• WordNet 3.6
    • n procedure a process or series of acts especially of a practical or mechanical nature involved in a particular form of work "the operations in building a house","certain machine tool operations"
    • n procedure a mode of conducting legal and parliamentary proceedings
    • n procedure a particular course of action intended to achieve a result "the procedure of obtaining a driver's license","it was a process of trial and error"
    • n procedure a set sequence of steps, part of larger computer program
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Between 1997-2002, there was an increase of 228% in cosmetic procedures in the United States
    • Procedure A step taken; an act performed; a proceeding; the steps taken in an action or other legal proceeding. "Gracious procedures ."
    • Procedure That which results; issue; product.
    • Procedure The act or manner of proceeding or moving forward; progress; process; operation; conduct. "The true procedure of conscience."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: In the United States, 8.5 million cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures were done in the year 2001
    • n procedure The act of proceeding or moving forward; progress.
    • n procedure Manner of proceeding or acting; a course or mode of action; conduct.
    • n procedure A step taken; an act performed; a proceeding.
    • n procedure That which proceeds from something; product.
    • n procedure The modes, collectively, of conducting business, especially deliberative business; specifically, in law, the modes of conduct of litigation and judicial business, as distinguished from that branch of the law which gives or defines rights. It includes practice, pleading, and evidence.
    • n procedure Synonyms Proceeding, Operation, etc. See process.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Among transsexuals who choose sex-change operations, females who elect to become males are reportedly happier and better adjusted after the procedures than males who elect to become female.
    • ns Procedure the act of proceeding or moving forward: a step taken or an act performed: progress: process: conduct
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  • Sheila M. Eby
    Sheila M. Eby
    “A computer won't clean up the errors in your manual of procedures.”
  • Fran Lebowitz
    “Contrary to popular opinion, the hustle is not a new dance step -- it is an old business procedure.”
  • Franz Kafka
    “All human errors are impatience, a premature breaking off of methodical procedure, an apparent fencing-in of what is apparently at issue.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. procédure,. See Proceed
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. procéder—L. procedĕrepro, before, cedĕre, cessum, to go.


In literature:

He died at Bologna in 1225, and has left behind him some treatises on procedure, the earliest of their kind.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 2" by Various
Secondly, as to the basis of assessment of the living wage, and the procedure by which it should be fixed.
"The Settlement of Wage Disputes" by Herbert Feis
It is said that it would constitute an irregular military procedure.
"The Peace Negotiations" by J. D. Kestell
But to an outsider his procedure may appear in a different light.
"The English Utilitarians, Volume I." by Leslie Stephen
That is in accordance with the usual procedure.
"Fantômas" by Pierre Souvestre
The acts appear to be simply procedures of imitative magic, customs sanctified by long usage.
"Introduction to the History of Religions" by Crawford Howell Toy
Coming to the geological aspects of exploration, the procedure in its early stages is again one of elimination.
"The Economic Aspect of Geology" by C. K. Leith
On the last day of this great procedure the public curiosity, long suspended, seemed to be revived.
"Critical and Historical Essays, Volume III (of 3)" by Thomas Babington Macaulay
We have not found it necessary to employ this procedure.
"Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities--Head--Neck. Sixth Edition." by Alexander Miles
It is interesting in this connection, also, that political and judicial forms of procedure are conducted on a conflict pattern.
"Introduction to the Science of Sociology" by Robert E. Park

In poetry:

We find the process good and true,
With regular procedure;
And on the whole there comes to view
The proofs the facts concede you.
"John Marshall's Divorce" by Samuel Alfred Beadle
Now, this chief was not a despot, as you will, perhaps, conclude;
For, though debate was noisy and procedure somwhat crude,
There did exist a Parliament, elected in due form,
With a Premier and Ministry -- which made things pretty warm.
"In The First Elective Ministry" by C J Dennis
In consequence, the whole procedure of the House was "fight."
No Ministry created in the morning saw the night.
And all the posts were sinecures the shorthand writers filled;
For the press-reports read briefly: "Sixteen wounded; seven killed."
"In The First Elective Ministry" by C J Dennis

In news:

A cutting edge procedure offers a thinner body and bigger bust without workouts or implants.
Breast augmentation is a procedure in which artificial implants are inserted just above or behind the chest muscle.
Nevada's attorney general and top state health officer are launching a campaign to raise awareness about unlicensed medical providers and to urge the Legislature to strengthen laws against back-room procedures.
The procedure is sparking new hopes of a cure for baldness .
Ty Warner recently gave a woman who was trying to raise money for a medical procedure $20,000 for giving him directions.
Are repair techs actually using your procedures for the repair of critical equipment (e.g.
If not, try using those procedures yourself in a mockup repair situation to see why.
The firm has updated four friction centers with a progressive manufacturing process that includes new equipment upgrades and a 30-point inspection procedure to ensure product quality.
Use of information and statistics, and understanding of the rules of procedure.
The procedure of this activity is fairly straightforward.
A Florida school district is investigating whether a teacher violated safety procedures after a student's hair was ripped out by a wood shop machine, reported.
There is a new groundbreaking procedure to help smooth away cellulite .
ELLE rates the top cosmetic dermatology procedures and how well they actually work.
Look beyond eye exams to this hidden hotspot for cosmetic, correctional, and reconstructive surgical skin and eye procedures.

In science:

Because the Stokes I and V profiles are influenced in similar ways by uncertainties in the procedure that we have used to recover the individual LSD profiles of the primary, the magnetic mode ling is only weakly sensitive to the details of the procedures described in Sect. 4 and Sect. 6.
Characterisation of the magnetic field of the Herbig Be star HD 200775
Formally, we can describe the DPLL procedure with and without backtracking with the two following procedures, in which F is the formula and H is the heuristic, i.e. a function which associates an index of a variable not yet assigned to a subformula.
Theoretical analysis of optimization problems - Some properties of random k-SAT and k-XORSAT
The heuristic search procedure of the previous Section can be easily turned into a complete procedure for finding solutions or proving that formulas are not satisfiable.
A review of the Statistical Mechanics approach to Random Optimization Problems
In our model the production specifies only the number of new symbols (proportional to the dimension of the development area), while the symbols themselves (the CET values) are generated through a fixed procedure (i.e. such procedure never changes and therefore does not need to be encoded in the genome).
Epigenetic Tracking, a Method to Generate Arbitrary Shapes By Using Evolutionary-Developmental Techniques
This procedure is cal led, respectively, lowering and raising procedure of tensorial indices.
Higher-Order Theories of Gravitation