programing language


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n programing language (computer science) a language designed for programming computers
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In literature:

The following program is written in standard FRAP language.
"Preliminary Specifications: Programmed Data Processor Model Three (PDP-3)" by Digital Equipment Corporation
In 1971 scheduled regional programming was revised to include additional broadcast time for programs in the minority languages.
"Area Handbook for Romania" by Eugene K. Keefe, Donald W. Bernier, Lyle E. Brenneman, William Giloane, James M. Moore, and Neda A. Walpole
Now, though, Ally thought her mom was continuing the language study as part of a program of denial.
"Syndrome" by Thomas Hoover
Finally, there would be an immediate crash program to rectify XYZ's costly illusion that English was the worldwide language of business.
"The Samurai Strategy" by Thomas Hoover

In news:

Java Drops From Top Programming Language Spot, C Rules.
What kind of applications and operations best fit which of five IEC 61131-3 programming language s.
How to choose the correct programming language .
The model is based on the Situation Calculus and the ConGolog agent programming language .
Programming Language for Kids Banned from Apple App Store.
Swad, 49, will join the provider of technology-based language-learning programs on Nov 9, reporting directly to its chief executive Tom Adams.
Scala Programming Language: 10 Reasons Developers Need to Check It Out.
Microsoft has made available a first test build of a new set of technologies designed to make its data-centric programming language interoperable with Vista, Office 2007 and.
ISO/IEC 15291:1999 Information technology — Programming languages — Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS).
Wolof, a language spoken in Senegal and other West African countries, was used for much of the program.
We broadcast 60 hours of programming in four languages every week.
The new online program prepares future food processing managers to 'speak the same language' through a three-part certificate program.
Alaskan educators tour PSJA's dual-language program.
Professional surfer Ian Walsh of Haiku is presented a kihei from Pulama Collier, a Hawaiian Language Immersion Program instructor, during Friday's opening ceremony for the Red Bull Jaws Paddle at Peahi.
Language intended to exclude Planned Parenthood may jeopardize entire program.

In science:

Only the syntax of the programming language is relevant.
From Syntactic Theories to Interpreters: A Specification Language and Its Compilation
The Structure of Typed Programming Languages.
Typed Generic Traversal With Term Rewriting Strategies
AGENT-0 is a simple programming language that implements some of the AOP concepts described above.
Logic-Based Specification Languages for Intelligent Software Agents
The Scheme programming language does not provide such highly unusual constructs like either or fail or all-values.
A novel approach to symbolic algebra
We end this section by specifying the programming language FO(+, ×, <, 0, 1, σ) + While which is known to be computationally complete on semi-algebraic databases [Gyssens et al. 1999].
First-order Complete and Computationally Complete Query Languages for Spatio-Temporal Databases