• WordNet 3.6
    • adj real capable of being treated as fact "tangible evidence","his brief time as Prime Minister brought few real benefits to the poor"
    • adj real having substance or capable of being treated as fact; not imaginary "the substantial world","a mere dream, neither substantial nor practical","most ponderous and substantial things"- Shakespeare"
    • adj real being or occurring in fact or actuality; having verified existence; not illusory; not ghosts" "real objects","real people","a film based on real life","a real illness","real humility","Life is real! Life is earnest!"- Longfellow"
    • adj real no less than what is stated; worthy of the name "the real reason","real war","a real friend","a real woman","meat and potatoes--I call that a real meal","it's time he had a real job","it's no penny-ante job--he's making real money"
    • adj real of, relating to, or representing an amount that is corrected for inflation "real prices","real income","real wages"
    • adj real coinciding with reality "perceptual error...has a surprising resemblance to veridical perception"- F.A.Olafson"
    • adj real not to be taken lightly "statistics demonstrate that poverty and unemployment are very real problems","to the man sleeping regularly in doorways homelessness is real"
    • adj real (of property) fixed or immovable "real property consists of land and buildings"
    • adj real being or reflecting the essential or genuine character of something "her actual motive","a literal solitude like a desert"- G.K.Chesterton","a genuine dilemma"
    • adv real used as intensifiers; `real' is sometimes used informally for `really'; `rattling' is informal "she was very gifted","he played very well","a really enjoyable evening","I'm real sorry about it","a rattling good yarn"
    • n real an old small silver Spanish coin
    • n real the basic unit of money in Brazil; equal to 100 centavos
    • n real any rational or irrational number
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

Come to pry into things, and look about and find out, that wuzn't a real ship Come to pry into things, and look about and find out, that wuzn't a real ship
It took ten million feet of glass thread, and Eulaly will look real sweet in it It took ten million feet of glass thread, and Eulaly will look real sweet in it
"Josiah Allen's wife, Hatye has done real well, and I am glad that I discovered it." "Josiah Allen's wife, Hatye has done real well, and I am glad that I discovered it."
Real Enjoyment Real Enjoyment
An exasperated painter gives up on his painting. He sits under two statues of women. One is titled 'the real' and the other is titled 'the ideal.' He has written 'Namby Pamby' on his painting An exasperated painter gives up on his painting. He sits under two statues of women. One is titled 'the real' and the...

