professional person


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n professional person a person engaged in one of the learned professions
    • ***


  • Lord Northcliffe
    Lord Northcliffe
    “A professional whose job it is to explain to others what it personally does not understand.”


In literature:

About 2500 persons are known to the police as professional gamblers.
"Lights and Shadows of New York Life" by James D. McCabe
The professedly and professionally cheerful person is very depressing.
"Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great - Volume 14" by Elbert Hubbard
He was remarkable for his elegant person, and estimable for his high professional reputation.
"Memoirs of the Jacobites of 1715 and 1745" by Mrs. Thomson
He should never unnecessarily have a personal difficulty with a professional brother.
"An Essay on Professional Ethics" by George Sharswood
Few professional men are good at business, and personally I have no liking for it.
"A Labrador Doctor" by Wilfred Thomason Grenfell
What could such a man as he have to do with the affairs, personal or professional, of the officers of the regiment?
"A War-Time Wooing" by Charles King
Did he preach with professional, rather than with personal, zeal?
"Classic French Course in English" by William Cleaver Wilkinson
No personal or professional craft lurked unrecognized behind his conclusions to give them a bias.
"The Education of American Girls" by Anna Callender Brackett
In other words, they gradually become "specialists," like other professional persons in the respectable walks of life.
"Danger! A True History of a Great City's Wiles and Temptations" by William Howe
Bell's pride, however it may have seemed, was rather professional than personal.
"From Sail to Steam, Recollections of Naval Life" by Captain A. T. Mahan
This man was a professional, would do his job in spite of his personal opinions.
"A Matter of Honor" by Ann Wilson
Thus the controversy was sectional, personal, and professional.
"James B. Eads" by Louis How
Personally I do my best to avoid what is really a professional failing.
"Woman on Her Own, False Gods & The Red Robe" by Eugène Brieux
It is greatly to be regretted that more is not known of McCreary's personal and professional character.
"Pioneer Surgery in Kentucky" by David W. Yandell
Of all persons I have ever met the least imbued with the vagabond instinct was the professional vagabond Blanquette de Veau.
"The Belovéd Vagabond" by William J. Locke
The professor was unlike most professional persons who entertain the public.
"Joe Strong on the Trapeze" by Vance Barnum
When finished, it was to fill many personable volumes, and to combine antiquarian interest with professional utility.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson" by Robert Louis Stevenson
She raised her eyes, singularly bright and personal in her professionally passive face.
"Rough-Hewn" by Dorothy Canfield
Moreover, business or professional manner and etiquette come in to relieve the necessity of personal effort.
"Ethics" by John Dewey and James Hayden Tufts
She has all along been starving the life of the personal man into that of the professional.
"Nationalism" by Rabindranath Tagore

In news:

In the workplace, you hope to step foot into a cooperative, easy-going setting, with personable yet professional co-workers.
Expert Offers Tips on How Reducing Anger Can Make Your Personal and Professional Lives Better.
How to Build Your Business by Merging Your Personal and Professional Self: PRSA 2012 Counselors Academy Conference.
This list of Mitt Romney talking points is also a rundown of the areas in which whistleblower allegations have touched Romney's personal and professional investments.
The entrepreneur opens up about her personal & professional reinvention.
) and still feels she has to justify her personal and professional choices to everybody out there.
It had been a triumphant year for him professionally, a harrowing one personally.
The jewelry later was returned, but it sparked months of court hearings and morgue cleanup duty for the star, who has struggled personally and professionally since being arrested twice in 2007 for driving under the influence.
The jewelry case sparked months of court hearings and morgue cleanup duty for the star who has struggled personally and professionally since being arrested twice in 2007 for driving under the influence.
What follows are a dozen of Ziglar's most inspirational quotes for achieving personal and professional success.
With wife Katie Holmes filing for divorce last week, Tom Cruise may be weathering a storm when it comes to his personal life, but professionally, he's still on top: Forbes has just declared Cruise the highest-paid actor in Hollywood.
We are writing to you in support of Roderick O'Connor, whom we have known personally and professionally since 1990.
A professional and a personal odyssey (with video).
When Trauma Strikes a Professional Personally .
Steve Jobs's influence felt professionally, personally .

In science:

For this project, we will explore the Human Information Processing aspects of a Personal Memex, which is a Memex to organize personal (instead of professional) information.
Human Information Processing with the Personal Memex
Experimentally, low mass dileptons are very much the domain of NA45/CERES, an electron pair spectrometer at the SPS which has probably taken more of my personal efforts over the years than any other experiment during my professional life.
Experimental Conference Summary
As a retired person, publication gives no professional benefit, and it is highly unpleasant to have to deal with incompetent referees and journals which lack scientific integrity.
Comment on Phys. Rev. D 60 084017 "Classical self-force" by F. Rohrlich
Nokia 3110 classic, with 1.3 megapixels), which is used quite commonly in everyday personal and professional communication.
The Cyborg Astrobiologist: Testing a Novelty-Detection Algorithm on Two Mobile Exploration Systems at Rivas Vaciamadrid in Spain and at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah
At present, testing professionals use their personal experience to select testing methods for fault classes considered the most likely to be present.
Towards a better understanding of testing if conditionals
He is a person of great physical erudition and professional concern for students.
Search for Gamma Ray Emission from Galactic Plane with Milagro
The trader can be a professional investor, a daytrader, or any other person using stocks as a means to invest.
Implementing an Agent Trade Server
To the each assessor the author assigned a personal level of competence based on user’s sub jective estimation of professionalism in the sub ject.
A Search Relevancy Tuning Method Using Expert Results Content Evaluation