• WordNet 3.6
    • n reciprocity mutual exchange of commercial or other privileges
    • n reciprocity a relation of mutual dependence or action or influence
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Reciprocity Mutual action and reaction.
    • Reciprocity Reciprocal advantages, obligations, or rights; reciprocation.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n reciprocity Reciprocal action or relation; free interchange; mutual responsiveness in act or effect: as, reciprocity of benefits or of feeling; reciprocity of influence.
    • n reciprocity Equality of commercial privileges between the subjects of different, governments in each other's ports, with respect to shipping or merchandise, to the extent established by treaty.
    • n reciprocity In the Kantian philosophy, mutual action and reaction in the strict, mechanical sense.
    • n reciprocity In geom., the mutual relationship between points and straight lines in a plane, or points and planes in space, etc.; duality.
    • n reciprocity the proposition that the number of invariants of the nth order in the coefficients possessed by a binary quautic of the pth degree is equal to the number of invariants of the order p in the coefficients possessed by a quantic of the nth degree.
    • n reciprocity Synonyms Exchange, interchange, reciprocation.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Reciprocity mutual obligations: action and reaction: equality of commercial privileges
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  • Samuel Johnson
    “Life cannot subsist in society but by reciprocal concessions.”
  • Washington Irving
    “Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart.”
  • Louis K. Anspacher
    Louis K. Anspacher
    “Marriage is that relation between man and woman in which the independence is equal, the dependence mutual, and the obligation reciprocal.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. F. réciprocité,. See Reciprocal
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. reciprocus.


In literature:

Without this reciprocity there can be no civilization worthy of the name.
"The Pivot of Civilization" by Margaret Sanger
Masapo, in a hazy way, tried to reciprocate these kind intentions.
"Child of Storm" by H. Rider Haggard
But there has been little or no reciprocal activity.
"War and the Future" by H. G. Wells
I trust that you will give me an opportunity shortly of reciprocating your hospitality.
"The Yellow Crayon" by E. Phillips Oppenheim
Probably this is a case of alternate and reciprocal debt.
"Darwin and Modern Science" by A.C. Seward and Others
The victorious defenders of the innocent man now abused each other and overwhelmed each other reciprocally with insults and calumnies.
"Penguin Island" by Anatole France
This is the first reciprocal action, and the first extreme with which we meet (FIRST RECIPROCAL ACTION).
"On War" by Carl von Clausewitz
And that wish is heartily reciprocated.
"Yet Again" by Max Beerbohm
If reciprocity was what he had missed where was the reciprocity now?
"Some Short Stories" by Henry James
Sometimes, however, reciprocity of correlation does not appear to exist.
"The Categories" by Aristotle
In no country are there fewer forms and more reciprocities.
"The Patagonia" by Henry James
For a long time, for long months, Siddhartha waited for his son to understand him, to accept his love, to perhaps reciprocate it.
"Siddhartha" by Herman Hesse
The reciprocity was edifying.
"Memoirs of the Comtesse du Barry" by Baron Etienne Leon Lamothe-Langon
It gives the sentiments of a son to one who never had them, and reciprocally those of a parent.
"The Origins of Contemporary France, Volume 5 (of 6)" by Hippolyte A. Taine
Still Violet missed the power of fully reciprocating her sister's confidence.
"Heartsease" by Charlotte M. Yonge
And he felt that he now reciprocated these feelings.
"Angela's Business" by Henry Sydnor Harrison
Did she reciprocate those thoughts, now reading the review of it?
"The Child Wife" by Mayne Reid
They are felt to be reciprocal.
"A Review of Edwards's" by Henry Tappan
No being is without its determinations, and reciprocally its determinations are not without it.
"Lectures on the true, the beautiful and the good" by Victor Cousin
The justice of their reciprocal praise neither of these rivals could efface, for that outlives their little jealousies.
"Amenities of Literature" by Isaac Disraeli

In poetry:

My friends will me forget;
But why should I regret?
Nor human love nor hate
I then reciprocate.
"Of Death And Life" by Alfred Gibbs Campbell
Urit spes animi credula mutui.—Hor.
Fond hope of a reciprocal desire
Inflames the breast.
"Ode, written 1739" by William Shenstone
(Therein a stable boy, it's stated,
Devoutly loved a noble dame,
Who ardently reciprocated
His rather injudicious flame.)
"Little Oliver" by William Schwenck Gilbert
"I doubt it not," said John, "and I
Reciprocate the feeling,
And here, with one despairing cry,
I kneel, and love you, kneeling."
"John And Jane" by Thomas Frederick Young
Reciprocal visits were often,
He slept with me, I slept with him,
Talked till near dawn of daylight,
With fluent and scholarly Tim.
"Tim" by Jared Barhite
Symbol of what you are,
Reciprocal, that star
Burns with your life, no less
Quick with your consciousness
Than your own vital brain.
Cell, muscle, nerve, and vein.
"Idealism" by E J Rupert Atkinson

