• WordNet 3.6
    • adj prevalent most frequent or common "prevailing winds"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In ancient Rome, lead poisoning was a prevalent disease amongst the wealthy because of their extensive use of lead. Many Roman women died because of lead poisoning caused by the use of make-up that contained lead
    • Prevalent Gaining advantage or superiority; having superior force, influence, or efficacy; prevailing; predominant; successful; victorious. "Brennus told the Roman embassadors, that prevalent arms were as good as any title."
    • Prevalent Most generally received or current; most widely adopted or practiced; also, generally or extensively existing; widespread; prevailing; as, a prevalent observance; prevalent disease. "This was the most received and prevalent opinion."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: There is a member of the spider family called the demodex folliculorum that lives at the root of people's eye lashes. It's harmless and normal.(so they claim) To look for them, grab a handful of your eyelashes and dunk them in warm water. They'll start swimming out. It is prevalent in nearly 100% of old people in the U.S.
    • prevalent Of such a character as to prevail; superior in power or might; controlling; ruling.
    • prevalent Influential; possessed of moral weight or authority.
    • prevalent Effective; efficacious; productive of results, particularly of results desired.
    • prevalent Wide-spread; current; of wide extent, occurrence, practice, or acceptance: as, a prevalent belief; a prevalent custom.
    • prevalent Synonyms and Prevalent, Prevailing, Predominant, Ruling. Ruling in this connection refers to moral ascendancy: as, a ruling fashion set by a reigning belle. Prevalent and prevailing are sometimes the same, and in two senses, that of exceeding in strength, as the prevalent (or prevailing) opinion was against action, and that of existing widely, as scarlet fever is a prevalent (or prevailing) distemper. The habitual is more likely to be expressed by prevalent; the present or actual, sometimes the temporary, by prevailing: as, the prevailing fashion. The words are weaker and less exact than ruling; predominant is the strongest of all. Predominant implies activity, and actual or figurative effort after leadership on the part of that which is predominated over: as, a predominant faction; a predominant opinion is one that seems to put down all others.
    • prevalent Common, Prevalent, etc. See common.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Hay fever is the sixth most prevalent chronic condition in the United States.
    • adj Prevalent prevailing: having great power: victorious: wide-spread: most common
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  • William James
    “The prevalent fear of poverty among the educated classes is the worst moral disease from which our civilization suffers.”
  • Henry David Thoreau
    “The broadest and most prevalent error requires the most disinterested virtue to sustain it.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. praevalens, -entis, p. pr. of praevalere,. See Prevail
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr. prévaloir—L. prævalērepræ, before, valēre, to be powerful.


In literature:

Other parts are too perfect for human nature, and savor strongly of that fanatical spirit so prevalent throughout the kingdom.
"The History of England in Three Volumes, Vol.I., Part E. From Charles I. to Cromwell" by David Hume
The prevalent social evils should receive severe rebuke from the private Christian and the public teacher.
"History of Rationalism Embracing a Survey of the Present State of Protestant Theology" by John F. Hurst
But these were not the prevalent opinions, in this country at least.
"James Fenimore Cooper" by Thomas R. Lounsbury
Thus the extremely individual ideas as regards the holding of land which are to-day so prevalent would then have been hardly understood.
"Mediaeval Socialism" by Bede Jarrett
The growing prevalence of these diseases indicates a falling-off in the vitality of the race.
"The Eugenic Marriage, Volume I. (of IV.)" by W. Grant Hague, M.D.
It is a deplorable fact that the prevalence of these diseases might have been prevented by proper instruction of young boys.
"Herself" by E. B. Lowry
He may be described as a high churchman of the type prevalent before the rise of the Tractarian school.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 4" by Various
The adoration, therefore, that was paid to the sun was the most prevalent of all the errors of superstition.
"The Mysteries of All Nations" by James Grant
It seems to be a generally prevalent opinion that the marriage ceremony removes all restraint from the exercise of the sexual functions.
"Plain Facts for Old and Young" by John Harvey Kellogg
The prevalence of the custom is due to the fact that most men will wait to be asked to pay a debt.
"The Handy Cyclopedia of Things Worth Knowing" by Joseph Triemens

