• "The mule pulled the string of the bell."
    "The mule pulled the string of the bell."
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n pulling the act of pulling; applying force to move something toward or with you "the pull up the hill had him breathing harder","his strenuous pulling strained his back"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

"His playful habit of pulling out the pegs." "His playful habit of pulling out the pegs."
Pulled a Long Blue Gun 220 Pulled a Long Blue Gun 220
"I'll give him a pull that will be apt to teach him his own place." "I'll give him a pull that will be apt to teach him his own place."
The princess pulls the letter from the sleeping man's turban The princess pulls the letter from the sleeping man's turban


  • Elmer G. Letterman
    Elmer G. Letterman
    “Next in importance to having a good aim is to recognize when to pull the trigger.”
  • Jeff Valdez
    Jeff Valdez
    “Cats are smarter than dogs. You can not get eight cats to pull a sled through snow.”
  • Wilt Chamberlain
    Wilt Chamberlain
    “Everybody pulls for David, nobody roots for Goliath.”
  • Theodore Roosevelt
    “The first requisite of a good citizen in this republic of ours is that he shall be able and willing to pull his weight.”
  • Zig Ziglar
    “If you have enough push, you don't have to worry about the pull.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Accept fate, and move on. Don't yield to the seductive pull of self-pity. Acting like a victim threatens your future.”


Pull a rabbit out of your hat - If you pull a rabbit out of a hat, you do something that no one was expecting.
Pull in the reins - When you pull in the reins, you slow down or stop something that has been a bit out of control.
Pull no punches - If you pull no punches, you hold nothing back.
Pull numbers out of your ass - (USA) If sopmeone pulls numbers out of their ass, they give unreliable or unsubstantiated figures to back their argument.
Pull out all the stops - If you pull out all the stops, you do everything you possibly can to achieve the result you want.
Pull out of the fire - (USA) If you pull something out of the fire, you save or rescue it.
Pull rank - A person of higher position or in authority pulls rank, he or she exercises his/her authority, generally ending any discussion and ignoring other people's views.
Pull someone's leg - If you pull someone's leg, you tease them, but not maliciously.
Pull strings - If you pull strings, you use contacts you have got to help you get what you want.
Pull the fat from the fire - If you pull the fat from the fire, you help someone in a difficult situation.
Pull the other one, it's got brass bells on - This idiom is way of telling somebody that you don't believe them. The word 'brass' is optional.
Pull the plug - If the plug is pulled on something like a project, it is terminated prematurely, often by stopping funding.
Pull the trigger - The person who pulls the trigger is the one who does the action that closes or finishes something.
Pull the wool over someone's eyes - If you pull the wool over someone's eyes, you deceive or cheat them.
Pull up your socks - If you aren't satisfied with someone and want them to do better, you can tell them to pull up their socks.


In literature:

Shann's own hold on the weapon tightened, and the force of the other's pull dragged him partly around.
"Storm Over Warlock" by Andre Norton
He pulled the switch he was seeking, and the relux screens dropped down as the motors pulled them back.
"Islands of Space" by John W Campbell
Pull away, you fellows!
"The Willoughby Captains" by Talbot Baines Reed
Lylda's clasp on my hand tightened, and she pulled me forward eagerly.
"The Girl in the Golden Atom" by Raymond King Cummings
Perhaps I shall pull the right-hand line instead of the left; or possibly I shall omit to pull either line at all!
"Parkhurst Boys" by Talbot Baines Reed
And now everybody on board watched her with anxious eyes, as she pulled towards the wreck.
"In the Eastern Seas" by W.H.G. Kingston
They pulled out as fast as they could, and got on board a a large half-decked boat, with her sails on board, and pulling eight oars.
"Ronald Morton, or the Fire Ships" by W.H.G. Kingston
The young man pulled both oars hard, missed the water with his right and fell backwards to the bottom of the boat.
"Priscilla's Spies" by George A. Birmingham
He pulled and pulled again.
"The Three Lieutenants" by W.H.G. Kingston
I'll give you more particulars as we pull up the river.
"Paddy Finn" by W. H. G. Kingston
I was truly glad, and, borrowing the dinghy from the mate, I pulled on board the newly-arrived ship.
"Peter the Whaler" by W.H.G. Kingston
At last I reached Dr Rolt's house and rang the surgery bell as hard as I could pull.
"Peter Trawl" by W. H. G. Kingston
Billy at that moment pulled the trigger.
"True Blue" by W.H.G. Kingston
The boat shoved off, but had to pull ahead of the ship.
"Twice Lost" by W.H.G. Kingston
Marise didn't believe the President of the United States had his bed-clothes pulled so tight and smooth.
"Rough-Hewn" by Dorothy Canfield
He pulled and pulled.
"Peter and Polly in Winter" by Rose Lucia
Leslie was upon it in a moment, and he almost pulled its head off in his excitement to kill it.
"The White Peacock" by D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence
He pulled the team up and springing to the ground looked at Alison a few minutes later.
"A Prairie Courtship" by Harold Bindloss
The sea pulls and a boat's a fascinating toy; but a time comes when one must put one's toys away.
"Wyndham's Pal" by Harold Bindloss
She helped Kit to pull the loop straight and he remarked that it did not look very firm.
"Kit Musgrave's Luck" by Harold Bindloss

In poetry:

"All the while the totem sang,
Lightning blazed and thunder rang;
And a black cloud, reaching high,
Pulled the white moon from the sky.
"The Truce of Piscataqua" by John Greenleaf Whittier
The village maiden made reply,
As on the rope she ceased to pull:
"My father said this morning I
Must take Paquerette to see the bull."
"The Farmer's Daughter" by Robert W Service
But when her baby fingers pull
This glossy, sleek, and silky treasure,
My cup of happiness is full -
I fairly glow with pride and pleasure!
"Beard And Baby" by Eugene Field
As fondling Mother-birds will pull
The softest feathers from their breast,
We gave our best to line the nest
And make it warm and beautiful!
"Our White Dove" by Gerald Massey
And fame it is the soil's strong pull.
Would that I more erect were sprung!
But even so I shall be called
The native son of my own native tongue.
"Beloved, with the spent and sickly fumes..." by Boris Pasternak
Long since, they ran no more;
Heavily pulling they died
On the sand of the hopeless shore
Where never swelled or sank a tide,
And the salt burns sore.
"A Mammon-Marriage" by George MacDonald

In news:

The "Snow White and the Huntsman" star pulls off a Helmut Newton-style fashion spread just a few days before she'll hit Cannes for her new film, "On The Road.".
A truck pulling a trailer loaded with two tanks of anhydrous ammonia had an accident on Bingham Road near the Lutheran Church on Friday afternoon.
I pulled over to peek inside when I happened to drive by on Saturday afternoon.
Janell Wilson was in treatment for anorexia , but her family says her insurance company pulled the plug.
Chimpanzees at a sanctuary founded by famed primatologist Jane Goodall pulled a Texas graduate student into their fenced-off enclosure, dragging him nearly a half-mile and biting his ear and hands.
Pedestrians technically should have right-of-way, but I've seen some cars pulling right-of-weight.
The man who pulled down the banner earlier.
(CBS News) When most people think of smashing pumpkins, they think of a juvenile prank pulled primarily by teens around Halloween (or else a really great band).
Pulled Chicken, Tomato, and Arugula Salad with Cashews (Serves 1).
Mercedes-Benz has just pulled the wraps off of the V-8 that will power the 2012 SLK55 AMG.
The Utes will be assured of such this season unless they can pull off a victory Saturday night against an Arizona team that already is bowl-eligible under first-year coach Rich Rodriguez.
I thought someone was pulling a joke on me, but not the case.
Chesapeake police say a bail bondsman pulled the trigger when he was serving a warrant last week.
'Mine That Bird' pulls off upset to win Kentucky Derby.
Ronald Martinez/Getty ImagesIf you can pull off the McKayla Maroney scowl, dressing up as the gymnast is a winner.

In science:

Given such a Σ, we can try to pull back the bundle E = TM ⊕ T ∗ M to Σ.
NS-NS fluxes in Hitchin's generalized geometry
However, since we can pull back the B -field to Σ, we can just put locally EΣ = TΣ ⊕ T ∗ Σ , where it is understood that globally T ∗ Σ is twisted by the pullback of the B -field.
NS-NS fluxes in Hitchin's generalized geometry
We can also pull back the splitting of E into C+ ⊕ C− .
NS-NS fluxes in Hitchin's generalized geometry
Thus the world-sheet gauge field A is just a pull-back of the connection θ by the map X .
Linearizing Generalized Kahler Geometry
Then p′ g(p) where p = f (p′ ) a diffeomorphism f is called an isometry if g(p′ ) = f ∗ p′ is the pull back of f at p′ .
A New Formulation of General Relativity - Part III: GR as Scalar Field Theory
Let O ˙N (λ) be its pull-back to ˙N by the obvious pro jection.
Finite dimensional representations of DAHA and affine Springers fibers : the spherical case
We’ll say that the Langlands parameters (h, χ), (h′ , χ′ ) are ˜G-conjugate if τ = τ ′ , ζ = ζ ′ , and there is an element g ∈ ˜G such that s′ = (adg )(s), χ = (adg )−1 (χ′ ) (where (adg )−1 is the pull back of constructible sheaves by the map adg ).
Finite dimensional representations of DAHA and affine Springers fibers : the spherical case
Since a measure µ on D can be decomposed as µ = µD + µ∂D , with µ∂D supported on ∂D and µD (∂D) = 0, we can pull-back any positive Borel measure on D to a Borel measure ˜µ on T .
The characterization of the Carleson measures for analytic Besov spaces: a simple proof
As long as the set of uncolored vertices has size at least n/ log2 n, we can pull out an independent set of size (1 − o(1))2 log b (np) and color it by a new color.
Local resilience of graphs
R denotes the pull-back of the curvature tensor of gi¯j (t).
A Simple Proof for the Generalized Frankel Conjecture
We call the following Pl¨ucker mutation the push/pull. A push when we replace ∆aX,Y b with ∆X ′ ,Y . A pull when we replace ∆X ′ ,Y with ∆aX,Y b .
$\LE$-diagrams and totally positive bases inside the nonnegative Grassmannian
X a,bY ∆X,Y ′ = ∆X,Y ∆X a,bY ′ + ∆X a,Y ∪Y ′ ∆X,{b}∪(Y ∩Y ′ ) When we need to distinguish between two pushes(pulls) defined above, we will denote the first one by SW-push(pull) and the second one by NE-push(pull).
$\LE$-diagrams and totally positive bases inside the nonnegative Grassmannian
In the pull discovery process, each node repeatedly requests or “pulls” a random contact from a random neighbor.
Discovery through Gossip
On the BL side, the transistors M4 and M5 pull the bit line towards VDD (when a “1” is stored at Q). If the content of the memory was a 0, the reverse would happen and ‘BLbar’ would be pulled towards 1 and ‘BL’ towards 0.
Design and modelling of different SRAM's based on CNTFET 32nm technology
For indicative purposes, in table 1 the ”pulls” are also shown, defined as: pull = (data point- fit value)/(error on data point).
The Status of The Standard Model