• Fishing provided food as well as recreation for the colonists. (Conjectural sketch by Sidney E. King.)
    Fishing provided food as well as recreation for the colonists. (Conjectural sketch by Sidney E. King.)
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n providence the guardianship and control exercised by a deity "divine providence"
    • n providence the prudence and care exercised by someone in the management of resources
    • n Providence the capital and largest city of Rhode Island; located in northeastern Rhode Island on Narragansett Bay; site of Brown University
    • n providence a manifestation of God's foresightful care for his creatures
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The Olympic was the sister ship of the Titanic, and she provided twenty-five years of service
    • Providence (Theol) A manifestation of the care and superintendence which God exercises over his creatures; an event ordained by divine direction. "He that hath a numerous family, and many to provide for, needs a greater providence of God."
    • Providence Foresight; care; especially, the foresight and care which God manifests for his creatures; hence, God himself, regarded as exercising a constant wise prescience. "The world was all before them, where to choose
      Their place of rest, and Providence their guide."
    • Providence Prudence in the management of one's concerns; economy; frugality. "It is a high point of providence in a prince to cast an eye rather upon actions than persons."
    • Providence The act of providing or preparing for future use or application; a making ready; preparation. "Providence for war is the best prevention of it."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Eating eight strawberries will provide you with more Vitamin C than an orange
    • n providence Foresight; timely care or preparation.
    • n providence Frugality; prudence in the management of one's concerns; economy.
    • n providence The care and guardianship of God over his creatures; divine supervision. The doctrine of divine providence is the doctrine that God both possesses and exercises absolute power over all the works of his hands; it thus differs from the doctrine of omnipotence, which only attributes to him the power, but does not necessarily imply that he uses it; and it is opposed to the doctrine of naturalism, or that nature is governed wholly by natural laws with which God never interferes.
    • n providence Hence [capitalized] God, regarded as exercising forecast, care, and direction for and over his creatures; the divine power and direction.
    • n providence Something due to an act of providential intervention; an act or event in which the care of God is directly exhibited.
    • n providence Synonyms and Prudence, Discretion, etc. See wisdom.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In 1936, England became the first country in the world to provide regular public broadcasting on television.
    • n Providence prov′i-dens timely preparation:
    • n Providence prov′i-dens (theol.) the foresight and care of God over all His creatures: God, considered in this relation: something occurring in which God's care is clearly shown: prudence in managing one's affairs
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  • Charles F. Kettering
    “The future can be anything we want it to be, providing we have the faith and that we realize that peace, no less than war, required blood and sweat and tears.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “A mousetrap always provides free cheese.”
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
    “Chance is the providence of adventurers.”
  • Francis Schaeffer
    Francis Schaeffer
    “Christianity provides a unified answer for the whole of life.”
  • Antoine De Saint-Exupery
    “A civilization is built on what is required of men, not on that which is provided for them.”
  • Marlene Blaszczyk
    Marlene Blaszczyk
    “Look through your customer's eyes. Are you the solution provider or part of the problem?”


Tempt providence - If you tempt providence, you take a risk that may well have unpleasant consequences. ('Tempt fate' is also used.)


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. providentia,: cf. F. providence,. See Provident, and cf. Prudence
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. provid-ens, -entis, pr.p. of providēre.


In literature:

But luckily the "Providence" was a fast sailer, and wonderfully obedient to her helm.
"The Naval History of the United States" by Willis J. Abbot
A candle, provided from her bag, was glowing in her hand.
"As It Was in the Beginning" by Philip Verrill Mighels
And there are provided for eight more public library buildings, costing more than $100,000 each; namely, the Providence, R. I.
"A Book for All Readers" by Ainsworth Rand Spofford
All heads are provided with manholes, the edges of which are turned true.
"Steam, Its Generation and Use" by Babcock & Wilcox Co.
It is provided with a single gas socket, into which either a large or small gas tube may be screwed.
"On Laboratory Arts" by Richard Threlfall
Happily, it is not our lot to provide the light, it is ours to provide the lamp.
"My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year" by John Henry Jowett
Two other states, far removed from New England, also by special legislative grants provided for pupils in this school for a time.
"The Deaf" by Harry Best
These schools provide for general education.
"The Choctaw Freedmen" by Robert Elliott Flickinger
I must get your man Setter to provide my disguise.
"The Comedies of William Congreve Volume 1 [of 2]" by William Congreve
Such are the mysterious ways of Divine Providence.
"A Report of the Debates and Proceedings in the Secret Sessions of the Conference Convention" by Lucius Eugene Chittenden

In poetry:

