• Power Grindstone
    Power Grindstone
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n powerfulness possession of controlling influence "the deterrent power of nuclear weapons","the power of his love saved her","his powerfulness was concealed by a gentle facade"
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Additional illustrations & photos:

Dog-powered churn, 1881 Dog-powered churn, 1881
Electrical power generator Electrical power generator
Third rail power system Third rail power system
9000 candle power arc lamp 9000 candle power arc lamp
Steam powered vessel Clermont Steam powered vessel Clermont

Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Larger Stingrays have the power to drive their stingers or tail-spines through the hulls of wooden boats
    • n powerfulness The character of being powerful; force; power; might; potency; efficacy.
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  • Benjamin Disraeli
    “Power has only one duty --to secure the social welfare of the People.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “Do the thing and you will have the power. But they that do not the thing, had not the power.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “Wherever there is power there is age.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    “There is no knowledge that is not power.”
  • Epictetus
    “Make the best use of what is in your power, and take the rest as it happens.”
  • Buckminster Fuller
    “Our power is in our ability to decide.”


Powers that be - The powers that be are the people who are in charge of something.


In literature:

And further that the very development of this power to do necessarily developed the power to appreciate.
"How to Teach" by George Drayton Strayer and Naomi Norsworthy
Spirit they possessed not, sense they had not, blood nor motive powers, nor goodly colour.
"The Elder Eddas of Saemund Sigfusson; and the Younger Eddas of Snorre Sturleson" by Saemund Sigfusson and Snorre Sturleson
He's the money power of Sweden.
"The Man in the Twilight" by Ridgwell Cullum
The first requirement is power, activity, and then this power can be directed to ever higher ends.
"The Whence and the Whither of Man" by John Mason Tyler
His burning look of power enveloped her like the reflection of the sun.
"The Brimming Cup" by Dorothy Canfield Fisher
Flanders, the centre of the Burgundian power, was specially hostile to its new governor.
"History of Holland" by George Edmundson
The power to veto acts of Congress is called the legislative power of the President.
"Elements of Civil Government" by Alexander L. Peterman
Knowest thou not that I have power to crucify thee, and have power to release thee?
"Sermons on Various Important Subjects" by Andrew Lee
Let us pass by the wars, and the consequences of them, which wasted Grecia-Magna, before the Roman power prevailed in that part of Italy.
"The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. I. (of 12)" by Edmund Burke
Her power to maintain Korean integrity would be the outward and visible sign of her ability to assert herself as a Pacific Power.
"Some Principles of Maritime Strategy" by Julian Stafford Corbett

In poetry:

Companionship to hold,
Yet feeling every hour,
A beauty fading from the earth,
Thought losing half its power."
"The Sinless Child Part 4" by Elizabeth Oakes Smith
Perhaps a new and careless eye
May not those beauties see,
And wonder to behold the power
Belinda has with me.
"Vignette - VI" by Matilda Betham
And my pooty little Prince
That's come our arts to cheer,
Let me my loyal powers ewince
A welcomin of you ere.
"Lines On A Late Hospicious Ewent," by William Makepeace Thackeray
O let Thy grace inspire
My soul with strength divine
My all my powers to Thee aspire,
And all my days be Thine.
"Grace, 'Tis a Charming Sound" by Augustus Montague Toplady
To wing his sure resistless dart
Where all its power is known,
And rule the undivided heart
Despotic and alone.
"Edwin and Eltruda, a Legendary Tale" by Helen Maria Williams
But why this chosen hour,
The hour of wonted rest,
To make the soul feel music's power ?
A pow'r by all confest.
"Enigma XXVIII." by Elizabeth Hitchener

In news:

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuela's military could end up being the decisive power broker in Sunday's presidential vote, especially if President Hugo Chavez stumbles in his fight to stay in power against the most formidable foe he's faced.
Venezuela's military could end up being the decisive power broker in Sunday's presidential vote, especially if President Hugo Chavez stumbles in his fight to stay in power against the most formidable foe he's faced.
More than a thousand cheering fans welcomed former President Bill Clinton to Fort Myers on Friday at a rally powered as much by Clinton's star power as by his Democratic message.
The power of cookies Bambara 's executive chef Nathan Powers has put a brighter spotlight on this downtown favorite.
Emergency generators powered the plant Sunday while workers tried to restore power.
Powerful Praise For A Powerful Truck.
When it launches this summer, he Samsung Captivate will be AT&T's most powerful Android phone, and its most powerful smartphone other than the iPhone.
An employee of Minnesota Power's Taconite Harbor Energy Center was injured Monday morning in an explosion at the coal-burning power plant.
Every windy day seems to bring power outages somewhere around the peninsula as dead spruce trees fall on power lines.
What happens when a nuclear power plant loses power.
The server that hosts NorthCountryNow.com lost a drive and the machine ended up power cycling as part of a larger power failure, said officials from Slic.com.
The Power PC meets the Power Rangers.
TOTAL RADIATED POWER (TRP) is an increasingly important performance parameter for power amplifiers (PAs) in Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) infrastructure equipment.
Tokyo Electric Power is putting remote controlled machinery to use at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
Power bills tend to go up during winter, but one Wilmington man cannot understand why his bill has tripled when he has essentially turned off his power.

In science:

I → ∞ because the power function tends to a step function dropping from power 1 to power 0 at eΓ.
An exact adaptive test with superior design sensitivity in an observational study of treatments for ovarian cancer
To calculate the signal power, Ps , from the measured power, and accounting for the distribution of powers from Poisson noise in the power spectrum, we used the algorithm described in the appendix of Vaughan et al. (1994).
Coherent oscillations and the evolution of the emission area in the decaying phase of radius-expansion bursts from 4U 1636-53
Therefore,we conclude InP (ape ) = Pk+l=d ckl xk y l = xdφ(y/x) is a pe -th power ⇐⇒ pe |d and φ(T ) is a pe -th power ( fape ) = exd−pe φ(ey + c) is a pe -th power.
Resolution of singularities of an idealistic filtration in dimension 3 after Benito-Villamayor
In Tables 4, 5, and 6, the inequality Power(SKS ) ≤ Power(ST ) ≤ Power(SB ) ≤ Power(SKL ) ≤ Power(SAG ) is satisfied in every case of scenarios (iii) and (iv).
Parametric and Nonparametric Tests for Speckled Imagery
For interaction B the power of the tests is compared on Figure 2, the power of modified test is much higher than the power of Tukey test.
Modification of Tukey's Additivity Test