prickly ash


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n prickly ash Australian tree having alternate simple leaves (when young they are pinnate with prickly toothed margins) and slender axillary spikes of white flowers
    • n prickly ash any of a number of trees or shrubs of the genus Zanthoxylum having spiny branches
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Prickly ash (Bot) Hercules'-club, also called the Angelica tree.
    • Prickly ash A prickly shrub (Xanthoxylum Americanum) with yellowish flowers appearing with the leaves; also called toothache tree. All parts of the plant are pungent and aromatic. The southern species is Xanthoxylum Carolinianum.
    • Prickly ash are shrubs of different families, somewhat resembling the true ashes in their foliage.
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In literature:

Young shoots of hazel and ash pricked up here and there from ivy-grown stumps, moss gleamed where it could, through the flood of primroses.
"Prisoners" by Mary Cholmondeley
He'd made himself a prickly shirt of sackcloth and had smeared his black head and brown face with gray ashes.
"IT and Other Stories" by Gouverneur Morris
Northern Prickly Ash, 73.
"Trees of the Northern United States" by Austin C. Apgar
What purpose do the spines on the prickly ash serve?
"Under the Maples" by John Burroughs
Hereabout also was to be found the prickly ash, a rather uncommon and graceful shrub.
"Toronto of Old" by Henry Scadding
"The Manual of the Botany of the Northern United States" by Asa Gray

In news:

Prickly Ash 's version of the flatbread sandwich, China's answer to the hamburger, is the only version I've had.
Before it is served, the dish is thickly dusted with ground huajiao (also known as Sichuan pepper), the fruit of a type of prickly ash tree that leaves a tingle on lips and tongue.