red-winged blackbird


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n red-winged blackbird North American blackbird with scarlet patches on the wings
    • ***


In literature:

Above a marsh red-winged blackbirds chased a crow in a swift melodrama of the air.
"Main Street" by Sinclair Lewis
In our ears the red-winged blackbirds have a very attractive note.
"Theodore Roosevelt" by Theodore Roosevelt
I hear the notes of a Thrasher in those bushes, and the Red-winged Blackbirds are calling all through the marsh meadow.
"Citizen Bird" by Mabel Osgood Wright and Elliott Coues
Song-sparrows, thrushes, and bluebirds warble far and near, while the red-winged blackbird makes music in wet, swampy places.
"Stories of California" by Ella M. Sexton
The one friend, Red-winged Blackbird, who always understood!
"Diane of the Green Van" by Leona Dalrymple
The red-winged blackbird is an own cousin of mine.
"Stories of Birds" by Lenore Elizabeth Mulets
Mr. Red-winged Blackbird was especially fond of Bobby's companionship.
"The Tale of Bobby Bobolink" by Arthur Scott Bailey
In the nearest clump of reeds we notice several red-winged blackbirds, chattering nervously.
"The Log of the Sun" by William Beebe
A sudden whirr and flash, where a host of red-winged blackbirds arose in a cloud from the road, proved too much for him.
"The Silver Maple" by Marian Keith
All around him he heard red-winged blackbirds singing their spring challenges.
"Shaman" by Robert Shea

In poetry:

All that I remember
From a dim and verdant spring
Long dead
Is, that one bright mouche of red
Patched a blackbird's wing.
"Bird of Long Ago" by Clark Ashton Smith

In news:

Red-winged blackbirds eating away profits.
A farmer from Rio Hondo turned to Action 4 News after he lost almost half of his corn crop due to a ravenous flock of red-winged blackbirds.
Red-winged blackbird hard to miss.
Almost everyone knows the red-winged blackbird .
Reader photos of Puerto Rican Tody, Barn Swallow, Sunbittern, American Robin, Sooty Shearwater, Red-winged Blackbird, Brown Jay, Rough-legged Hawk, Yellow Warbler, and other birds.
In 2009, USDA agents euthanized more than 4 million red-winged blackbirds , starlings, cowbirds, and grackles, primarily using pesticides that the government says are not harmful to pets or humans.
View full size Chuck Slusarczyk Jr Red-winged blackbirds are abundant across North America with an estimated 300 million birds at the close of the breeding season.
Courtesy of Jay and Kevin McGowan THE ADULT FEMALE red-winged blackbird usually returns to Cen´tral New York from the South this time of year, which is about two weeks after the males returned.
The robins and red-winged blackbirds are long gone from our yards and meadows.
This red- winged blackbird announced to all of his rivals that this cattail reed was part of his territory.
Red- winged blackbird hard to miss.
Almost everyone knows the red- winged blackbird.