• Collecting raw rubber gum
    Collecting raw rubber gum
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj raw not processed or subjected to analysis "raw data","the raw cost of production","only the crude vital statistics"
    • adj raw (used informally) completely unclothed
    • adj raw not treated with heat to prepare it for eating
    • adj raw lacking training or experience "the new men were eager to fight","raw recruits"
    • adj raw brutally unfair or harsh "received raw treatment from his friends","a raw deal"
    • adj raw used of wood and furniture "raw wood"
    • adj raw unpleasantly cold and damp "bleak winds of the North Atlantic"
    • adj raw having the surface exposed and painful "a raw wound"
    • adj raw devoid of elaboration or diminution or concealment; bare and pure "naked ambition","raw fury","you may kill someone someday with your raw power"
    • adj raw hurting "the tender spot on his jaw"
    • adj raw untempered and unrefined "raw talent","raw beauty"
    • adj raw (used especially of commodities) being unprocessed or manufactured using only simple or minimal processes "natural yogurt","natural produce","raw wool","raw sugar","bales of rude cotton"
    • adj raw not processed or refined "raw sewage"
    • n raw informal terms for nakedness "in the raw","in the altogether","in his birthday suit"
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In a year approximately 900 million trees are cut down to make the raw materials needed for American pulp mills and paper
    • n Raw A raw, sore, or galled place; a sensitive spot; as, to touch one on the raw . "Like savage hackney coachmen, they know where there is a raw ."
    • Raw Bald.
    • Raw Deprived of skin; galled; as, a raw sore.
    • Raw Disagreeably damp or cold; chilly; bleak; as, a raw wind. "A raw and gusty day."
    • Raw Hence: Unprepared for use or enjoyment; immature; unripe; unseasoned; inexperienced; unpracticed; untried; as, raw soldiers; a raw recruit. "Approved himself to the raw judgment of the multitude."
    • Raw Not altered from its natural state; not prepared by the action of heat; as, raw sienna;
    • Raw Not covered; bare.
    • Raw Not distilled; as, raw water.
    • Raw Not mixed or diluted; as, raw spirits.
    • Raw Not spun or twisted; as, raw silk or cotton.
    • Raw Not tanned; as, raw hides.
    • Raw Not tried; not melted and strained; as, raw tallow.
    • Raw Not trimmed, covered, or folded under; as, the raw edge of a piece of metal or of cloth.
    • Raw Not worked in due form; in the natural state; untouched by art; unwrought.
    • Raw Sore, as if by being galled.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: To tell if a egg is fully cooked or raw, just spin it. If the egg wobbles then it is still raw, and if it easily spins it is fully cooked
    • raw Existing in the state of natural growth or formation; unchanged in constitution by subjection to heat or other alterative agency; uncooked, or chemically unaltered: as, raw meat, fish, oysters, etc.; most fruits are eaten raw; raw medicinal substances; raw (that is, unburnt) umber.
    • raw In an unchanged condition as regards some process of fabrication; unwrought or unmanufactured. In this sense raw is used either of substances in their primitive state, or of partly or wholly finished products fitted for working into other forms, according to the nature of the case: as, the raw materials of a manufacture; raw silk or cotton (the prepared fiber); raw marble; raw clay.
    • raw In a rudimental condition; crude in quality or state; primitively or coarsely constituted; unfinished; untempered; coarse; rough; harsh.
    • raw Harshly sharp or chilly, as the weather; bleak, especially from cold moisture; characterized by chilly dampness.
    • raw Crude or rude from want of experience, skill, or reflection; of immature character or quality; awkward; untrained; unfledged; illinstructed or ill-considered: said of persons and their actions or ideas.
    • raw Looking like raw meat, as from lividness or removal of the skin; deprived or appearing destitute of the natural integument: as, a raw sore; a raw spot on a horse.
    • raw Feeling sore, as from abrasion of the skin; harshly painful; galled.
    • raw In ceramics, unbaked—that is, either fresh from the potters' wheel or the mold, or merely dried without the use of artificial heat.
    • raw Synonyms Raw, Crude. These words, the same in ultimate origin and in earlier meaning, have drawn somewhat apart. Raw continues to apply to food which is not yet cooked, as raw potatoes; but crude has lost that meaning. Raw is applied to material not yet manufactured, as cotton, silk; crude rather to that which is not refined, as petroleum, or matured, as a theory or an idea.
    • n raw A raw article, material, or product. Specifically— An uncooked oyster, or an oyster of a kind preferred for eating raw: as, a plate of raws.
    • n raw A raw, galled, or sore place; an established sore, as on a horse; hence, soreness or sensitiveness of feeling or temper.
    • n raw In botany, same as rag, 3 .
    • n raw An obsolete or dialectal form of row.
    • n raw An untrained mustang or cow-pony.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Raw coffee beans, soaked in water and spices, are chewed like candy in many parts of Africa.
    • adj Raw raw not altered from its natural state: not cooked or dressed: unbaked: not prepared or manufactured: not mixed: having the skin abraded: sore, as from abrasion of the skin: unfinished: immature: inexperienced: chilly and damp
    • n Raw a galled place: an inveterate sore: hence (fig.) a point on which one is particularly sensitive
    • ***


