progressive tax


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n progressive tax any tax in which the rate increases as the amount subject to taxation increases
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  • H. L. Mencken
    “Unquestionably, there is progress. The average American now pays twice as much in taxes as he formerly got in wages.”


In literature:

The following table of progressive taxation is constructed on the above principles, and as a substitute for the commutation tax.
"The Writings of Thomas Paine, Volume II" by Thomas Paine
This tax was made progressive.
"Fiat Money Inflation in France" by Andrew Dickson White
Their heavy fines and irritating restrictions upon foreign workmen were nothing so much as a tax upon industrial progress.
"Political Thought in England from Locke to Bentham" by Harold J. Laski
A progressive tax was levied upon inheritances.
"History of the United States" by Charles A. Beard and Mary R. Beard
On a flat rate of tax this difficulty might be made less, but the essence of any effective levy is a progressive scale.
"Essays in Liberalism" by Various
A progressive inheritance tax should be levied by the federal government, constitutionality conceded.
"Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Debate Index" by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
A progressive income tax is included in this Part II., the tax to be graduated from 3d.
"The Rise of the Democracy" by Joseph Clayton
A progressive or graduated tax laid upon wealth.
"The Handy Cyclopedia of Things Worth Knowing" by Joseph Triemens
There is no need to tax the patience of the reader by describing in detail our daily progress.
"The Strange Adventures of Eric Blackburn" by Harry Collingwood
A heavy progressive or graduated income-tax.
"British Socialism" by J. Ellis Barker

In news:

With much fanfare, a group called Responsible Wealth has launched a campaign to raise estate tax es, with a plan that would essentially begin huge new "progressive" taxes roughly where they end right now.
When not getting hit in the face by a set piece, Hubbard has sensible ideas about pairing short-term stimulus with a progressive consumption tax.
New York State Gov Andrew Cuomo's new progressive tax reforms will cut more than taxes, it will also cut revenues from the MTA payroll tax that subsidizes your daily commute.
Frustrated with lack of progress on property tax reform.
At House District 25 candidates forum, a Democrat expressed support for progressive federal income tax, not state one More.
Frustrated with lack of progress on property tax reform.
Several experts cautioned that changes to increase taxes on investment and savings income might hurt long-run growth, even if it improved the progressivity of the code.
The US already has a very progressive tax code and has actually gotten more progressive over the course of the Bush years.
President Barack Obama and House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner met for an hour on Thursday as frustration mounted over the lack of progress on averting the "fiscal cliff" of steep tax increases and spending cuts.
But while the issue is polarizing , tangible progress can be made even without settling the large ideological battles over the stimulus or tax cuts.
Taxes Really Are Unusually Progressive .
The planned and purposeful progressive freakout over tax breaks.
Council Progressives Say Tax Millionaires To Stave Off Cuomo Cuts.
Congress is moving closer again to the brink of a partial government shutdown as lawmakers failed to make progress Monday on a short-term extension of authority to run surface transportation programs and collect fuel taxes.
An oil tax bill dealing with a progressive surcharge and incentives for new production is expected to be unveiled next week in the Senate.

In science:

Thus for every year which medical progress gives us, about six month are given like a tax to the labour market, while the other six months are leasure time after retirement.
Sociophysics Simulations III: Retirement Demography