• WordNet 3.6
    • v quiz examine someone's knowledge of something "The teacher tests us every week","We got quizzed on French irregular verbs"
    • n quiz an examination consisting of a few short questions
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: When Errol Flynn appeared as a contestant on the mid-1950s TV quiz show The Big Surprise, he was questioned about sailing and won $30,000.
    • Quiz A riddle or obscure question; an enigma; a ridiculous hoax.
    • Quiz An exercise, or a course of exercises, conducted as a coaching or as an examination.
    • Quiz An odd or absurd fellow.
    • Quiz One who quizzes others; as, he is a great quiz .
    • v. i Quiz kwĭz To conduct a quiz. See Quiz n., 4.
    • Quiz To instruct in or by a quiz. See Quiz n., 4.
    • Quiz To peer at; to eye suspiciously or mockingly.
    • Quiz To puzzle; to banter; to chaff or mock with pretended seriousness of discourse; to make sport of, as by obscure questions. "He quizzed unmercifully all the men in the room."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n quiz A puzzling question; something designed to puzzle one or make one ridiculous; banter; raillery.
    • n quiz One who quizzes.
    • n quiz One who or that which is obnoxious to ridicule or quizzing; a queer or ridiculous person or thing.
    • n quiz An oral questioning of a student or class by a teacher, conducted with the object of communicating instruction and preparing for some examination: as, the surgery quiz; the practice quiz. [Colloq.]
    • n quiz A collection of notes made by a student from a professor's lectures, especially when printed for the use of other students. [Colloq.]
    • n quiz A monocular eye-glass, with or without a handle; a quizzing-glass.
    • quiz To puzzle; banter; make sport of by means of puzzling questions, hints, and the like; chaff.
    • quiz To look at through or as through a quizzing-glass; peer at; scrutinize suspiciously.
    • quiz In medicine, to examine (a student) orally or informally, as in a quiz-or question-class.
    • quiz To practise bantering or chaffing; be addicted to teasing.
    • quiz In medicine, to attend oral or informal examinations, as in a quiz-class.
    • n quiz A toy, formerly popular, consisting of a small cylinder or wheel grooved to receive a string, by which the wheel is made to wind and unwind itself. Also called bandalore.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Quiz kwiz a riddle or enigma: one who quizzes another: an odd fellow: a monocular eye-glass, often with a handle:
    • v.t Quiz to puzzle: to banter or make sport of: to examine narrowly and with an air of mockery
    • v.i Quiz to practise derisive joking:—pr.p. quiz′zing; pa.t. and pa.p. quizzed
    • n Quiz kwiz (coll.) an oral examination of a pupil or class by a teacher
    • ***


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
It is said that Daly, the manager of a Dublin playhouse, laid a wager that a new word of no meaning should be the common talk and puzzle of the city in twenty-four hours. In consequence of this the letters q u i z, were chalked by him on all the walls of Dublin, with an effect that won the wager. Perhaps, however, originally a variant of whiz, and formerly the name of a popular game
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Origin obscure; doubtless framed from question, or direct from L. quæso, I ask.


In literature:

Sailors have all sorts of queer answers to give to these questions, to quiz the passengers who ask them, and amuse themselves.
"Rollo on the Atlantic" by Jacob Abbott
Hoped they would not quiz him, for he was unhappy enough.
"Memoirs of the Court of George IV. 1820-1830 (Vol 1)" by Duke of Buckingham and Chandos
Does this writer quiz his reader, or, in good faith, give him a needed hint?
"Classic French Course in English" by William Cleaver Wilkinson
No one seemed, however, inclined to quiz him.
"Old Jack" by W.H.G. Kingston
Not that he is very respectful in his manner of proceeding: the following dry quiz on his opponent's logic must have been very cutting, being true.
"A Budget of Paradoxes, Volume I (of II)" by Augustus De Morgan
You have seen me quiz other skaters: you must go and see other skaters quiz me.
"Deerbrook" by Harriet Martineau
Come now, don't quiz a fellow too close.
"Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1905 to 1906" by Lucy Maud Montgomery
But they aren't Quiz Kids.
"The Armed Forces Officer" by U. S. Department of Defense
Next day, Sunday, his friends from Sulby came to quiz and to question.
"The Manxman A Novel - 1895" by Hall Caine
Gathered to quiz the floundering bear.
"Fables of John Gay" by John Gay
He sat blind through the first-hour quiz in physics, with the whole class watching him.
"The Trail of the Hawk" by Sinclair Lewis
He longed to question further, to quiz her a little, but something in the tone of the monosyllable prevented.
"The Chautauqua Girls At Home" by Pansy, AKA Isabella M. Alden
But supposing Cleigh had wished really to quiz Jane?
"The Pagan Madonna" by Harold MacGrath
Still, he was right in thinking she would not quiz him beyond a certain point.
"The Ranch at the Wolverine" by B. M. Bower
The quiz classes should not be too large.
"College Teaching" by Paul Klapper
Then we had breakfast, and the men had a chance to look the captures over and quiz the prisoners.
"Personal Recollections of a Cavalryman" by J. H. (James Harvey) Kidd
I resolved to quiz him well, now and hereafter.
"Masterpieces of Mystery" by Various
So the student decided to quiz a little.
"Whittier-land" by Samuel T. Pickard
Then let us walk about and quiz people.
"The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of Jane Austen" by Jane Austen
Then, ma'am, I shall do nothing but quiz you at the ball.
"Quality Street" by J. M. Barrie