In news:

Air receiver size for reciprocating air compressor .
How can we determine the size/capacity of an air receiver for a reciprocating air compressor .
The CAS40P reciprocating compressor is a hydraulically driven, intermittent-duty model that delivers a rated capacity of 40 cfm at 100 psi, compared with 35 cfm on the predecessor model.
Air receiver size for reciprocating air compressor.
How can we determine the size/capacity of an air receiver for a reciprocating air compressor.
Lack of clearance reciprocity costs millions, survey shows.
State Reciprocity Validation Decal Required for Documented Boats.
The religious group began distributing books, flowers and gifts to strangers in the 1970s, drawing on the rule of reciprocation to raise money.
On Thursday, approximately 100 members of the Norwegian Home Guard arrived at Camp Ripley for the 39th Troop Reciprocal Exchange.
Reciprocal Association of the Budding Yeast ATM-Related Proteins Tel1 and Mec1 with Telomeres In Vivo .
A piston-type reciprocating compressor has had valve damage, or the valves just are not sealing for some reason.
Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corp. Have signed an agreement for reciprocal supply of light-duty trucks in Japan.
Reciprocal Association of the Budding Yeast ATM-Related Proteins Tel1 and Mec1 with Telomeres In Vivo.
(CBS News) The US Senate has yet to act on a so-called "concealed carry reciprocity" bill, which would let people with permits to carry a concealed weapon in their home state carry that weapon into virtually any other state.
Clifford Everell Reed of Victor faces a second-degree murder charge in the death of his co-worker, Sandi Johnson of Kirkland, Wash. Court records indicate he had a romantic interest in her that she did not reciprocate.

In science:

At even shorter times, the dynamics reflect the consequences of low Reynolds swimming, i.e. a non-reciprocal movement of flagella.
The random walk of a low-Reynolds-number swimmer
In case of randomness, the lack of translational invariance prompts for models based on real- instead of reciprocal-space configurations.
Distribution of NMR relaxations in a random Heisenberg chain
As required by the scallop theorem , a low Reynolds number swimmer must undergo cyclic shape deformations that are non-reciprocal requiring at least two degrees of freedom.
Dynamics and interactions of active rotors
We have thus proved Theorem 1 While the Kraus operators {Tℓ(κ)} describe D(κ), the ‘dual’ channel described by Kraus operators {κTℓ(κ)† } is the trace-preserving phase conjugation channel D(κ−1 ) with reciprocal scale parameter.
Operator-sum Representation for Bosonic Gaussian Channels
Such a reputation-based concept would be considered today as indirect reciprocity .
Fundamental and Real-World Challenges in Economics
We then express the reciprocal determinant 1/D(z) as an integral over two complex vectors v ∈ V and w ∈ W : D(z)−1 = Z e−z ( ¯v, v)+iz−1 (S3 ¯w, wz−Kw)−i( ¯v, Lw)−i( ¯w, L † v) , where it is understood that we are integrating with the product of Lebesgue measures for V and W .
Coherent potential approximation for disordered bosons
It fits the spirit of Asher Peres’ p. 35 Law of Reciprocity.
Concrete Foundations for Categorical Quantum Physics
In the seventies, Geroch and Jang and Wald proposed this novel approach to address the Riemannian Penrose inequality by flowing surfaces with speed equal to the reciprocal of their mean curvatures at each point.
On the Positive Mass, Penrose, an ZAS Inequalities in General Dimension
Reciprocally, some results presented here in the source setting can be extended to a channel setting (such as channels with memory, or nonprime input alphabets).
Extracting randomness and dependencies via a matrix polarization
In order to study the wave propagation of the elementary excitations in the fluid when the acoustic wave propagates in random medium, it was considered that there are no random fluctuation in the density, but only in the reciprocal of the bulk modulus.
Scalar Quantum Field Theory in Disordered Media
E not enclosing the pointed vertex, and reciprocally.
On symmetric quadrangulations and triangulations
This is of course valid, since αℓ1 ,u is the sum over walks of length ℓ1 from x to u of the product of reciprocals of out-degrees.
Stationary distribution and cover time of random walks on random digraphs
As in the ERGM, the vector hhh can be specified to represent many forms of dependence, including transitivity (i.e., clustering), cycling, and reciprocity; an important attribute of the model because such dependence features characterize valued networks .
Statistical Inference for Valued-Edge Networks: Generalized Exponential Random Graph Models
Reciprocal Feature Prediction: The boxplots repremodel.
Statistical Inference for Valued-Edge Networks: Generalized Exponential Random Graph Models
The superior performance of the GERGM relative to the Cauchy regression is further depicted in figure 3, which gives the predicted and observed network-level reciprocity and cycling measures from the GERGM and Cauchy GLM.
Statistical Inference for Valued-Edge Networks: Generalized Exponential Random Graph Models