• WordNet 3.6
    • n propagation the act of producing offspring or multiplying by such production
    • n propagation the spreading of something (a belief or practice) into new regions
    • n propagation the movement of a wave through a medium
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The Nobel Prize resulted from a late change in the will of Alfred Nobel, who did not want to be remembered after his death as a propagator of violence - he invented dynamite.
    • Propagation The act of propagating; continuance or multiplication of the kind by generation or successive production; as, the propagation of animals or plants. "There is not in nature any spontaneous generation, but all come by propagation ."
    • Propagation The spreading abroad, or extension, of anything; diffusion; dissemination; as, the propagation of sound; the propagation of the gospel.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The banana tree cannot reproduce itself. It can be propagated only by the hand of man.
    • n propagation The act of propagating; the multiplication or continuance of the kind or species by natural generation or reproduction: as, the propagation of plants or animals. In the greater number of flowering plants propagation is effected naturally by means of seeds: but many plants are also propagated by the production of runners or lateral shoots, which spread along the surface of the soil, and root at the joints, from which they send up new stems. Plants are also propagated by suckers rising from rootstocks, and by various other natural means. Propagation may be effected artificially by cuttings, grafting, budding, inarching, etc.
    • n propagation The spreading or extension of anything; diffusion: as, the propagation of Christianity; the propagation of socialistic ideas.
    • n propagation Increase; augmentation; enlargement; aggrandizement.
    • n propagation Transmission from one point to another, as of sound by waves of condensation and rarefaction in the air, and of radiant heat and light by undulations in the ether. See sound, heat, light, and radiant energy (under energy).
    • n propagation Synonyms Increase, generation, procreation, breeding.
    • n propagation Dissemination.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Propagation act of propagating: the spreading or extension of anything, as light, sound, energy, &c.: increase: enlargement
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  • Joseph Addison
    “The most violent appetites in all creatures are lust and hunger; the first is a perpetual call upon them to propagate their kind, the latter to preserve themselves.”
  • O. S. Hawkins
    O. S. Hawkins
    “What makes a church great in the eyes of God? Participation, proclamation, preservation, and propagation. Every church ought to exhibit all four.”
  • J. I. Packer
    J. I. Packer
    “Our business is to present the Christian faith clothed in modern terms, not to propagate modern thought clothed in Christian terms. Confusion here is fatal.”
  • Alexander Pope
    “Fix'd like a plan on his peculiar spot, to draw nutrition, propagate, and rot.”
  • Lord Byron
    “This is the patent age of new inventions for killing bodies, and for saving souls. All propagated with the best intentions.”
  • Samuel Johnson
    “Knowledge always demands increase; it is like fire, which must first be kindled by some external agent, but will afterwards always propagate itself.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. propagatio,: cf. F. propagation,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. propāgāre, -ātum, conn. with pro-pāg-o, a layer.


In literature:

Like the common Daffodil it propagates very fast by the roots, and will thrive in almost any soil or situation.
"The Botanical Magazine, Vol. I" by William Curtis
It may be propagated either by seeds, or cuttings; the former make the best plants.
"The Botanical Magazine v 2" by William Curtis
Is propagated by parting its roots in autumn.
"The Botanical Magazine, Vol. 3" by William Curtis
How will we propagate this valuable race of the cherry?
"The Prairie Farmer, Vol. 56, No. 2, January 12, 1884" by Various
It is a hardy perennial, and propagated by parting its roots in autumn.
"The Botanical Magazine, Vol. 4" by William Curtis
Employed at first exclusively for the Church, for the propagation of ruling ideas, it had begun to sap them.
"History of the Girondists, Volume I" by Alphonse de Lamartine
You agree to promote the general good of society, to cultivate the social virtues, and to propagate a knowledge of the arts.
"The Mysteries of Free Masonry" by William Morgan
The superintendent had already made selections and marked some 250 plants for propagation.
"Trees, Fruits and Flowers of Minnesota, 1916" by Various
One year this tree began to fail and I tried to save it or propagate it by layering and sprouting seeds.
"Growing Nuts in the North" by Carl Weschcke
The varieties propagated in the eastern United States are experiments.
"Northern Nut Growers Association Report of the Proceedings at the" by Various

In poetry:

A friend, who, weigh'd with yours, must prize
Domitian's idle passion;
That wrought the death of teasing flies,
But ne'er their propagation.
"To the Virtuosi" by William Shenstone
Frogs and fat toads were there to hop or plod
And propagate in peace, an uncouth crew,
Where velvet-headed rushes rustling nod
And spill the morning dew.
"From House To House" by Christina Georgina Rossetti

In news:

Pete Bahr will talk about mum propagation and how to grow large chrysanthemums .
And although the lawn is a lower priority for me than flower beds and the vegetable garden, I just couldn't leave the dandelions to propagate throughout the neighborhood.
It's like someone gets an idea and the media machine propagates it onto other shows.
(Host) In Vermont, a new ban on selling or propagating invasive and exotic plants is part of a larger effort to keep them from overpowering native species.
Decades before "green" became a movement and "sustainability" a campaign, Ila Jean Carothers was busy tending her garden, propagating ornamentals and veggies alike with a passion few Waco hobbyists could match.
USING ONLY 30 LIGHTING SENSORS, worldwide lightning location (WWLL) has been successfully achieved via very-low-frequency (VLF) propagation in the Earth-ionosphere-waveguide (EIWG) atmospheric layer.
View full size Joshua McCullough Seed starting is part of a winter propagation workshop.
See "77 GHz Stepped Lens with Sectorial Radiation Pattern as Primary Feed of a Lens Based CATR," IEEE Transactions On Antennas And Propagation, January 2010, p 207.
As I noted yesterday, the Muslim Brotherhood is busily propagating conspiracy theories about Israeli guilt for Sunday's terror attack in Sinai, which killed 16 Egyptian soldiers.
Bradshaw' it will propagate from its own self-seeding.
Nurseries propagating the new Geneva 214 rootstock found that it was actually the more vigorous G.222.
We've also got some details on possible reasons why our attempt at propagating a hardwood cutting failed.
The trade group selects a Perennial of the Year as the plant to promote and propagate and this year's winner is May Night, a hybrid salvia that was bred in Germany by Karl Foerster.
The exaggerated version of truth about violence in Myanmar propagated by religious groups in Pakistan to recruit and fund their own agendas.
Although slow to propagate,this crop offers high yields.

In science:

We establish relationships between the propagators (diffusion fronts) of the two models, and use this analysis to develop a physical picture of propagation in these systems.
Duality between random trap and barrier models
Small rates lead to sites with peaks in the trap model propagator, and to large changes between adjacent sites in the barrier model. (Middle) Propagator maps for the same systems: the propagators at fixed time are plotted as functions of both initial and final positions.
Duality between random trap and barrier models
The duality relation (5) states that the gradient of the trap model propagator with respect to i is equal to the negative gradient of the barrier model propagator with respect to n.
Duality between random trap and barrier models
In the propagator map representation of Fig. 1, the effective dynamics models the propagator as a series of non-overlapping blocks.
Duality between random trap and barrier models
The result is that the propagator cannot be well-approximated by non-overlapping blocks in the density map representation (recall the structure of the propagator at µ = 3, shown in Fig. 1).
Duality between random trap and barrier models