• WordNet 3.6
    • v profess state insincerely "He professed innocence but later admitted his guilt","She pretended not to have known the suicide bomber","She pretends to be an expert on wine"
    • v profess confess one's faith in, or allegiance to "The terrorists professed allegiance to their country","he professes to be a Communist"
    • v profess admit (to a wrongdoing) "She confessed that she had taken the money"
    • v profess practice as a profession, teach, or claim to be knowledgeable about "She professes organic chemistry"
    • v profess take vows, as in religious order "she professed herself as a nun"
    • v profess receive into a religious order or congregation
    • v profess state freely "The teacher professed that he was not generous when it came to giving good grades"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the Sherlock Holmes stories, was an ophthalmologist by profession
    • Profess To declare friendship.
    • Profess To make open declaration of, as of one's knowledge, belief, action, etc.; to avow or acknowledge; to confess publicly; to own or admit freely. "Hear me profess sincerely.""The best and wisest of them all professed To know this only, that he nothing knew."
    • Profess To present to knowledge of, to proclaim one's self versed in; to make one's self a teacher or practitioner of, to set up as an authority respecting; to declare (one's self to be such); as, he professes surgery; to profess one's self a physician.
    • Profess To set up a claim to; to make presence to; hence, to put on or present an appearance of. "I do profess to be no less than I seem."
    • Profess To take a profession upon one's self by a public declaration; to confess.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • profess To declare openly; make open declaration of; avow or acknowledge; own freely; affirm.
    • profess To acknowledge or own publicly; also, to lay claim openly to the character of.
    • profess To affirm faith in or allegiance to: as, to profess Christianity.
    • profess To make a show of; make protestations of; make a pretense of; pretend.
    • profess To announce publicly one's skill in, as a science or a profession; declare one's self versed in: as, to profess surgery.
    • profess In the Rom. Cath. and Anglican churches, to receive into a religious order by profession.
    • profess To present the appearance of.
    • profess Synonyms and To declare, allege, aver, avouch.
    • profess To lay claim to.
    • profess To declare openly; make any declaration or assertion.
    • profess To enter into the religious state by public declaration or profession.
    • profess To declare or pretend friendship.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Profess prō-fes′ to own freely: to make open declaration of: to declare in strong terms: to announce publicly one's skill in: to affirm one's belief in: :
    • v.i Profess to enter publicly into a religious state:
    • v.t Profess prō-fes′ (Spens.) to present the appearance of
    • v.t Profess prō-fes′ (R.C.) to receive into a religious order by profession
    • v.i Profess (Shak.) to pretend friendship
    • ***


  • Corra May Harris
    Corra May Harris
    “The bravest thing you can do when you are not brave is to profess courage and act accordingly.”
  • Will Rogers
    “Being a hero is about the shortest lived profession on earth.”
  • Michel Eyquem De Montaigne
    “My art and profession is to live.”
  • John Morley
    John Morley
    “Literature, the most seductive, the most deceiving, the most dangerous of professions.”
  • Jules Renard
    “Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money.”
  • Sir Isaac Newton
    Sir Isaac Newton
    “The Christian ministry is the worst of all trades, but the best of all professions.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. profès, masc., professe, fem., professed (monk or nun), L. professus, p. p. of profiteri, to profess; pro, before, forward + fateri, to confess, own. See Confess


In literature:

In any other point of view my choice of profession was a source of no regret to him.
"Frank Mildmay" by Captain Frederick Marryat
La Fontaine, at the age of twenty-two, had not taken any profession, or devoted himself to any pursuit.
"Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 1 (of 3)" by Isaac D'Israeli
I know you feel that it is the one great profession of them all.
"The Brentons" by Anna Chapin Ray
I have my profession.
"The Daughters of Danaus" by Mona Caird
The paper left behind him, called "Thoughts on Religion," is merely a set of excuses for not professing disbelief.
"Harvard Classics Volume 28" by Various
The story indicates that cotton-carding is considered a Muhammadan profession, and also that it is held in contempt.
"The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India" by R. V. Russell
Upon this a great persecution was raised against all who professed their belief in Christ as the Messiah, or as a prophet.
"Fox's Book of Martyrs" by John Foxe
There are some professed lovers of books who affect either indifference or contempt for the style in which their favorites are dressed.
"A Book for All Readers" by Ainsworth Rand Spofford
The culprits professed very different doctrines.
"The Rise of the Hugenots, Vol. 1 (of 2)" by Henry Martyn Baird
I have already hinted that my father never rose to any very exalted rank in his profession, notwithstanding his prowess and other qualifications.
"Lavengro The Scholar, the Gypsy, the Priest" by George Borrow
He did not shake hands, nor profess to do it.
"Out in the Forty-Five" by Emily Sarah Holt
But besides all that I think the work helps me in my profession.
"Old Valentines" by Munson Aldrich Havens
The wits easily confederated against him, as Dryden, whose favour they almost all courted, was his professed adversary.
"The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. in Nine Volumes" by Samuel Johnson
The two young men here introduced had just graduated at one of our first literary institutions, and were about selecting professions.
"The Last Penny and Other Stories" by T. S. Arthur
But he professed to hate the Catholics, and such a virtue secured him friends.
"A Modern History, From the Time of Luther to the Fall of Napoleon" by John Lord
To you professing Christians especially I speak.
"Expositions of Holy Scripture" by Alexander Maclaren
The profession of engineering, therefore, has its type.
"Opportunities in Engineering" by Charles M. Horton
She was the first woman in the State who dared assert her right to recognition in this profession.
"History of Woman Suffrage, Volume III (of III)" by Various
From the church records, he appears to have been of a professedly religious character, as early as 1721.
"The History of Dartmouth College" by Baxter Perry Smith
Doctors are at hand in time of need, and all the professions are centered there.
"Rural Life and the Rural School" by Joseph Kennedy

