• Three Positions of Hinges
    Three Positions of Hinges
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v position put into a certain place or abstract location "Put your things here","Set the tray down","Set the dogs on the scent of the missing children","Place emphasis on a certain point"
    • v position cause to be in an appropriate place, state, or relation
    • n position the act of positing; an assumption taken as a postulate or axiom
    • n position a job in an organization "he occupied a post in the treasury"
    • n position the post or function properly or customarily occupied or served by another "can you go in my stead?","took his place","in lieu of"
    • n position (in team sports) the role assigned to an individual player "what position does he play?"
    • n position the act of putting something in a certain place
    • n position the spatial property of a place where or way in which something is situated "the position of the hands on the clock","he specified the spatial relations of every piece of furniture on the stage"
    • n position the arrangement of the body and its limbs "he assumed an attitude of surrender"
    • n position a rationalized mental attitude
    • n position a way of regarding situations or topics etc. "consider what follows from the positivist view"
    • n position an item on a list or in a sequence "in the second place","moved from third to fifth position"
    • n position an opinion that is held in opposition to another in an argument or dispute "there are two sides to every question"
    • n position the particular portion of space occupied by something "he put the lamp back in its place"
    • n position the appropriate or customary location "the cars were in position"
    • n position a point occupied by troops for tactical reasons
    • n position a condition or position in which you find yourself "the unpleasant situation (or position) of having to choose between two evils","found herself in a very fortunate situation"
    • n position the relative position or standing of things or especially persons in a society "he had the status of a minor","the novel attained the status of a classic","atheists do not enjoy a favorable position in American life"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Nerve impulses for muscle position travel at a speed of up to 390 feet per second
    • Position (Arith) A method of solving a problem by one or two suppositions; -- called also the rule of trial and error.
    • Position Hence: The ground which any one takes in an argument or controversy; the point of view from which any one proceeds to a discussion; also, a principle laid down as the basis of reasoning; a proposition; a thesis; as, to define one's position; to appear in a false position. "Let not the proof of any position depend on the positions that follow, but always on those which go before."
    • Position Relative place or standing; social or official rank; as, a person of position ; hence, office; post; as, to lose one's position .
    • Position The spot where a person or thing is placed or takes a place; site; place; station; situation; as, the position of man in creation; the fleet changed its position.
    • Position The state of being posited, or placed; the manner in which anything is placed; attitude; condition; as, a firm, an inclined, or an upright position . "We have different prospects of the same thing, according to our different positions to it."
    • v. t Position To indicate the position of; to place.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: There is a muppet named Kami that appears on the South African version of the T.V. show "Sesame Street" that is HIV-positive
    • n position The aggregate of spatial relations of a body or figure, considered as rigid, to other such bodies or figures; the definition of the place of a thing; situation.
    • n position Hence Status or standing; social rank or condition: as, social position; a man of position.
    • n position The act of positing or asserting; also, the assertion itself; affirmation; principle laid down.
    • n position A place occupied or to be occupied. Milit., the ground occupied by a body of troops preparatory to making or receiving an attack.
    • n position Posture or manner of standing, sitting, or lying; attitude: as, an uneasy position.
    • n position Place; proper or appropriate place: as, his lance was in position; specifically (military), the proper place to make or receive an attack.
    • n position In arithmetic, the act of assuming an approximate value for an unknown quantity, and thence determining that quantity by means of the data of a given question. A value of the unknown quantity is posited or assumed, and then, by means of the given connection between the unknown and a known quantity, from the assumed value of the unknown a value of the known is calculated. A new value of the unknown is then assumed, so as to make the error less. In the rule of simple position, only one assumption is made at the outset, and this is corrected by the rule of three. In the far superior rule of double position, two values are assumed, and the corrected value of the unknown is ascertained by the solution of a linear equation. Also called the rule of supposition, rule of false, and rule of trial and error.
    • n position In logic, the laying down of a proposition, generally an arbitrary supposition; also, the proposition itself. Thus, in the school disputations, the opponent would say: “Pono that a man says that he is lying.” Then this act, as well as the proposition so advanced, is a position.
    • n position In ancient prosody, the situation of a vowel before two or more consonants or a double consonant, tending to retard utterance and consequently to lengthen the syllable; such combination of consonants, or the prosodic effect produced by it. A short vowel so situated is said to be in position, the syllable to be long by position, and the consonants to make position. A mute with succeeding liquid does not always make position, and the situation of a short vowel before such a combination, or the combination itself, is known as weak position.
    • n position In obstetrics, the relation between the body of the fetus and the pelvis of the mother in any given presentation. There are in vertex presentations four positions, named according to the direction of the occiput, which the fetal head may occupy: first or left occipitocotyloid position, in which the occiput points to the left foramen ovale—the most frequent position; second or right occipitocotyloid position, in which the occiput points to the right foramen ovale; third or right sacro-iliac position, in which the occiput points to the right sacro-iliac synchondrosis; fourth or left occipito-sacroiliac position, in which the occiput points to the left sacroiliac synchondrosis. See presentation, 6.
    • n position Thesis, assertion, doctrine.
    • n position Attitude, Pose, etc. See posture.
    • position To place with relation to other objects; set in a definite place.
    • n position Specifically, in archery, the attitude or standing of an archer in the act of shooting.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Eight positions are mentioned in Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First?" routine. Only right field was left out.
    • n Position po-zish′un place, situation: attitude: a place taken or to be taken by troops: state of affairs: the ground taken in argument or in a dispute: principle laid down: place in society: method of finding the value of an unknown quantity by assuming one or more values (single, when one is assumed; double, when two)
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  • Edward Dahlberg
    “There is hardly a man on earth who will take advice unless he is certain that it is positively bad.”
  • Diamanda Galas
    Diamanda Galas
    “We are all HIV-positive.”
  • Zina Garrison
    Zina Garrison
    “A positive attitude can really make dreams come true -- it did for me.”
  • Ernest Renan
    “To be free in an age like ours, one must be in a position of authority. That in itself would be enough to make me ambitious.”
  • Lech Walesa
    Lech Walesa
    “The thing that lies at the foundation of positive change, the way I se it, is service to a fellow human being.”
  • Joe Falcon
    Joe Falcon
    “You must sacrifice, train, do everything possible to put yourself in a position to win. But if you consider second or third a failure, I feel sorry for you.”


