• WordNet 3.6
    • n pratfall an embarrassing mistake
    • n pratfall a fall onto your buttocks
    • ***


In news:

California woman sues store after classic cartoon pratfall — slipping on a banana skin.
VIOLENCE The loggers are ogres and there are some pratfalls, but it would be hard to fault the film for violence.
Pratfall ' busts supercollider magnet.
Creating comedy for TV is a subject best tackled in a setting befitting of the pratfalls — and pain — of the genre.
Romantic Comedy With Pratfalls Directed by: P.J.
Alloy Orchestra scores some pratfalls at OK Mozart.
Straight man for America's pratfalls.
Kevin James is a pratfalling jackass coached by talking animals in the ways of love in Zookeeper , a comedy whose cliché-embracing stupidity borders on the surrealistic.
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney speaks during a campaign rally at Alice Pleasant Park in Craig, Colo. LAKEWOOD, COLO.—Mitt Romney is quickly becoming the Chevy Chase of Colorado politics: the pratfalls are piling up.
The day, once so promising, now seemed cursed by some double whammy of pratfalls.
Even as Moretti choreographs slapstick pratfalls and inter-Vatican volleyball tournaments, he's questioning precepts that are accepted by millions: infallibility, tradition and trust.
The dramedy's stars reveal more romance, music and pratfalls in the second season.
The law's implementation is turning into one pratfall after another.
They've made pratfalls and spit-takes their comedic bread and butter since the days of John Cleese's silly walks.
And not in a good way, unless pratfalls are your idea of high comedy.