The ways of Providence, how kind! how wise!
From seeming ills what real good is born!
Nor can the heart its blessings learn to prize,
That, gay and thoughtless, never knew to mourn.
"To Silvia" by Ann Steele
THOU, that dost best provide, what we require —
That dost our bodies and our souls uphold,
I bless thee for thy glorious creature, Fire,
Which thou hast made to warm us when we're cold!
"A Thanksgiving For Fire, Warmth, &c. " by Rees Prichard
Once did he say, on their toilsome way,
“Father, no victim is near,”
But with heavy sigh and tear-dimmed eye,
In accents sad though clear,
Abraham answered: “The Lord, our guide,
A fitting sacrifice will provide.”
"Abraham’s Sacrifice" by Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
Consider the Mind, remember the Soul,
Of these poor Bodies take care;
If Providence over them gives you control,
As stewards to be judged, beware!
And you, good men,— ay, good on the whole,
No Strikes! — lt all be fair.
"A Dozen Ballads About White Slavery. II. The Factory Slave" by Martin Farquhar Tupper
He kissed her hand—nor further dared,
Not even pressed the heart he shared;
Strange Providence! that thoughts most dear
Should wrap round Love a holy Fear
And give two hearts by ardours tossed,
Where most of danger safety most!
"Percy Vere, The Peer's Story - Part I - My Home" by Ernest Jones
We’ve had our happy wedding day.
Our solemn vow’s we’ve said. The past
We leave behind us and the future lies ahead
….Side by side we’ll face it full of faith and
confidence-Trusting in our love and in the
hand of Providence.
"Married" by Patience Strong

In news:

In an effort to provide better safety for the residents of Webb County, the Sheriff's office will be providing air patrol in the area around Las Lomas and Centenarios.
Communications companies that engage outsource service providers typically face challenges in maintaining their brand image because the third party may provide inconsistent services to end users and subscribers.
Providence St Mary Medical Center will present a free diabetes educational talk, "Taking Control," on Nov 18, 5 pm, in the Providence Room on Level 1 of the hospital.
Y-DNA testing is for males only and she hoped to provide some clarity as to name spelling and to weed out other surnames not related and provide direction for future research.
Alert), a provider of enabling technology for solution providers and VoIP developers, has announced they will demonstrate the latest version of their VoiceXML (News.
The unionization of child care providers in Minnesota has become a hot topic with Gov Mark Dayton's administration, opponents to the idea and with providers themselves.
As a complete solution provider for egg products, with a true, customer-focused approach, there's little in the way of purchasing options, risk management solutions and supply chain opportunities that we can't provide.
Paughco, the provider of many parts used on the original "Captain America" bike, is now offering a select number of beautifully reproduced pieces that provide the basis for building an exact reproduction of the historical chopper.
PROVIDENCE – The Providence Veteran Affairs Medical Center opened its new Research Center of Excellence for Neurorestoration and Neurotechnology on Oct 26.
The Empire Revue , Providence's Premier Variety Show, is celebrating six years of monthly shows at downtown's AS220 Performance Space (115 Empire St, Providence) on July 1, with a show at 7 pm and a show at 9 p.m.
The new DA20 dual-arm robot from Motoman provides high-speed motion with two 6-axis arms that provide enhanced, human-like flexibility of movement.
OPINION The question before us as San Francisco voters, health care providers, activists, legislators, and consumers is: "Can our community provide access to health care for people who work.".
Providing innovative products for more than 85 years, Hardy's process weighing technology provides new opportunities to companies under Roper 's Energy Systems and Controls group.
Providence Marriott Downtown 1 Orms St Providence, RI.
The Rotary Club will hear from guest speakers US Rep David N Cicilline and challenger Brendan Doherty at 12:15 pm at the Providence Marriott Downtown, 1 Orms St, Providence.

In science:

The annealed case provides a better global understanding of random dynamical systems as ergodic theory provides a great scope of deterministic orbits description.
Recurrence for random dynamical systems
Hence, the Nsim prototype provides both a convenient tensor-index formula notation for local operators as well as a way to by-pass it and directly provide a piece of C code that can implement arbitrarily complicated local transformations on fields.
Continuum multi-physics modeling with scripting languages: the Nsim simulation compiler prototype for classical field theory
While it is crucial to provide maximal flexibility to the user through the option to specify arbitrary code for site-wise execution, it is just as important to also provide an alternative interface which, rather than asking the user to write C code, allows specification of equations in algebraic notation.
Continuum multi-physics modeling with scripting languages: the Nsim simulation compiler prototype for classical field theory
Hence QCA (Def. 6) provide a rigorous axiomatics for BQCA (Def. 11), and BQCA provide a convenient operational description of QCA.
Intrinsically universal n-dimensional quantum cellular automata
It is therefore interesting to consider whether QCA (as in Def. 6) provide a rigorous axiomatics for PQCA, and if PQCA provide a convenient operational description of QCA. A PQCA is essentially a BQCA where the two layers apply the same unitary operation, shifted appropriately.
Intrinsically universal n-dimensional quantum cellular automata