In poetry:

"It makes me mad," stormed Hazembad,
"The prevalence of vermin."
"You've said it right," owned Gotabite,
"I'm lousy as a German."
"Troubles In The Trenches" by Abner Cosens
Why, fair one, would you not rely
On reason's force with beauty's join'd?
Could I their prevalence deny,
I must at once be deaf and blind.
"An Ode To A Lady. She Refusing To Continue A Dispute With Me, And Leaving Me In The Argument" by Matthew Prior
My fervent pray'rs ne'er did prevail,
Nor e'er of prevalency fail.
I wrestle till my strength be spent,
Yet yield when strong recruits are sent.
"The Believer's Riddle; or, the Mystery of Faith" by Ralph Erskine
Thy workmen here for shame have little cause:
Powerful through faith and prevalent in love,
Doubly they give the roving Indian laws,
Guide him for earth, and mould him for above.
"The Rose Of The Wilderness (Gathered In Crossing A Portage On The River Winnipeg)" by George Jehoshaphat Mountain
More prevalent was David's pray'r by far,
Th' enormous giant to o'ercome in war,
Than those smooth stones which from his scrip he took,
Though thro' his forehead one of them he strook.
"Advice To A Soldier" by Rees Prichard
Perhaps you have a turn for what
Is known as "misappropriation,"
Attractions this has doubtless got
For persons of a certain station,
But prevalent 'twill never be
Among the aristocracy.
"The Cat" by Harry Graham

In news:

Fun with food is prevalent in many a restaurant's menu offerings these days.
Yet some physicians question its value as the prevalence rate of the bacteria, closely linked to ulcers and stomach cancer, is declining in the United States.
Non?Hodgkins lymphoma (NHL) is more prevalent among women who began using hair dye prior to 1980, according to Yale researchers.
Prevalent mackerel species worldwide offer anglers passionate fights and some interesting video, too.
Each time I attend a real estate event, it becomes more and more prevalent that the mobile revolution is upon us and in full swing.
Harrell said mobile home s were very prevalent in the region and it could have happened to anyone.
In a town like New Orleans, where haunts are so prevalent that Halloween is termed the "second Mardi Gras," The Haunted Mortuary manages to stand out.
As our population ages, the prevalence of pelvic floor dysfunction continues to rise.
The latest estimates suggest HIV is less prevalent in India than was feared.
While the largest concentration of bald eagles is in Alaska, bald eagles can be found in every state except Hawaii with Florida, Wisconsin, Washington, Minnesota, Oregon, and Michigan all having a prevalent bald eagle population.
IPods are almost as prevalent in NBA locker rooms as basketball shoes and scouting reports.
Brain injuries always have been prevalent in war, but the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have shined light on a wound that has been in need of healing.
Despite being largely left behind by PEPFAR, Zimbabwe has still managed to reduce its HIV prevalence rate.
British police say they have investigated more than 80 witchcraft-based child abuse cases in the last decade and warned that the practice is "far more prevalent" than previously believed.
GAO reports on prevalence of Medicare fraud.

In science:

Fractal and multifractal dimensions of prevalent measures, Indiana Univ.
Dimension and measure for typical random fractals
Studies have shown that these instrument glitches follow a power law distribution in amplitude, with a greater prevalence of low amplitude glitches.
Gravitational Wave Astronomy: Needle in a Haystack
Investigating the prevalence of complex fiber configurations in white matter tissue with diffusion magnetic resonance imaging.
Local Water Diffusion Phenomenon Clustering From High Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging (HARDI)
We note that this phenomena will likely be as prevalent for ERNM models as for ERGM, and will have similar solutions.
Exponential-family Random Network Models
Note also that it is not clear if we can get generic (or prevalent) results (see for definitions), these would have to be formulated in the Hausdorff metric of the set of Cantor sets.
On the Complexity of some Geometrical Objects