• WordNet 3.6
    • v reformulate formulate or develop again, of an improved theory or hypothesis
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • reformulate To formulate anew or differently.
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In news:

Johnson & Johnson pledges to reformulate cosmetics, toiletries with safer ingredients by 2015.
Hill's Pet Nutrition will reformulate its Science Diet dogs and cat foods to add more natural ingredients.
From the Pharmacy world, Oxycontin, a very effective and powerful pain medication has been reformulated.
Healthier reformulations may turn up the heat on simmering soup sales.
Now reformulated to be smarter than ever.
Buckinghamshire, UK—Elevated prices among commodities such as sugar are forcing food manufacturers to reformulate products with alternative sweeteners.
Reformulated gasoline to be blended with ethanol on the Gulf Coast dropped 0.25 cent to a discount of 11.25 cents a gallon versus futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange at 3:40 pm, a second consecutive decline.
A reformulation of OxyContin that makes the pills harder to crush or dissolve has led to less abuse, a new study finds.
Reformulated traffic, marking and line saving paints .
Coca-Cola insists that this is not another New Coke reformulation.
Saranté PVC -Free is a simulated wood finish for Ceilings Plus metal ceiling and wall panels and has been reformulated to protect indoor air quality by eliminating PVCs .
Sun Orchard has reformulated its all-natural Rendezvous Bay frozen and on-the-rocks bar mix program to offer a higher-quality, more comprehensive beverage program.
Kraft Foodservice has reformulated approximately 25 percent of its portfolio in the US to make its snacks better, both for customers and for the bottom line.
Boasting a reformulated recipe, Jack Link's new Smokehouse assortment is made from premium cuts of meat, perfectly seasoned and smoked.
A look at how food and beverage manufacturers have reformulated Public Enemy No.

In science:

Therefore we can try to reformulate the theory in a more transparent way.
A note on topological brane theories
These algebraic structures have been reformulated by Beilinson and Drinfeld [BD] in terms of algebraic geometry.
Nongraded Infinite-Dimensional Simple Lie Algebras
But first we shall reformulate the problem in linear–algebraic terms.
Moore-Penrose inverse, parabolic subgroups, and Jordan pairs
The left-hand side of (4) can be reformulated in the following two ways.
Bicomplex algebra and function theory
These turn out to be useful and elementary reformulations of an invariant originally defined by M.
Analytic invariants of boundary links
We will firstly reformulate their model by generating explicitly the D+1 dimensional gauge theory action from the D dimensional one.
4d Gauge Theory and Gravity Generated from 3d Ones at High Energy
This theorem is a simple reformulation of the following theorem.
Movable categories
However, general results can be easily reformulated for graphs with loops and multiple edges.
Gibbs and Quantum Discrete Spaces
Most of them are simple extensions or reformulations of already known theorems, as the reader can verify in Section 7.1.
The temporal calculus of conditional objects and conditional events
The Linked Dipole Chain (LDC) model is a reformulation and generalization of the CCFM result in a scheme, where more gluons are treated as final state radiation.
A Simple Model for the BFKL-DGLAP Transition in Deep Inelastic Scattering
All of the above can be reformulated in a dual way.
An algorithm to generate exactly once every tiling with lozenges of a domain
In this paper we propose the method of the reformulations, in terms of the generalized Grassmann variables, the usual extended supersymmetric models.
Generalized Grassmann Algebras and its Connection to the Extended Supersymmetric Models
We then reformulate the invariant as a quantum link invariant and as a state summation.
Bi-oriented Quantum Algebras, and a Generalized Alexander Polynomial for Virtual Links
We can now reformulate the initial problem more precisely as follows.
General Covariance in Quantum Gravity
After some reformulation the same property is shared by the cases of charged dust (ν, p = 0) and electrified de Sitter solutions (λ, n = −1).
Static charged perfect fluid spheres in general relativity