• WordNet 3.6
    • v rebound return to a former condition "The jilted lover soon rallied and found new friends","The stock market rallied"
    • v rebound spring back; spring away from an impact "The rubber ball bounced","These particles do not resile but they unite after they collide"
    • n rebound the act of securing possession of the rebounding basketball after a missed shot
    • n rebound a reaction to a crisis or setback or frustration "he is still on the rebound from his wife's death"
    • n rebound a movement back from an impact
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Rebound recovery, as from sickness, psychological shock, or disappointment.
    • Rebound The act of rebounding; resilience. "Flew . . . back, as from a rock, with swift rebound ."
    • Rebound To bound again or repeatedly, as a horse.
    • Rebound To give back an echo.
    • Rebound to recover, as from sickness, psychological shock, or disappointment.
    • v. t Rebound To send back; to reverberate. "Silenus sung; the vales his voice rebound ."
    • Rebound To spring back; to start back; to be sent back or reverberated by elastic force on collision with another body; as, a rebounding echo. "Bodies which are absolutely hard, or so soft as to be void of elasticity, will not rebound from one another."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • rebound To bound or spring back; fly back from force of impact, as an elastic or free-moving body striking against a solid substance.
    • rebound To bound or bounce again; repeat a bound or spring; make repeated bounds or springs.
    • rebound To fall back; recoil, as to a starting-point or a former state; return as with a spring.
    • rebound To send sounds back and forth; reverberate; resound; reëcho.
    • rebound Synonyms Rebound, Reverberate, Recoil. Rebound and reverberate apply to that which strikes an unyielding object and bounds back or away; recoil applies to that which springs back from a position of rest, as a cannon or rifle when discharged, or a man and a rattlesnake when they discover their proximity to each other. Reverberate, by onomatopœia, applies chiefly to heavy sounds, but has other special uses (see the word); it has no figurative extension. Recoil is most freely used in figure: as, a man's treachery recoils upon himself; in sudden fright the blood recoils upon the heart.
    • rebound To throw or drive back, as sound; make an echo or reverberation of; repeat as an echo or echoes.
    • n rebound The act of flying back on collision with another body; a bounding back or in reverse; resilience; recoil; reëcho; reverberation.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.i Rebound rē-bownd′ to bound or start back: to bound repeatedly: to recoil: to reverberate: to re-echo
    • v.t Rebound to repeat as an echo
    • n Rebound act of rebounding: recoil
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  • Lord Byron
    “It is odd but agitation or contest of any kind gives a rebound to my spirits and sets me up for a time.”


On the rebound - If someone is on the rebound, their relationship has recently ended and they are emotionally unstable.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Pref. re-, + bound,: cf. F. rebondir,


In literature:

When hills and dales rebound with joy?
"The Modern Scottish Minstrel, Volume II." by Various
I suppose the rebound was sufficient to keep us a safe distance off.
"The Ontario Readers: Fourth Book" by Various
You batter the lie with your logic, but the blows rebound from the iron truth beneath.
"Continental Monthly, Volume 5, Issue 4" by Various
Unfortunately, with the return to prosperity came the usual unwise rebound in public feeling.
"Personal Recollections of Birmingham and Birmingham Men" by E. Edwards
Its position toward classicism was antagonistic, a rebound, a flying to the other extreme.
"A Text-Book of the History of Painting" by John C. Van Dyke
With a rebound, it seemed, the young soul of the David Drennen of twenty had again entered his breast.
"Wolf Breed" by Jackson Gregory
This rebound carries it back, not only to the zero position, but sometimes beyond that position.
"Response in the Living and Non-Living" by Jagadis Chunder Bose
He rebounded to slip full length to the ground and lie there.
"Star Hunter" by Andre Alice Norton
Sweet are the rebounds from jeopardy to joy!
"A Little Rebel" by Margaret Wolfe Hungerford
Were we to offer fifty pounds per head, instead of ten shillings, the bid would rebound in shame upon ourselves.
"Gallipoli Diary, Volume I" by Ian Hamilton

