• WordNet 3.6
    • n pone cornbread often made without milk or eggs and baked or fried (southern)
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Pone pōn A kind of johnnycake.
    • Pone An obsolete writ to enforce appearance in court by attaching goods or requiring securities.
    • Pone An original writ, now superseded by the writ of certiorari, for removing a case from an inferior court into the Court of Exchequer.
    • Pone (Card Playing) The player who cuts the cards, being usually the player on the dealer's right.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n pone Cornbread; in the southwestern United States, any bread made of Indian corn, especially coarse kinds used by the negroes and poorer whites, commonly called corn-pone; also, finer bread, made with milk and eggs, in flat cakes about an inch thick, very light and delicate. See johnny-cake, hoe-cake.
    • n pone A loaf or cake of such bread.
    • n pone In old English law: A writ whereby an action depending in an inferior court might be removed into the Court of Common Pleas.
    • n pone A writ whereby the sheriff was commanded to take security of a person for his appearance upon an assigned day.
    • n pone In the game of vingt-et-un, the player to the left of the dealer; the eldest hand.
    • n pone In English and American card games, as bridge, the player who sits at the right of the dealer. See bridge.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Pone pōn (U.S.) bread made from Indian corn.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. pone, imper. of ponere, to place


In literature:

I's got de fried chicken an' corn pone all ready fo' yo'all.
"The Outdoor Girls in Florida" by Laura Lee Hope
And we had lasses pone corn bread and them good old tater biscuits.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves" by Work Projects Administration
The flitch gave out last night, and we had nothin' but corn pone, buttermilk and potatoes.
"Watch Yourself Go By" by Al. G. Field
We'd put salt in de meal and scald it wid boiling water and make it into pones and bake it.
"Slave Narratives, Oklahoma" by Various
Over coals meat was baked and meal in pones was wrapped in poplar leaves to bake in de ashes.
"Slave Narratives Vol. XIV. South Carolina, Part 2" by Works Projects Administration
I had a pone of cornbread and a Mr. Rat in my file had a piece of bacon.
"The Long Roll" by Mary Johnston
Ross fell asleep with an unfinished piece of corn-pone in his hand, and Anton's head was nodding.
"The Boy with the U. S. Weather Men" by Francis William Rolt-Wheeler
Pones were the red men's appones.
"Home Life in Colonial Days" by Alice Morse Earle
Pone: behind (the middle).
"Explanation of Terms Used in Entomology" by John. B. Smith
The petty towns are Sandeck, Bowengun, Patasan, Pone, and Milawi.
"The Expedition to Borneo of H.M.S. Dido" by Henry Keppel
The women cooked up a lot of corn pone for 'em and coffee too.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States" by Various
Placing a "pone" of corn-bread, and some salt alongside, he sits down; though not yet to commence eating.
"The Death Shot" by Mayne Reid
It was Christmas morning, and Drew chewed on a crust of corn pone, old and rock-hard.
"Ride Proud, Rebel!" by Andre Alice Norton
When baked in a kettle covered with a heated lid, if in one large cake, it was called a Pone or loaf.
"Daniel Boone" by John S. C. Abbott
And surely no other could pine as I lately have pone.
"The Book of Humorous Verse" by Various
Without delay I hied me to the kitchen, and begged a cold sausage and a pone of corn-bread from Aunt 'Ritta.
"When Grandmamma Was New" by Marion Harland
His entire outfit was the clothes on his back and a haversack accurately shaped to hold one half pone of corn bread.
"Detailed Minutiae of Soldier life in the Army of Northern Virginia, 1861-1865" by Carlton McCarthy
Judith brought hot coffee and corn pone for him.
"Judith of the Cumberlands" by Alice MacGowan
The one rejected is added to the stock in the hands of the pone.
"Round Games with Cards" by W. H. Peel
On many of those long, cold days, for all day, we had only a "pone" of corn bread.
"Tuskegee & Its People: Their Ideals and Achievements" by Various

In poetry:

O, hits time fur de eatin' ur de co'n,
Mammy, bake us ur co'n pone brown — ("Good, good," de chillen cry,)
Draw up yo' chyuh an des sot down — ("Good, good," de chillen cry,)
O, hits time fur de eatin' ur de co'n.
"Song Of The Corn" by James Edwin Campbell
O, hits time fur de eatin' ur de co'n,
Wid ham an' aigs an' coffee strong — ("Good, good," de chillen cry,)
Dat big co'n pone hit woan' las' long — ("Good, good," de chillen cry,)
O, hits time fur de eatin' ur de co'n.
"Song Of The Corn" by James Edwin Campbell

In news:

Corn pone is a Southern cornbread cooked in a round skillet or pan.
Tennessee corn pone baked with black beans and cheddar cheese makes a hearty and simple meal.
Or one of your friends might ask you to "pre-pone" your dinner plans or accuse you of "Eve-teasing.
Hatching success and emergence rate projections of leatherback nests in 100 years of climate change: Pilar Santidrián Tomillo, et al PLoS ONE DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0037602.
"You tell me whar a man gits his corn pone, en I'll tell you what his 'pinions is.".
MTV's Johnny Bananas has a pone to pick with Entourage .
Cincinnat's Pones Inc performed their piece Rub, Dredge, Fry ( Repeat ) at Museum Gallery/Gallery Museum's Deep Fried Freedom Festival exhibition Friday, July 24, 2010.
I am hardly surprised at Tom Furlong's endorsement of the "Kern-pone logic" that the July 6 issue thankfully lacked.

In science:

There are 2n2 different rectangles of given dimensions, therefore the probability that there will be at least one bad rectangle of given dimensions can be upper-bounded using union bound by: pall recs ≤ 2n2 · pone rec .
Dynamic monopolies with randomized starting configuration
The probability that the fixed line of length L is non-S p -line is pone line = qL ∼ e−pL = e−c·l2 .
Dynamic monopolies with randomized starting configuration
I-map of some probability model Pone must merely of Gk using properties that hold in every E-dag, and test that Br t;;;; M(P) using at most n2 membership (11 must be in M(G).
On Testing Whether an Embedded Bayesian Network Represents a Probability Model
We now invoke the following lemma whose proof is post poned to the next section.
On the time schedule of Brownian Flights
The proof of this lemma is also post poned to the next section.
On the time schedule of Brownian Flights