• WordNet 3.6
    • adj presumptuous excessively forward "an assumptive person","on a subject like this it would be too assuming for me to decide","the duchess would not put up with presumptuous servants"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Presumptuous Done with hold design, rash confidence, or in violation of known duty; willful. "Keep back the servant also from presumptuous sins."
    • Presumptuous Founded on presumption; as, a presumptuous idea. "False, presumptuous hope."
    • Presumptuous Full of presumption; presuming; overconfident or venturesome; audacious; rash; taking liberties unduly; arrogant; insolent; as, a presumptuous commander; presumptuous conduct. "A class of presumptuous men, whom age has not made cautious, nor adversity wise."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • presumptuous Going beyond the limits of propriety or good sense in thought or conduct; exhibiting or marked by presumption; overbold; presuming; arrogant.
    • presumptuous Synonyms Forward, venturesome, foolhardy. Presumptive and presumptuous have no meanings in common. See arrogance.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Presumptuous prē-zump′tū-us full of presumption: going beyond the bounds of right or duty: bold and confident: founded on presumption: wilful
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. praesumptuosus,: cf. F. présomptueux, OF. also presumptuous,. See Presumption
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. præsumptuosus.


In literature:

For not presumptuously had they taken upon themselves the work of chastisement.
"The Prose Works of William Wordsworth" by William Wordsworth
It was a presumptuous speech indeed; but it burst from the well of his affections, and he could not help it.
"The Twins" by Martin Farquhar Tupper
As for discoveries in arts, it would be bold and presumptuous indeed to attempt to set any bounds to them.
"An Inquiry into the Permanent Causes of the Decline and Fall of Powerful and Wealthy Nations." by William Playfair
This presumptuous Absolver would make men careless about both.
"Sermons Preached at Brighton" by Frederick W. Robertson
And he shall pay me for his presumptuous interference, the villain!
"Marzio's Crucifix and Zoroaster" by F. Marion Crawford
The challenge of their shallow admiration seemed presumptuous, almost provocative.
"Four Weird Tales" by Algernon Blackwood
Nothing, nothing but my presumptuous self.
"The Vicissitudes of Bessie Fairfax" by Harriet Parr
I am not so presumptuous as to attempt to define exactly what this betterment work should consist of.
"Random Reminiscences of Men and Events" by John D. Rockefeller
She simply thought you a presumptuous stranger.
"The Colonel of the Red Huzzars" by John Reed Scott
The most presumptuous fellow I know.
"The Actress in High Life" by Sue Petigru Bowen

In poetry:

“Must we submit to their commands?”
Presumptuously they say;
“No, let us break Their slavish bands,
And cast Their chains away.”
"With restless and ungoverned rage" by Nahum Tate and Nicholas Brady
Think not, O man, that strong Temptation's hour,
For all thy might of mind, is past to thee;
Dream not, presumptuous, that thy state is free
From evil chance and change and Satan's power.
"Warning" by Martin Farquhar Tupper
Grant, gracious Lord, whene'er we stray
From Thee, thy Holy Spirit may
Incline us to repent.
Oh! keep us from presumptuous sin,
Let thy good Spirit dwell within,
And give us peace—content.
"Prayer" by Benjamin Cutler Clark
Eve. I have been blind to good,
Quick-sighted but to evil,
An enemy to Adam, A rebel to my God,
For daring to exalt me
To the high gates of heaven,
I fall presumptuous to the depths of hell.
"Adam: A Sacred Drama. Act 3." by William Cowper
Oh! Thou who deign'st to sympathise
With all our frail and fleshly ties,
Maker yet Brother dear,
Forgive the too presumptuous thought,
If, calming wayward grief, I sought
To gaze on Thee too near.
"The Annunciation Of The Blessed Virgin" by John Keble
All turn to sweet—but most of all
That bitterest to the lip of pride,
When hopes presumptuous fade and fall,
Or Friendship scorns us, duly tried,
Or Love, the flower that closes up for fear
When rude and selfish spirits breathe too near.
"Good Friday" by John Keble

In news:

Taylor Swift calls John Mayer ' presumptuous '.
Early-voting critic is presumptuous .
John Mayer ' presumptuous ' about song.
John Mayer's so ' presumptuous '.
John Mayer Is ' Presumptuous ' To Think 'Dear John' Is About Him.
Calls John Mayer " Presumptuous " About "Dear John".
John Mayer Is " Presumptuous " to Think "Dear John" Is About Him.
The scrumptious but not presumptuous Highway 75 Culinary Corridor.
Taylor Swift calls John Mayer ' presumptuous ' for 'Dear John' comments.
It may even be a subject on which I have written a few books, but somehow the presumptuously ignorant just know that I didn't really study that issue, because my conclusions don't agree with theirs or with what they have heard.
Presumptuous or Taken Out of Context.
Not to be presumptuous or anything, but if you think this decision through, you're gonna end up a Knick.
When thing go wrong, however, you might see terms like arrogant and presumptuous creeping into the narrative.
It is a bit presumptuous to lay claim to this basic recipe by placing my name on it, but I just finished making up a 10-pound batch and am feeling most pleased with myself.
That'd be Friday, when the Hornets travel to Memphis, beat the Grizzlies and improve to a franchise-best start of 8-2, and if that sounds a little presumptuous, then you obviously haven't been paying much attention.

In science:

While it would be presumptuous to compare those results with the current analysis, it does show that it is important to pay attention to the global conclusion that is forced upon us by the data.
Halo Mass Profiles and Low Surface Brightness Galaxies Rotation Curves
For instance, how sure are we that a specific tail is really a due to a major merger and is not a stellar stream from a disrupted satellite, despite what was presumptuously said in Sect. 2.1? Determining its color and metallically should give further hints, but is still very difficult.
What collisional debris can tell us about galaxies
While this may appear presumptuous, it naturally supports the common observation that star formation in Fornax has occurred in a sequence of discontinuous starbursts.
The Fornax dwarf galaxy as a remnant of recent dwarf-dwarf merging in the Local Group