rain stick


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n rain stick a percussion instrument that is made from a dried cactus branch that is hollowed out and filled with small pebbles and capped at both ends; makes the sound of falling rain when tilted; origin was in Chile where tribesmen used it in ceremonies to bring rain
    • ***


In literature:

I could see it all, sticking out as plain as a fresh track after rain.
"Robbery Under Arms" by Thomas Alexander Browne, AKA Rolf Boldrewood
Rain since morning and a gray sky low enough to be reached with an umbrella; the close weather which sticks.
"The Nabob" by Alphonse Daudet
And so he walked on through the mud and rain, always swinging his big stick.
"Castle Richmond" by Anthony Trollope
But the official was unable to protect him, and blows with fists and sticks literally rained on the defenceless fellow.
"What Germany Thinks" by Thomas F. A. Smith
Without, their fires smouldered, and black kettles, hung over them on sticks, smoked and seethed in the rain.
"Summer on the Lakes, in 1843" by S.M. Fuller
When the rains begin, the men go to the fields, each with two hardwood sticks whittled to tapering rounded ends.
"The Tinguian" by Fay-Cooper Cole
Without, their fires smouldered, and black kettles, hung over them on sticks, smoked, and seethed in the rain.
"At Home And Abroad" by Margaret Fuller Ossoli
Medicine sticks to influence rain.
"Illustrated Catalogue Of The Collections Obtained From The Indians Of New Mexico And Arizona In 1879" by James Stevenson
Blows from sticks and hands rained upon him, but he struggled desperately.
"The Young Franc Tireurs" by G. A. Henty
He heard blows raining on the door, saw sticks smashing in the windows.
"Tatterdemalion" by John Galsworthy
The plant is found growing in the woods on trunks and sticks after a rain in July, August, and September.
"The Mushroom, Edible and Otherwise" by M. E. Hard
When he is discovered he runs away, but is soon caught, and blows from sticks rain upon him.
"The Industries of Animals" by Frédéric Houssay
In case it did not rain, their feet could stick out into the corridor so they might stretch out on the hard floor.
"Letters from China and Japan" by John Dewey
The rain, half snow, half sleet, dabbled against the window-pane, and I lifted the blind to watch the flakes stick and melt on the glass.
"A Diary Without Dates" by Enid Bagnold
She was unaware of the swirl of rain and sticks and leaves that was driving in through the open entrance.
"Into the Primitive" by Robert Ames Bennet
Took three months to plan the murder and left his rain-stick behind.
"Whispering Wires" by Henry Leverage
They are propped up with sticks slant-wise to admit light and air, and to keep rain out.
"A Maid of the Kentucky Hills" by Edwin Carlile Litsey
He prepared a kite by fastening two cross sticks to a silk handkerchief, which would not suffer from the rain so much as paper.
"The Life of Benjamin Franklin" by Samuel G. Goodrich
When the rain was over, we filled our buckets with potatoes, and went along the wet furrows, sticking the spritted tubers in the cold ground.
"The White Peacock" by D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence
The women in it cover up all their hair with funny sorts of bonnets that stick out in front to keep the rain off their faces.
"School-Room Humour" by Dr. MacNamara

In poetry:

Where they toiled in bitter weather,
Braving rain and snow and sleet,
Gathering sticks of wood together,
We have radiators' heat.
"The Boys' And Girls' Thanksgiving of 1892" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
The rain slackens, the wind blows gently,
The gust grows gentle and stills,
And the thunder, like a breaking stick,
Stumbles about the hills.
"The Storm" by Edward Shanks
Strike not thy dog with a stick!
I did it yesterday:
Not to undo though I gained
The Paradise: heavy it rained
On Kobold's flanks, and he lay.
"To Children: For Tyrants" by George Meredith
Oh, stick me in the old caboose this night of wind and rain,
And let the doves of fancy loose to bill and coo again.
I want to feel the pulse of love that warmed the blood like wine;
I want to see the smile above this kind old land of mine.
"Around the Boree Log" by John O Brien

In news:

The roof of a vehicle is just visible sticking out of a 75-foot-wide flood of water that filled the Union underpass on E. Parkway in Midtown early Saturday morning as heavy rain and thunderstorms passed through the region.
The early December warm up will end Tuesday thanks to another cold front, but rain sticks around through Wednesday.
Never stick a cell phone in your Levi's while mowing in the rain.
(Sarah Smith / Enterprise) Read the article: Rain, snow showers possible today, and some snow may stick around.
Weather experts said a low- pressure system that helped bring rain to the Southland on Thursday is expected to stick around for part of the weekend.
You may want to introduce this activity to your child by talking about how natives of the Amazon jungle believed they could coax water from the sky with rain sticks .
High wind pushes in, rain will stick around .
Clouds and the risk of rain stick around .
Cloudy skies to stick around with rain toward the weekend.