Jockey for position - If a number of people want the same opportunity and are struggling to emerge as the most likely candidate, they are jockeying for position.
Pole position - If you're in pole position, you're in the best position to win or achieve something.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. position, L. positio, fr. ponere, positum, to put, place; prob. for posino, fr. an old preposition used only in comp. (akin to Gr. ) + sinere, to leave, let, permit, place. See Site, and cf. Composite Compound (v.) Depone Deposit Expound Impostor Opposite Propound Pose (v.) Posit Post (n.)
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—L.—ponĕre, positum, to place.


In literature:

But anyhow the position, not to say her position, had every element of excitement.
"Tristram of Blent" by Anthony Hope
But he did not realize the full responsibility of his position.
"Pushing to the Front" by Orison Swett Marden
Bring arms to position 2 and extend them forwards, return to position 2 and position 1.
"Papers on Health" by John Kirk
We remained gazing at this strong position till nightfall, and then recrossed the river, and made our position strong for defense.
"Three Years in the Sixth Corps" by George T. Stevens
The Confederates kept their position masked, made no reply.
"The Long Roll" by Mary Johnston
This Brigade and ours therefore manoeuvred to the right for position.
"With a Highland Regiment in Mesopotamia" by Anonymous
The boats had already been swung out, and some of the men had taken up positions in them ready for the order to lower away.
"New York Times Current History; The European War, Vol 2, No. 5, August, 1915" by Various
But positiveness and the fate of every positive statement.
"The Book of the Damned" by Charles Fort
While our position at Vistavka was practically without protection, this position here was even worse.
"The History of the American Expedition Fighting the Bolsheviki" by Joel R. Moore
Seeing the position in which you stand there is no knowing what may come of such an interview as this.
"Orley Farm" by Anthony Trollope

In poetry:

