• WordNet 3.6
    • n pointer a strong slender smooth-haired dog of Spanish origin having a white coat with brown or black patches; scents out and points to game
    • n pointer (computer science) indicator consisting of a movable spot of light (an icon) on a visual display; moving it allows the user to point to commands or screen positions
    • n pointer an indicator as on a dial
    • n pointer a mark to indicate a direction or relation
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Next time you start a riot in Wisconsin remember that it is illegal to use a laser pointer to do so.
    • n Pointer (Zoöl) One who, or that which, points.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n pointer One who or that which points. Specifically— One of the hands of a clock or watch; the index-hand of a circular barometer, anemometer, or the like.
    • n pointer plural With the definite article, the two stars of the constellation Ursa Major which guide the eye of the observer to the pole-star.
    • n pointer A light pole with a black ball on the end of it, used at the masthead of a whaler when the boats are down.
    • n pointer Nautical, one of the pieces of timber fixed fore-and-aft, and diagonally inside of a vessel's run or quarter, to connect the stern-frame with the after-body. See counter,4. Also called snake-piece.
    • n pointer A pointed tool; especially, one used for cutting, graving, boring, and the like: a term common to many trades: as, a stone-cutters' pointer; a silversmiths' pointer.
    • n pointer A tool used by bricklayers for clearing out the old mortar in pointing brickwork.
    • n pointer The lever of a railroad-switch.
    • n pointer In printing, the workman who adjusts sheets by means of the point-holes on a press.
    • n pointer A hint; an indication; a point; an item of information which may be used with advantage: as, pointers in a race or a game.
    • n pointer See the extract and silker.
    • n pointer Same as gun-pointer.
    • n pointer One of a pair of bullocks yoked ahead of the pole-bullocks. See the extract.
    • n pointer In surveying, particularly hydrographic surveying, a plotting-instrument comprising a graduated circle with three projecting radial arms capable of being set at given angular distances apart: used for the purpose of determining on a map the unknown position of a point or station by the three-point problem.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Pointer that which points: a dog trained to point out game
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr.,—L. punctumpungĕre, to prick.


In literature:

West Pointers were the exception, not the rule, in the line of the army for years after the war.
"A Wounded Name" by Charles King
General A. McDowell McCook was a West Pointer who won his major generalship by his gallantry at Shiloh.
"Stories Of Ohio 1897" by William Dean Howells
I stopped like a pointer.
"Dick Onslow" by W.H.G. Kingston
Bronko Jim gave me a few pointers and told me to look out for the horse was especially bad on pitching.
"The Life and Adventures of Nat Love" by Nat Love
Her attitude was tense, as that of a pointer dog who suddenly senses a trail.
"Mary Louise and the Liberty Girls" by Edith Van Dyne (AKA L. Frank Baum)
If we look at a pointer, the first remark which naturally arises, is that he is a large, indolent hound.
"Anecdotes of the Habits and Instinct of Animals" by R. Lee
Get someone who knows something about it to give you pointers on running.
"The Grammar School Boys of Gridley" by H. Irving Hancock
Davidson was at last found dead on the hills, with his faithful pointer standing over him.
"Cattle and Cattle-breeders" by William M'Combie
The pointer should be passed from note to note in such a manner that the eye can easily follow it.
"The Child-Voice in Singing" by Francis E. Howard
There was the master with his pointer resting upon the Dogger Bank on the map of Europe.
"Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 150, January 5, 1916" by Various

In poetry:

His form was of exuberant mold,
Long, slim, and loose of joints;
There never yet was pointer-dog
So full as he of points.
"The Ballad Of The Taylor Pup" by Eugene Field
'We quarrelled like brutes, and who wonders?
What self-respect could we keep,
Worse housed than your hacks and your pointers,
Worse fed than your hogs and your sheep?
"The Bad Squire" by Charles Kingsley
'There's blood on your new foreign shrubs, squire,
There's blood on your pointer's feet;
There's blood on the game you sell, squire,
And there's blood on the game you eat.
"The Bad Squire" by Charles Kingsley
"When from the hearth she bade the pointers go,
How soft, how easy, did her accents flow!
'Get out,' she cried: 'when strangers come to sup,
One ne'er can raise those snoring devils up.'
"Colemira. A Culinary Eclogue" by William Shenstone

In news:

Just put your pointer at the top and unzip.
Trapani had three of his team's 13 3-pointers.
After struggling in Creighton's first few games, Jahenns Manigat knocked down 3 of 6 3-pointers while in Las Vegas.
Kretzer hits two 3-pointers for Zips.
Akron freshman Jake Kretzer hit a pair of big overtime 3-pointers to help lift the Zips to an 82-77 victory over Middle Tennessee State Sunday afternoon in Rhodes Arena.
Travis Bader scored 27 points, including six 3-pointers, to lead Oakland to a 96-62 victory over Albion on Friday in the season opener for both teams.
Demaryius Thomas benefiting from Peyton Manning's pointers and pinpoint passes alike .
Raymond Felton sank six of New York's 18 3- pointers en route to 27 points.
Missouri's Laurence Bowers knocks down a three-pointer during the Tigers' 72-56 win over Appalachian State.
Avery Bradley's string of 3-pointers lifts Celitcs to win vs Nets.
It was a 3-pointer, all right, forcing overtime.
Eagles connect on 16 3-pointers in 77-51 win over Lake Stevens.
Butler, the Mavericks' leading scorer, hit his first five shots, including two 3-pointers for 11 early points.
Colorado assistant women's basketball coach Johnna Pointer has resigned effective immediately to return to a position in Texas.
Raymond Felton scored a season-high 27 points, and the Knicks connected on 18 3-pointers to more than offset the absence of Carmelo Anthony.

In science:

F d αi for which we cannot claim that “the pointer is in D”, even if the initial state of the system was |di.
A General Argument Against the Universal Validity of the Superposition Principle
An algebraic formalism for quantum decoherence in systems with continuous evolution spectrum is introduced. A certain subalgebra, dense in the characteristic algebra of the system, is defined in such a way that Riemann-Lebesgue theorem can be used to explain decoherence in a well defined final pointer basis.
An Algebraic Formulation of Quantum Decoherence
Namely, we have presented an easy approach to explain decoherence in a well defined final pointer basis, for quantum systems with continuous evolution spectrum using a functional method based in an idea of van Hove (1 ).
An Algebraic Formulation of Quantum Decoherence
The pointer to the previous Point is set as well.
AMEGIC++ 1.0, A Matrix Element Generator In C++
Depending on the Flavour type of this particle, two pointers will be set.
AMEGIC++ 1.0, A Matrix Element Generator In C++