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The real name of Toto the dog in "The Wizard Of Oz" was Terry
    • n Real A former small Spanish silver coin; also, a denomination of money of account, formerly the unit of the Spanish monetary system.☞ A real of platecoin) varied in value according to the time of its coinage, from 121/2 down to 10 cents, or from 61/2 to 5 pence sterling. The real vellon, or money of account, was nearly equal to five cents, or 21/2 pence sterling. In 1871 the coinage of Spain was assimilated to that of the Latin Union, of which the franc is the unit. The peseta was introduced in 1868, and continued as the official currency of Spain (splitting temporarily into Nationalist and Republican pesetas during the civil war of the 1930's) until 2002. In 2002, the euro became the official currency of Spain and most other nations of the European Union.
    • n Real A realist.
    • Real Actually being or existing; not fictitious or imaginary; as, a description of real life. "Whereat I waked, and found
      Before mine eyes all real , as the dream
      Had lively shadowed."
    • Real (Alg) Having an assignable arithmetical or numerical value or meaning; not imaginary.
    • Real (Law) Pertaining to things fixed, permanent, or immovable, as to lands and tenements; as, real property, in distinction from personal or movable property.
    • Real Relating to things, not to persons. "Many are perfect in men's humors that are not greatly capable of the real part of business."
    • a Real Royal; regal; kingly. "The blood real of Thebes."
    • Real True; genuine; not artificial, counterfeit, or factitious; often opposed to ostensible; as, the real reason; real Madeira wine; real ginger. "Whose perfection far excelled
      Hers in all real dignity."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Audrey Hepburn’s real name was Edda van Heemstra Hepburn-Ruston.
    • real Actual; genuine; true; authentic; not imaginary, artificial, counterfeit, or factitious: as, real lace.
    • real Of genuine character; not pretended or pretending; unassumed or unassuming.
    • real Specifically, in philosophy, existing in or pertaining to things, and not words or thought merely; being independent of any person's thought about the subject; possessing characters independently of the attribution of them by any individual mind or any number of minds; not resulting from the mind's action: opposed to imaginary or intentional. Real differs from actual, inasmuch as what is only in germ or in posse, in so far as it has a power of developing into a definite actuality, is real, and independent of what we may think about it. Real objects are either external to the mind, when they are independent altogether of our thought, or they are internal, when they depend upon thought, but not upon thought about them.
    • real Sincere; faithful; loyal.
    • real Relating to things, not to persons; not personal.
    • real In law, pertaining to or having the quality of things fixed or immovable. See real estate, etc., below.
    • real In English ecclesiastical law, an agreement made between the owner of lands and the parson or vicar, with consent of the ordinary, that such lands shall be discharged from payment of tithes, in consequence of other land or recompense given to the parson in lieu and satisfaction thereof. Also called composition of tithes.
    • real A distinction between real objects. The Scotists made subtle and elaborate definitions of this phrase.
    • real Land, including with it whatever by nature or artificial annexation inheres with it as a part of it or as the means of its enjoyment, as minerals on or in the earth, standing or running water, growing trees, permanent buildings, and fences. In this sense the term refers to those physical objects of ownership which are immovable.
    • real The ownership of or property in lands, etc.; any legal or equitable interest in lands, etc., except some minor, temporary, or inchoate rights which by the laws of most jurisdictions are deemed to be personal estate. “At common law, any estate in lands, etc., the date of the termination of which is not determined by or ascertainable from or at the date of the act which creates it, is real estate.” The line between the two classes of property is differently drawn in detail, according as the object of the law is to define what shall be taxed, or what shall go to the heir in case of intestacy as distinguished from what shall go through the administrator to the next of kin, or what shall come within the rules as to recording titles, or other purposes.
    • real A science which has a determinate reality for its object, and is conversant about existences other than forms of thought: in this sense, mathematics is not a real science.
    • real Synonyms and Real, Actual, Positive, veritable, substantial, essential. Real applies to that which certainly exists, as opposed to that which is imaginary or feigned: as, real cause for alarm; a real occurrence; a real person, and not a ghost or a shadow; real sorrow. Actual applies to that which is brought to be or to pass, as opposed to that which is possible, probable, conceivable, approximate, estimated, or guessed at. Actual has a rather new but natural secondary sense of present. Positive, from the idea of a thing's being placed, fixed, or established, is opposed to uncertain or doubtful.
    • n real That which is real; a real existence or object; a reality.
    • n real A realist.
    • n real The real thing; the genuine article.
    • real Really; truly; very; quite.
    • real Royal; regal; royally excellent or splendid.
    • n real A subsidiary silver coin and money of account in Spain and Spanish-American countries.
    • n real The current real of Spain (real de vellon) is one quarter of the peseta or franc, and worth about 5 United States cents. The Mexican real, corresponding to the old Spanish real de plata, is one eighth of a dollar (Mexican peso), and reckoned at 12½ cents The latter coin, both Spanish and Mexican, circulated largely in the United States down to about 1850, being called a Spanish or Mexican shilling in New York, a levy (see levy, 1) in the South, etc.
    • n real The big-eyed herring, or saury, Elops sauras.
    • real In mathematics, involving no unit for number but the primitive unit, 1.
    • real In geometry, appearing in a finite figure. For instance, any two coplanar circles oC and oA are said to intersect, but their intersection-points are real only if .
    • real In optics, opposed to virtual: as, a real image, one formed by the actual convergence of waves brought to a focus by an optical system, as distinguished from the virtual image formed where the geometrical extensions of a group of rays meet.
    • n real In mathematics, a real number.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Cher's real name is Cherilyn Sarkasian La Pier.
    • adj Real rē′al actually existing: not counterfeit or assumed: true: genuine: sincere: authentic:
    • n Real rē-al′ a Spanish coin, 100 of which=£1 sterling.
    • adj Real rē′al (law) pertaining to things fixed, as lands or houses
    • ***


  • Abraham Lincoln
    “Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.”
  • David Harold Fink
    David Harold Fink
    “Know what you want. Become your real self.”
  • James T. Ellison
    James T. Ellison
    “The real death of America will come when everyone is alike.”
  • Luigi Pirandello
    “In bed my real love has always been the sleep that rescued me by allowing me to dream.”
  • Dale Carnegie
    “You never achieve real success unless you like what you are doing.”
  • Walter Chrysler
    Walter Chrysler
    “The real secret to success is enthusiasm.”


Real deal - If something is the real deal, it is genuine and good.
Real McCoy - Something that's the real McCoy is the genuine article, not a fake.
Real plum - A real plum is a good opportunity.
Real trouper - A real trouper is someone who will fight for what they believe in and doesn't give up easily. (People often use 'Real trooper' as the two words sound the same.)


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
LL. realis, fr. L. res, rei, a thing: cf. F. réel,. Cf. Rebus
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Low L. realis—L. res, a thing.


