push out


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v push out push to thrust outward
    • ***


  • Washington Irving
    “The idol of today pushes the hero of yesterday out of our recollection; and will, in turn, be supplanted by his successor of tomorrow.”
  • Jeremy Collier
    Jeremy Collier
    “Perpetual pushing and assurance put a difficulty out of countenance and make a seeming difficulty give way.”


In literature:

Afterwards, at one of the joints, a new part of the plant pushed out.
"Myths and Legends of the Great Plains" by Unknown
It was then pushed out farther by men in high rubber boots standing in the water.
"A Woman who went to Alaska" by May Kellogg Sullivan
The last bit of darkness was being pushed out of the room.
"The Prussian Officer" by D. H. Lawrence
When Cyrene was pushed out of the outer portal of the prison she was met by her good friend the patriot Hugues la Tour.
"The False Chevalier" by William Douw Lighthall
I pushed aside the heavy curtain, and we went out.
"Paul Patoff" by F. Marion Crawford
These men were being pushed along by Kramer, without a clearly thought out plan.
"Greylorn" by John Keith Laumer
With a practiced hand, he raked in the losers and pushed out Howley's winnings.
"...Or Your Money Back" by Gordon Randall Garrett
Just then he come out the room where I'd pushed him in.
"The Man Next Door" by Emerson Hough
The stragglers came later, pushing beat-out horses, one or two riding double.
"Ride Proud, Rebel!" by Andre Alice Norton
Jacques shook his head, and pushed the canoe out into the stream.
"The Promise" by James B. Hendryx

In poetry:

I have done mostly what most men do,
And pushed it out of my mind;
But I can't forget, if I wanted to,
Four-Feet trotting behind.
"Four-Feet" by Rudyard Kipling
The restless, deep, dividing sea
That flows and foams from shore to shore,
Calls to its sunburned chivalry,
"Push out, set sail, explore!"
"Doors of Daring" by Henry Van Dyke
Then Christ sought out an artisan,
A low-browed, stunted, haggard man,
And a motherless girl, whose fingers thin
Pushed from her faintly want and sin.
"A Parable - II" by James Russell Lowell
MY old Welsh neighbor over the way
Crept slowly out in the sun of spring,
Pushed from her ears the locks of gray,
And listened to hear the robin sing.
"The Robin" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Folk had sought their beds,
But I hailed: to view me
Under the moon, out to me
Several pushed their heads,
And to each I told my name,
Plans, and that therefrom I came.
"Welcome Home" by Thomas Hardy
I called out: Scandinavia, and: ducks,
There goes a lady, sheep with a herder—
The wonders became words and pushed further,
But I saw how my mother's smile filled with tears...
"The Clouds" by Martinus Nijhoff

In news:

Technology pushing out use for cursive writing.
And you've also got, you also have significant pushing out on the inside of the building.
He pushed me to go the extra mile and really pull out the dancer I once was.
BATON ROUGE, La.—Voters are deciding which of Louisiana's congressmen is to be pushed out because of the state's shrinking US House delegation.
Voters are deciding which of Louisiana's congressmen is to be pushed out because of the state's shrinking US House delegation.
Check out more of Dell 's design-heavy push in the gallery on Dvice.com.
The new products unveiled by the Great Turtlenecked One this week should push the digital market out of its niche.
In short, if you're someone who normally finds Mexican cuisine intimidating, Destino isn't going to push you too far out of your comfort zone.
Stormy weather might have given the final push to a dying tree in San Francisco's Bernal Heights neighborhood, but its demise also points out a challenge the city is facing: Not having enough money to maintain its urban forest.
Paul Cabral pushes a snow blower during a winter storm in Windsor, Conn. New England digs out after winter storm dumps more than 2 feet of snow.
Mi Familia Vota was out this morning making one last push for members of the Hispanic community to vote today.
The firm hopes the drug can carve out a niche by pushing back physicians' use of biologics and winning over the untreated.
Professor says parties still push online campaigns, but young people tuning out.
Little Lake Fire District has begun a final push to secure a new firehouse, expecting to be ready to go out for bid in February.
Pushing pain out of mind.

In science:

Though not sufficient to rule out the model, these clusters certainly push the envelope: there is only about a 50:50 chance that a cluster as massive as El Gordo exists at such high redshift.
Challenges for Lambda-CDM and MOND
If this is taken to imply a minimum age of 1h−1 Gyr, the formation redshift is pushed out to between 3.3 and 7.2, depending on Ω.
The radio background: radio-loud galaxies at high and low redshifts
During inflation, increasingly small scales are pushed out of the horizon by the accelerated expansion of the Universe.
A Simple/Short Introduction to Pre-Big-Bang Physics/Cosmology
As T → T −N A , ξ∗ (T ) diverges and the range of length scales about which the elastic model is able to make predictions shrinks, being pushed out to infinite scales.
Smectic Liquid Crystals in Random Environments
As R1 is increased, the weight of the peak is progressively pushed out to larger values of |k|, with the sum rule on the integral over k of S (k) being preserved.
Random Field and Random Anisotropy Effects in Defect-Free Three-Dimensional XY Models