In poetry:

But no; resolved to have her quiz,
The lady held her own - and his -
And PETER left his humble cot
To find a pair of - you know what.
"The Perils of Invisibility" by William Schwenck Gilbert
Across from gap to gap:
And in the larch woods on the highest boughs
The long-eared owls like grey cats sitting still
Peer down to quiz the passengers below.
"Ryton Firs" by Lascelles Abercrombie
We quiz the company and praise the rout;
Are polished, petulant, malicious, sly,
Or what you will, so reputations die.
Observe the Duchess in Venetian lace,
With the red eminence.
"The Pierrot Of The Minute" by Ernest Christopher Dowson
"Blades" tough and hearty a week ago,
Who tippled and danced and laughed,
Are "suddenly taken," and some quite low
With an epidemical illness, you know:
"What!--Zounds!--the cholera?" you quiz;--no--no--
The doctors call it the "Draft."
"The Draft" by Hanford Lennox Gordon
'A woman never agreed to it!' said my knowing friend to me.
'That one thing she'd refuse to do for Solomon's mines in fee:
No woman ever will make herself look older than she is.'
I did not answer; but I thought, 'You err there, ancient Quiz.'
"The Elopement" by Thomas Hardy

In news:

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In science:

La primera y quizá la más importante es que debido a las fluctuaciones de la distribución de materia, pequeñas fluctuaciones deben de existir en el CBR.
The quantum origins of the cosmological asymmetry
Quizás eliminando esta complejidad añadida los humanos hubieran obtenido mejores puntuaciones.
Analysis of first prototype universal intelligence tests: evaluating and comparing AI algorithms and humans
Una posibilidad es que quizás el tamaño de nuestra muestra sea demasiado pequeño.
Analysis of first prototype universal intelligence tests: evaluating and comparing AI algorithms and humans
Si hubiéramos tenido más entornos con mayor complejidad y dejando que los agentes interactuasen más tiempo en cada uno de ellos, quizás veríamos una imagen distinta.
Analysis of first prototype universal intelligence tests: evaluating and comparing AI algorithms and humans
Segundo, Q-learning requiere muchas interacciones para converger, por lo que quizás solo se exagerase la diferencia a favor de Q-learning.
Analysis of first prototype universal intelligence tests: evaluating and comparing AI algorithms and humans
Por lo que una mejor distribución de entornos (o quizás clase) debería dar mayor probabilidad a la adquisición incremental de conocimiento, a las capacidades sociales y a entornos más reactivos.
Analysis of first prototype universal intelligence tests: evaluating and comparing AI algorithms and humans
Galley’s paper in the chemistry education literature (figure 13) in a quiz early in the second term of the class.35 An O-P bond in ATP is referred to as a "high energy phosphate bond" because: (choose all correct answers.) A.
The role of context and culture in teaching physics: The implication of disciplinary differences
Gregor explicitly describes his loss of points on the quiz as a framing error.
The role of context and culture in teaching physics: The implication of disciplinary differences
The second interview, with Wylie, was three weeks later, after the research team had seen the Gregor interview data, so the interviewer prompted Wylie more directly about the ATP quiz question, in order to compare with Gregor.
Students' Interdisciplinary Reasoning about "High-Energy Bonds" and ATP
On the quiz question, 79% of the class (N=19) selected choice C (breaking the bond releases energy) as a correct answer (whether on its own or along with other answer choices).
Students' Interdisciplinary Reasoning about "High-Energy Bonds" and ATP
They were encouraged to discuss the response with each other, and each test counted for one quiz grade.
Effectiveness of group interaction on conceptual standardized test performance
We present the WebTeach project, formed by a web interface to database for test management, a wiki site for the diffusion of teaching material and student forums, and a suite for the generation of multiple-choice mathematical quiz with automatic elaboration of forms.
WebTeach in practice: the entrance test to the Engineering faculty in Florence
Key Words: distance teaching, database interface, multiple-choice quiz, optical mark recognition.
WebTeach in practice: the entrance test to the Engineering faculty in Florence
Therefore, we have developed another version of this module: Ttest (Tomić, Lacković, & Verbić, 2008). It is based on Quiz but provides us not only with students’ scores but all data including time required that student answer each particular question.
Test item response time and the response likelihood
We have developed a software application for quiz-based testing. The application, called GrileX has been developed in the C# programming language, in the Visual Studio .
XML Technologies in Computer Assisted Learning and Testing Systems