In poetry:

If things go ill or well-
If joy rebounding spreads the face,
Or sea of sorrows swells-
It is a dream, a play.
"Thou Blessed Dream" by Swami Vivekananda
Divided joys are tedious found,
And griefs united easier grow:
We are our selves but by rebound,
And all our Titles shuffled so,
Both Princes, and both Subjects too.
"Friendships Mystery, To My Dearest Lucasia" by Katherine Philips
But scarce the melancholy sound
Has died upon the ear,
Before the mournful dirge is drowned
By wedding-anthems' glad rebound,
That stir the solemn air around
With merry peals and clear.
"Sorrow And Joy" by Hattie Howard
With bounded ray, and transient grace
Thus, Varro, holds the human race
Their place and hour assign'd;
Loud let the vernal trumpet sound,
Responsive never will rebound The echo of mankind.
"Ode to a Man of Letters" by John Logan
Our fingers were clasped with the clasp of a friend,
Each bosom rebounded with youthful delight,
We were foremost to honour and strong to defend,
And Heaven, beholding, was charmed at the sight.
"The Friends" by Lennox Amott
How bright thy glorious honours rise,
And with new lustre grace the skies.
For thee, the sweet seraphick Choir
Raise the voice and tune the Lyre,
And praises with harmonious sounds
Through all the highest heav'n rebounds.
"A Desire To Praise" by Thomas Parnell

In news:

The Spurs' Danny Green goes for a rebound against the Sacramento Kings' Jason Thompson (left) and Marcus Thornton during an April game at the AT&T Center.
An emotional Kevin Garnett (18 points, 13 rebounds) gets the home crowd… (JIM DAVIS/GLOBE STAFF ).
Kevin Love led the Wolves with 24 points and 8 rebounds, Brandon Roy added 19 points in 25 minutes and Andrei Kirilenko had 13 points and 8 rebounds for Minnesota.
Plain Dealer File Hakim Warrick averaged 11.6 points and 5.0 rebounds per game for the Memphis Grizzlies last season.
ATHENS, Ga.—Jasmine Hassell scored 17 points and pulled down 10 rebounds to lead No 10 Georgia Sunday to a 70-38 rout of Belmont, her mother's alma mater.
Jasmine Hassell scored 17 points and pulled down 10 rebounds to lead No 10 Georgia Sunday to a 70-38 rout of Belmont, her mother's alma mater.
07 pm, the index had rebounded.
Joseph's rebounds from opening-night hiccup against Lafayette.
Anderson Varejao can't quite grab this rebound, but he had 22 others in Monday night's loss to the Grizzlies in Memphis.
Connecticut's Stefanie Dolson, left, grabs a rebound from Holy Family 's Kelly Brady during the first half of an exhibition NCAA college basketball game in Hartford, Conn. On Wednesday, Nov 7, 2012.
Has Sandra Bullock finally found her rebound man in Brett Ratner.
German American Riding Small Bank Rebound In Hoosier State .
For housing industry , a fast fall and a slow rebound.
Couple rebounds from failed restaurant to serve up a side dish business.
View complete Manhattan Jaspers basketball stat leaders from 2012-13, including points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks.

In science:

The reflected shock moves towards the center, and may rebound off the center.
Supernova Remnants, Pulsars and the Interstellar Medium - Summary of a Workshop Held at U Sydney, March 1999
The even peaks are maximal under -densities, which are generally of smaller amplitude because the rebound has to fight against the baryon inertia.
Cosmic Background Radiation Mini-Review
On the other hand the motion is bounded (otherwise the person topples over) whence for longer time intervals there will be a rebounding of the motion in the opposite direction.
Review of Nonlinear Methods and Modelling
This process is initiated at the orifice of the silo and propagates towards the bulk after many rebounds on the side walls.
Dense bubble flow in a silo: an unusual flow of a dispersed medium
The even peaks are maximal under -densities, which are generally of smaller amplitude because the rebound has to fight against the baryon inertia.
Cosmic Microwave Background Mini-Review