In literature:

There was both the openness of real honesty and the reserve of real strength in the confession about his financial affairs.
"The Wind Before the Dawn" by Dell H. Munger
Among the company was a lady singer, a real and great singer.
"Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen" by Hans Christian Andersen
But I found something like my real innocent abroad, my real peasant among the sky-signs, in another part of the same establishment.
"What I Saw in America" by G. K. Chesterton
If conduct is to have any meaning, Good and Evil must be real in a real world.
"Appearances" by Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson
It leaves the real Sunflower Trail right here.
"Winning the Wilderness" by Margaret Hill McCarter
When it is good, it is always real taste, that is to say some real person's taste.
"Progress and History" by Various
A real Horner, a real Careless, would, it is admitted, be exceedingly bad men.
"Critical and Historical Essays, Volume III (of 3)" by Thomas Babington Macaulay
There were statues standing round that looked like real people only they were so white from top to toe.
"A Modern Cinderella" by Amanda M. Douglas
Social contacts and social forces are of a subtler sort but not less real than physical.
"Introduction to the Science of Sociology" by Robert E. Park
It had been as real to him as to her, but now there came over him a disappointment even more real.
"The Brass Bound Box" by Evelyn Raymond

In poetry:

How will it end, the race of life, for us,
Who sit and speak in whispers of faint dreams
And the dim heritage of worlds unknown
Until the real all unreal seems ?
"A Song Of The Way" by Ethel Clifford
Then athwart the vapors dun
The Easter sun
Streamed with one broad track of splendor!
In their real forms appeared
The warlocks weird,
Awful as the Witch of Endor.
"Tales Of A Wayside Inn : Part 1. The Musician's Tale; The Saga of King Olaf V. -- The Skerry Of Shri" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Friendship is sweet; but love, oh! sweeter still!
The union gives a source of real joy;
Grant then thy love, and know it is my will
To give thee happiness without alloy.
"Addressed To The Author In The Morning Herald" by Charlotte Dacre
Murmur or roar as it may, the stream
Laughs to the youngster who dreams his dream.
Leave him alone till his fool's heart breaks:
Dreams all are real till the dreamer wakes!
"The Dreamer" by Dorothea Mackellar
Christ must be sought for first with zealous pains,
For real life in him alone remains —
And 'tis a thing most foolish and absurd,
To seek for life, unless you seek the Lord.
"Advice, To Search For The Lord Jesus Christ" by Rees Prichard
Let not this world's delights and fleeting toys,
Which vanish, like a morning mist, away,
Cause me to lose the rights and real joys
Of that bright world, which never shall decay.
"A Morning Prayer, To Be Us'd After A Person Is Up, Wash'd, And Dress'd" by Rees Prichard

In news:

Things are about to get real at Lisa Hochstein 's house with a sneak peak at the next episode of The Real Housewives of Miami.
Publisher: Lynn Smith Business Director: Melissa Bilyeu Advertising Director: Robin Broomer Advertising Production: Julie Gonzalez-Lavin Real Estate Advertising Manager: Sophia Kokkinos Real Estate Production: Yeou-Shiuh Hsu.
Keepin ' It Real (But Not Objectively Real).
Real Oviedo, a soccer team in the proud province of Asturias, is about 300 miles north of Madrid and about a million miles behind Real Madrid, the powerhouse that along with F.C.
JOHNNY C Serving as a member of Real Radio's Josh Cohen & the Hometeam, Johnny C was quickly recognized for his great sense of Sports knowledge & Trivia, and was added to Real Radio's " LockerRoom " in October of 2006.
(and yes, we know it's before the "real" holiday, but in our minds, it IS the real holiday).
The Spanish league is barely three months old, but Real Madrid 's title defense is in serious danger after Real Betis midfielder Benat Etxebarria struck from long range to deal last season's champion a 1-0 loss on Saturday.
Meeting with Ravens gives Manning , Broncos a real test against a real good team.
The former The Real Housewives of New York City star, who married the real estate agent in.
Meeting with Ravens gives Manning, Broncos a real test against a real good team.
What's real and not real.
A real suspension for a real star.
Real solutions for real life.
Find articles on real estate, new listings, sale prices, real estate price trends and more.

In science:

In the following we will only consider the cases in which a real solution z(T ) exists and has a real second derivative z ′′ = d2z/dE 2 at E = 0.
Dynamics of relaxor ferroelectrics
If there exists a family of functions, {φtr (ω )}, defined on the real line, and indexed by suffix tr , and a measure, µ(ω ), on the real line such that for each t, φtr (ω ) is quadratical ly integrable with respect to the measure µ, i.e.
Resampled random processes in gravitational-wave data analysis
From symmetry, when A is real, y is real and p(y ) is even in y ; when A is complex, y is complex and p(y ) depends only on |y |.
Probability density of determinants of random matrices
The quasi-simplicity of real rational surfaces was obtained during our work on the deformation classification of real Enriques surfaces.
Real Rational Surfaces Are Quasi-Simple
By a real rational surface we mean a real surface birationally equivalent to P2 over C.
Real Rational Surfaces Are Quasi-Simple