In poetry:

Yet unawares, I must profess,
They do deceive
Themselves, and those who questionless
Their tale believe.
"A Lover's Confession" by Robert Fuller Murray
Nor that I meane, henceforth
This strange will to professe:
I never will betray such trust
And fall to ficklenesse.
"A Fancy" by Edward Dyer
I to my chimney's shine
Brought him, as Love professes,
And chafed his hands with mine,
And dried his dropping tresses.
"The Cheat Of Cupid; Or, The Ungentle Guest" by Robert Herrick
More honour to the law profess,
But giving more we give it less.
Its heavy yoke in vain we draw,
By turning gospel into law.
"The Believer's Principles : Chap. II." by Ralph Erskine
Thus to his church, his chosen bride,
Saith the great First and Last;
Who ever lives, though once he died,
Hold thy profession fast.
"Smyrna" by John Newton
Nor can I dare profess,
As beggars often do,
Though great is my distress,
My wants have been but few:
If thou shouldst leave my soul to starve,
It would be what I well deserve.
"The Beggar" by John Newton

In news:

His profession might be easier to take seriously if Leahy did not invoke Pima County sheriff Clarence Dupnik as a model.
Hughes, known as Lonnie, is part of a profession known as party motivators .
Farming is a profession where there are few rules, never a day the same and no guidebooks (not even Farming for Dummies) on how to do it right.
The chiropractic profession has changed dramatically since I entered it.
John Steinbeck once said, "The profession of book writing makes horse racing seem like a solid, stable business.".
What an exciting time to be entering the profession of physical therapy.
Claire Eichinger, a nurse and trailblazing administrator who devoted herself to patients and her profession for more than 50 years, died Saturday of lung cancer, her family said.
Before I delve into the healthy living aspect of this blog, I thought I'd take a moment to introduce my future profession.
Our On the Job series continues with a window into a profession that blends science and art.
A DANGEROUS PROFESSION A Book About the Writing Life.
Rightor Doyle Age: 26 Profession: Actor making his Broadway debut in an unannounced show this spring.
The year 2004 will hold great challenges for the HR profession.
When a reporter asked Harper is he's pressing, the rookie outfielder suggested a career change to the coaching profession.
The Leader of the Paralegal Profession and the NFPA design logo are all Registered Trademarks/Service Marks of NFPA.
Your partner in your profession, PACE.

In science:

Profess-Reg. & Ord.publico Eruditorum Examini modeste sub jicit Sven Gustaf Sommelius, Stipendiarius Regius & Palmcreutzianus Lundensis.
On the Complete Solution to the Most General Fifth Degree Polynomial
Possibly this was why later on I have chosen Natural Sciences and Mathematics for my profession.
On the concept of normal shift in non-metric geometry
However, improvements in child care and parental leave policies cannot be easily achieved through individual contributions, but are well within reach of funding agencies – as long as these issues are put on the high-priority list for the profession.
Challenges facing young astrophysicists
As academics, we do enjoy certain flexibility in our profession, and therefore such a facility (or facilities recommended by the institution) should afford flexible part-time options, rather than a binary full-week-or-nothing policy.
Challenges facing young astrophysicists
Many institutions now offer extended time for tenure review for both male and female parents, and we believe that this policy should become the norm of the profession.
Challenges facing young astrophysicists
How can this be? Don’t the engineers and biologists need to study physics? It’s basic! Unfortunately this is an indication that our perceptions of our profession and teaching may be culturally biased.
The role of context and culture in teaching physics: The implication of disciplinary differences
The broad cultural elements we all learn from being part of a community – a profession, a nation, a family, a religion – plays a role in how we interpret what we see and do.
The role of context and culture in teaching physics: The implication of disciplinary differences
There is an old dictum, “Every man is a debtor to his profession.” Such a debt is the most obvious in mathematics where every past discovery provides a perpetual free lunch for future generations, until the end of time or civilization − whichever comes first.
And free lunch for all...
In some cases these technologies turn out to be much less than they appeared to be, while other technologies do substantially advance our profession.
Concrete uses of XML in software development and data analysis
Over the last ten years statistical physicists have used the conceptual toolbox of their profession for understanding some aspects of the dynamical evolution of eco-systems which include, for example, the “generic” trends in the statistics of the data on speciation and extinction [15, 16, 17].
Evolutionary ecology in-silico: Does mathematical modelling help in understanding the "generic" trends?
The privileged place of the CRTI-B allows us to regroup numerous actors representing the different professions of the construction sector around the Build-IT project, and to think together about real needs of the digital cooperation.
IT services design to support coordination practices in the Luxembourguish AEC sector
For example, a paper published in the KDD (Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining) Conference would be classified under “Data Mining”, while a paper published in the Journal of Information Professing and Management would be classified under “Information Retrieval”.
Information Diffusion in Computer Science Citation Networks
Ref 34). Another study trained a group of corporate professionals in Toulmin structures and then had them try to apply this tool to diagram an argument relevant to their profession.
Analyzing Problem Solving Using Math in Physics: Epistemological Framing via Warrants
In particular I think I speak for all of us when I profess the chiral community’s indebtedness to Ting-Wai Chiu for doing so much to produce an inspiring and enjoyable meeting.
Summary Talk at Chiral '99
Gore was a civil engineer by profession and served in India for 11 years before retiring to pursue his astronomical interests.
John Ellard Gore: of immensity and minuteness