight of this weekend's 10 matches will impact the title chase, Champions League berths and the relegation zone.
St Pauli need a miracle to survive after losing 2-0 to Kaiserslautern, while VfL Wolfsburg climbed out of the relegation zone after beating Werder Bremen.
Using ESPN's Soccer Power Index (SPI), we can look at the most important matches and determine how the outcomes will affect each team's chance of being relegated at the end of the season.
SPI is only confident that Wigan will be relegated , putting its chances of dropping out of the Premier League at 92.3 percent.
Eight Big 12 teams make's relegation top 40.
Gay Marriage Ban Relegates Same-sex Couples To Second-class Citizens.
In love with America, terrified for its future, relegated to its past.
Bumper cars are classic family fun, and while once relegated to amusement parks, they are now finding homes in bowling centers, Family Entertainment Centers and even flea markets where they play a major role in enhancing customer experience.
The news today is that "Jersey Shore" will soon be relegated to the has-been, garbage-bin of pop culture.
Cologne 's 4-1 home loss to runner-up Bayern Munich saw it join Kaiserlautern in being relegated to Bundesliga 2 next season.
Sentenced to nine years in prison at the age of sixteen for carjacking, R. Dwayne Betts discovered something unexpected while relegated to solitary confinement for assaulting a guard: a love of literature.
In so doing he relegated induction to the same nonlogical status as intuition.
The initial Big 12 Conference rankings for the upcoming football season have been released on the league's website and the Mountaineers from West Virginia University have been relegated to the very bottom of the 10-team league.
FALL ARTS In 2010, I wrote a long piece on what Hollywood had in store for fall, and relegated rep houses to a shorter sidebar.

In science:

Since the key results are remarkably similar to those of section 2, their proof is relegated to the Appendices in order not to deviate the attention of the reader from the main line of argument.
Supersymmetric electric-magnetic duality as a manifest symmetry of the action for super-Maxwell theory and linearized supergravity
We relegate the proofs of most technical lemmas to the appendix, since they complicate what are fairly natural and straightforward arguments.
On the chromatic number of a random hypergraph
The base cases m = 5 and m = 6 are again straightforward finite computations which we relegate to Appendix A.
The Maximal Rank Conjecture for Sections of Curves
The proof of the refined converse in (187) is relegated to Appe ndix E.
Lossy joint source-channel coding in the finite blocklength regime
The technical details of our calculations are relegated to the appendices A, B, C, D, and E.
Smectic order, pinning, and phase transition in a smectic liquid crystal cell with a random substrate