  • Eamonn Mccabe
    Eamonn Mccabe
    “It's the boxers who attract the real women, after all, with their raw primeval strength, beautifully toned bodies and just a touch of vulnerability.”
  • John Jay Chapman
    “Everybody in America is soft, and hates conflict. The cure for this, both in politics and social life, is the same -- hardihood. Give them raw truth.”
  • William S. Burroughs
    “Desperation is the raw material of drastic change. Only those who can leave behind everything they have ever believed in can hope to escape.”
  • Cathy Better
    Cathy Better
    “Life is raw material. We are artisans. We can sculpt our existence into something beautiful, or debase it into ugliness. It's in our hands.”
  • W. H. Auden
    “Proper names are poetry in the raw. Like all poetry they are untranslatable.”
  • E. J. Hobsbawm
    E. J. Hobsbawm
    “Historians are to nationalism what poppy-growers in Pakistan are to heroin-addicts: we supply the essential raw material for the market.”


Raw deal - If you get a raw deal, you are treated unfairly.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
AS. hreáw,; akin to D. raauw, LG. rau, G. roh, OHG. , Icel. hrār, Dan. raa, Sw. , L. crudus, Gr. kre`as flesh, Skr. kravis, raw flesh. √18. Cf. Crude Cruel


In literature:

To prepare the warp, two threads of raw silk are slightly twisted.
"Textiles and Clothing" by Kate Heintz Watson
They are eaten either raw or roasted.
"The Field and Garden Vegetables of America" by Fearing Burr
In addition to the above the authors have also employed jute fibre and raw cotton wool in their investigations.
"Researches on Cellulose" by C. F. Cross
They were used to having their jokes served raw.
"Joan of Arc of the North Woods" by Holman Day
It can be eaten raw, and many prefer it so.
"The Prairie Traveler" by Randolph Marcy
No; it was a raw-hide lazo of the toughest thong.
"The War Trail" by Mayne Reid
The raw air of the morning had brought everybody around the fire.
"The Hunters' Feast" by Mayne Reid
And humanity was the raw stock in which Robert Owen dealt.
"Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great, Volume 11 (of 14)" by Elbert Hubbard
The man was large, raw-boned and brindled, and he, also, walked in, complacently and condescendingly.
"The Bishop of Cottontown" by John Trotwood Moore
The artichokes may be eaten raw or cooked.
"The Italian Cook Book" by Maria Gentile
They could not eat raw the fish which they did not doubt for a moment Tom Ross would soon bring.
"The Eyes of the Woods" by Joseph A. Altsheler
The nails of the two little fingers were worn to the quick and splintered down into the raw flesh.
"The Escape of Mr. Trimm" by Irvin S. Cobb
Milk given constipated babies should be raw, never boiled, as boiled milk will always aggravate the trouble.
"The Eugenic Marriage, Vol 2 (of 4)" by W. Grant Hague
In purchasing raw sugar, the refiner was formerly at a loss to know just how much pure sugar could be made from a given weight of the raw sugar.
"Commercial Geography" by Jacques W. Redway
If the raw materials grow out of the holy earth, then a man should have pride in producing them, and also in handling them.
"The Holy Earth" by L. H. Bailey
The weather had turned raw and chilly again with the renewed rain.
"Shadows of Flames" by Amelie Rives
At the upper end the raw material is fed in either as a dry powder or as a slurry; at the lower end is a powerful burner.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 5, Slice 6" by Various
I know it now; we women are just raw material.
"A Bed of Roses" by W. L. George
Where the ditch had run was a raw, gaping wound in the hillside.
"The Land of Strong Men" by Arthur M. Chisholm
The North at that time furnished the Southern States with everything excepting raw cotton.
"The Story of a Strange Career" by Anonymous

In poetry:

