real-time operation


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n real-time operation data processing fast enough to keep up with an outside process
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In news:

Designed to collect information on the spot in real time, the new system dramatically transformed Bally 's warehouse operations.
Herr-Voss Stamco, Callery, PA, will demonstrate its Laser Shape Measurement System that allows leveler operators to see, in real time, a display of the shape of the material exiting the leveler.
Herr -Voss Stamco, Callery, PA, will demonstrate its Laser Shape Measurement System that allows leveler operators to see, in real time, a display of the shape of the material exiting the leveler.
In the hope of helping oncologists remove every piece of tumor tissue during surgery, researchers are developing new imaging tools that work in real time in the operating room.
Thales Acquires Sysgo, the European Leader in Real-time, Highly Secure Operating Systems.
Solution's real-time analytics to reduce safety risks and operational bottle-necks.
Pervasive BI can help organizations to become more agile in a number of areas by providing near real-time operational data to line managers where it is needed to make changes happen.
Ausenco's Pipeline Advisor is a proven, easy-to-use software package which enhances slurry pipeline safety and optimizes performance by offering pipeline operators real-time expert advice, leak detection and continuous pipeline monitoring.
Flightline's system includes electronic monitors that provide real-time evaluations of components and systems throughout the operational cycle of the aircraft.
TI releases real-time operating system.
With these models, highly experienced operators and engineers can access detailed, real-time information from each plant, as well as detailed historical information.
O ne of the most notable trends in manufacturing today is the desire to integrate real-time operating an.
This integration allows real-time system health analytics to be combined with other ION applications such as ION Video, Mobility, and Communications to create an intelligent operations network.
It involves a main monitor installed to the exterior of the stretch wrapper controls cabinet that allows plant personnel to view stretch-wrapping operations data in real time as pallets are being wrapped.
Web- and tablet-based applications provide real-time insight into operations with actionable data for better decision making.

In science:

In all of these cases uni(cid:12)cation is considered as a single step, neglecting its real cost, i.e. time constraints would only a(cid:11)ect the number of uni(cid:12)cation steps, but not the execution of a particular uni(cid:12)cation operation.
Anytime Algorithms for Speech Parsing?
For example, the covariant derivative operator ∇a of Lorentzian space-time yields no new operator e∇a , since it is originally real.
Complex Geometry of Nature and General Relativity
The real-time requirements of embedded systems necessitate special operating systems and middleware to reduce latency and to fully exploit the interconnects and processors.
Cluster Computing White Paper
Mention is made of it operating in real-time on a PC.
A review of wildland fire spread modelling, 1990-present, 1: Physical and quasi-physical models
This would be available in real time as a diagnostic tool to the operators and would provide the basis for the h√si determination.
Executive Summary of the Workshop on Polarisation and Beam Energy Measurements at the ILC
To build the applications, Sundance recommends to use the 3L Diamond real-time operating system since this efficiently supports the features of the Sundance hardware and handles transparently the variations between different processor TIMs.
Progetto di un detector a camera di ionizzazione per esperimenti SAXS
Since Diamond was designed for multiprocessor systems operating in Real Time, it includes everything is needed for programs running on several TIMs and to reduce the time needed to create a high-performance implementation of an application.
Progetto di un detector a camera di ionizzazione per esperimenti SAXS
One can also question the extent to which such a notion of time can be related operationally to what could be measured with the aid of real physical clocks.
Canonical Quantum Gravity and the Problem of Time
For example, one way of defining a real-time functional integral is to start with the canonical Hilbert space quantum theory and then define the integral as the limit of a time-sliced approximation to some matrix element of the unitary evolution operator (i.e., using the Trotter product formula).
Canonical Quantum Gravity and the Problem of Time
One can use the fact that the action of perturbation-generating operators and the analytical continuation to the real times are the commuting operations.
On the cancelation of quantum-mechanical corrections at the periodic motion
Much cheaper options are UV observations from long-duration super-pressure balloons at 40-45 km altitude, for flights of weeks to months, with real-time operation using the TDRSS data relay satellites (Israel 1993).
Ultraviolet Sky Surveys
To simulate real systems, for which if one fixes N at t = 0 N will fluctuate at later times because of a finite probability of exchanging bosons between the box and the environment, we evaluate the time evolution of the reduced density operator ˆρ(t) of the bosons in the box as a function of the leakage flux J .
Time evolution of condensed state of interacting bosons with reduced number fluctuation in a leaky box
One can go to a time reversal invariant system by replacing these operators with real symmetric ones.
Angular Gelfand--Tzetlin Coordinates for the Supergroup UOSp(k_1/2k_2)
It is possible to modify them in a straightforward way so that they operate in a model that approximates real numbers up to an error of 2−nc for arbitrary large constant c in time polynomial in n.
New Lattice Based Cryptographic Constructions
Dt − A(t) + iB (t) where A(t), B (t) are selfadjoint operators in a Hilbert space, satisfying the fixed time commutator estimate k[Dt − A, B ]uk . kBuk + kuk In Section 6 we combine these L2 bounds with the dispersive estimates for operators with real symbols.
Dispersive estimates for principally normal pseudodifferential operators