Yet all the while his little soul
Within what he denied did live,--
Poor part, how could he know the whole?
And yet he was so positive!
"The Animalcule On Man" by Richard Le Gallienne
Your social position is open to doubt,
While the badge of my own I wear,"
And Puss with a ribbon at Puss without
Looked straight with a stony stare.
"Social Inequality" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
An it's sad when yo see some at stand
High in social position an power,
To know at ther fortuns wor plann'd,
An built, aght oth' wrecks o' those lower.
"Ther's Much Expected" by John Hartley
O man with a Position, prithee tell,
How is't you mould your sal'ried life so well;
Holding in lofty scorn that lowly mob
Of "Blokes" who earn mere "wages" at a "job".
"Suburbia - A Yearn" by C J Dennis
Boanerges Blitzen, servant of the Queen,
Is a dismal failure — is a Might-have-been.
In a luckless moment he discovered men
Rise to high position through a ready pen.
"The Man Who Could Write" by Rudyard Kipling
And they carried the position without delay,
And the Chinese rebels soon gave way,
Because God was with him during the day,
And with those that trust Him for ever and aye.
"General Gordon, the Hero of Khartoum" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

His career in finance and controlling led him through various management positions within the Shell group.
ANA Endorsed Position Statement from the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing - 2012.
It is the position of the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing that.
Go to the search page on the College Football Hall of Fame's Web site and choose inductees by position.
That is the strange position in which Mikhail Sebastian finds himself.
Syrian rebels react from their position in Tel Abyad, Syria, Friday, Oct 5, 2012.
Baltimore Orioles shortstop Ryan Adams has been suspended for the first 25 games of next season after testing positive for a banned amphetamine .
NEW YORK — Baltimore Orioles second baseman Ryan Adams was suspended Friday for the first 25 games of next season after testing positive for a banned amphetamine .
Orioles minor league infielder Ryan Adams has received a 25-game suspension after testing positive for an Amphetamine in violation of Major League Baseball's joint drug prevention and treatment program, MLB announced Friday.
Not only are women in positions of influence continuously attacked with sexist remarks, but our voices are disproportionately excluded from crucial public discourse.
Positive results of a study involving Amylin 's long-acting release (LAR) version of Byetta (exenatide) were the highlight of the company's R&D day in.
From my vantage point, they were positioned behind Dominion Virginia Power's transmission line.
I am always impressed how adept the news media (on both sides of the aisle) is at distorting the truth to make the point that supports their position, or in this case, covers up the truth when it hurts their position.
As the team's last homestand unwinds, here's a position -by- position breakdown of who is likely to be back, and who will be elsewhere, in 2013.
Eagles position by position By Tom Rimback Staff writer PhillyBurbs.com.

In science:

Now, in the definition of tensors, any index is characterized by two features: its upper or lower position and its “horizontal” position, that is its position in the row of columns.
Higher-Order Theories of Gravitation
The space of positive definite smooth sections of S 2T ∗ is what we call M. i.e. M = Γ∞ + (S 2T ∗ ), it is a positive open cone over the vector space S 2T ∗ (meaning that adding two metrics with positive coefficients is still a metric).
Gauge Theory in Riem(M)
Since an element in G is positive if and only if it is positive in the quotient GF , it is clear that γ1 is positive.
The Range of a Class of Classifiable Separable Simple Amenable C*-Algebras
Next, we added unmodeled systematic errors to the simulated positions, such that the mean “observed” position at a given epoch differed from the “true” position and the observation uncertainties understated the effective simulated errors.
Precision Astrometry with the Very Long Baseline Array: Parallaxes and Proper Motions for 14 Pulsars
Recall that a linear map Φ : Md (C) → Md (C) is called k-positive if the extended map Φ ⊗ Ik : Md (C ) ⊗ Mk (C) → Md (C ) ⊗ Mk (C) is positive. Φ is called completely positive if it is k-positive for all k > 1 (in fact k = d suffices) and trace preserving if Tr[Φ(X )] = Tr[X ] for all X ∈ Md (C).
Random repeated quantum interactions and random invariant states