And yet I know that Captain
All love and care to be;
He would not get impatient
With a raw recruit like me.
"A Rainy Day in Camp" by Anonymous Americas
FOUL-FEATHERED and scald-necked,
They sit in evil state;
Raw marks upon their breasts
As on men's wearing chains.
"Vultures" by Padraic Colum
"I wold-e not that," said Rob-in,
"John, that thou wer-e slawe,
For all the gold in merry England,
Though it lay now on a rawe."
"Robin Hood" by Henry Morley
Or, when the lightnin' flashes raw,
And starts the herd a-flyin',
He's off to head 'em down the draw,
Or break your neck, a-tryin'.
"The Bronco" by Henry Herbert Knibbs
Such snocks and slats, since war began
Never knew raw recruit or veteràn:
Stone-deaf therence went many a man
Who served at Valencieën.
"Valenciennes" by Thomas Hardy
— "I wish I had feathers, a fine sweeping gown,
And a delicate face, and could strut about Town!" —
"My dear — a raw country girl, such as you be,
Cannot quite expect that. You ain't ruined," said she.
"The Ruined Maid" by Thomas Hardy

In news:

R-Truth News Archive from Raw.
Models hit the runway at RAW: Natural Born Artists on Thursday, May 17.
Tiffany News Archive from Raw.
Beth Phoenix News Archive from Raw.
First released last Wednesday, this rich, raw, autumn milk cheese has aged just 60 days, the minimum requirement.
JENNIFER BAIN/TORONTO STAR This salad features raw kale and spiced, fried chickpeas .
Hot Women Serving Cold Fish Make for Raw Feelings in Tokyo.
Monty's Raw Bar & Seafood Restaurant.
Marketers don't want to measure raw hits on a Web site.
Fiona Apple often makes contradictory gestures - one hand beckons and the other hand pushes away - and the rawness of her fourth album, "The Idler Wheel".
Raw old-school soul with a healthy side of funk from Sharon Jones and the Dap -Kings.
(Left) A raw chicken is shown in this undated file photo.
Ultra-raw DE is carrying Big Blue's pass rush, and needs to continue the feat in Big D. By Johnette Howard ESPNNewYork.com.
Energy and Emotional Rawness in a Free Town Hall Series.
He says of the more than "47 kinds of rolls I have, only 10 percent includes raw fish".

In science:

The molecular gas revealed by the dust provides the raw material for the star formation.
The Formation of Star Clusters
Top panel: raw RF record (in arbitrary units) with simulated signal superposed.
Extensive Air Shower Radio Detection: Recent Results and Outlook
Mti = (xit+1 − xit ) /xi0 − hM i , where xit are the raw returns made of the price xit of stock i at time t.
Free Random Levy Variables and Financial Probabilities
Raw (left) and reshuffled (right) SP500 spectrum compared to the FRV result with m = 2.
Free Random Levy Variables and Financial Probabilities
Consequently the raw topologies are combined with the vertices yielding the Feynman diagrams which are then translated into helicity amplitudes.
AMEGIC++ 1.0, A Matrix Element Generator In C++
The light curve on the right is the raw photon count inside the 68% containment radius, as given by equation (1.1).
A Search for Gamma-Ray Bursts and Pulsars, and the Application of Kalman Filters to Gamma-Ray Reconstruction
The traditional way would be best if there was direct starlight only, but the separation of two additive components is much easier from the raw spectra than from their logarithm.
The incompatibilities between the standard theory of interstellar extinction and observations
It suffices that the raw key consists of many such qubit-blocks.
Quantum cryptography with fewer random numbers
To find universal statistical properties of the Hamiltonians, one has to deal with unfolded eigenvalues instead of raw eigenvalues.
Level statistics of XXZ spin chains with a random magnetic field
We carefully checked the raw data to test the validity of this split.
The Globular Cluster System of NGC 5128 I. Survey and Catalogs
Figure 1: Spectrum of the X-ray flux raw data I (in log-log scales).
Multiscale self-organized criticality and powerful X-ray flares
The uppermost panel (a) shows the raw data uncorrected for refraction.
A simple method of correcting magnitudes for the errors introduced by atmospheric refraction
The raw relaxation data alone cannot show a difference between diverging and converging.
Uniform Magnetic Order in a Ferromagnetic-Antiferromagnetic Random Alternating Quantum Spin Chain
Raw relaxation functions of the local susceptibility suggest that the excitation gap is zero.
Uniform Magnetic Order in a Ferromagnetic-Antiferromagnetic Random Alternating Quantum Spin Chain
The short ranged and sparse real symmetric matrices are diagonalized to obtain long enough signals of raw eigenvalues En .
Quantum correlations from Brownian diffusion of chaotic level-spacings