picture plane


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n picture plane the plane that is in the foreground of a drawing or painting; coextensive with but different from the objective surface of the work
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In literature:

Presently photographing planes would fly overhead, taking overlapping pictures from thirty thousand feet.
"Operation Terror" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
This point of distance becomes then the measuring point for all horizontals at right angles to the picture plane.
"The Theory and Practice of Perspective" by George Adolphus Storey
I think we can draw a pretty good picture of his plane from scientific logic.
"The Black Star Passes" by John W Campbell
The narrative is lucidly told, the picture well put together, and the successive planes of distance are duly marked.
"Overbeck" by J. Beavington Atkinson
Here there is no peep-hole, no frame or picture-plane.
"More Science From an Easy Chair" by Sir E. Ray (Edwin Ray) Lankester
The planes pictured in figures 21, 22, and 23 are similar to the type brought to North America by non-English colonists.
"Woodworking Tools 1600-1900" by Peter C. Welsh
All the horizontal lines in the plane of the picture are drawn parallel.
"Notes and Queries, Number 231, April 1, 1854" by Various
I was too busy flying the plane and taking pictures.
"Smugglers' Reef" by John Blaine
The nose of the pictured plane tilted over, diving down for the surface of the sea.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science April 1930" by Various
One of our scout 'planes wanted to take some pictures near Verdun, and I was asked to protect it.
"An Aviator's Field Book" by Oswald Bölcke
At the same time the photographers in the other planes were making pictures of the guns and their location.
"Air Service Boys Over The Rhine" by Charles Amory Beach
Pictures of the planes coming in at night, especially, thrilled Jane.
"Jane Stewardess of the Air Lines" by Ruthe S. Wheeler
Anne Lindbergh helped pilot the plane, and take pictures, too.
"Famous Flyers" by J. J. Grayson
When the plane form prevails, we say that the window is rectangular, the picture frame oval, this table square, etc.
"The Montessori Method" by Maria Montessori

In news:

The shielding of these cables is carried out with a ground plane grounded on the connector, thus assuring a constant impedance of 100 Ohm for a very stable picture transmission.
The wake up, the drive, the bus, the plane, the hotel, the bus and some pictures.
Former members of Uruguay's rugby team who survived a 1972 plane crash in the Chilean Andes hold a moment of silence after the unveiling a plaque with pictures of family members and friends who died in the crash.
They hugged and kissed the cast members who had just arrived and took their own pictures of the media pack, the waving crowds and the plane with their faces plastered on the fuselage.
The Festival of Trees joins vintage planes at Pearson Air Museum where visitors will be able to have pictures taken with Santa and participate in a scavenger hunt among other events today and Sunday.
Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov Mitt Romney poses for a picture with members of the California Highway Patrol before he boards his campaign plane in San Diego, Saturday, Sept 22, 2012.
Mexican-American singer and reality TV star Jenni Rivera, pictured in March, was killed in a plane crash Sunday in Mexico.
Undated file picture of Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera, who died in a plane crash on December 9, 2012 close to Iturbide, Nuevo Leon state, Mexico.
A 12-year-old girl who witnessed one of the planes hitting the World Trade Center still sees it as a vivid picture.
Salvaged products include weathered (pictured) and skip planed.
Salvaged products include weathered and skip planed (pictured).
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez blows a goodbye kiss prior to boarding his plane at Simon Bolivar International Airport in Maiquetia, Venezuela, Dec 10, 2012, in this picture released by Miraflores Press Office.
This picture was posted by an airline passenger who says the weather was so hot at Reagan airport in DC that the landing gear on this US Airways plane sunk about four inches into the asphalt.

In science:

The single curve C corresponds to four curves in the affine plane, as indicated in the picture right.
Curvature Functionals for Curves in the Equi-Affine Plane
A simple inside-out collapse picture for a core is consistent with much of the data on sizes and masses, but no model with uniform accretion reproduces the distribution of YSOs in the Tbol -Lbol plane.
Low-mass Star Formation: Observations
For a complete picture we also represent the multi-modal diffusion in the (α, β ) plane in Figure 3e, where variation is appreciable in both the α and β axes, and on the sphere (Figure 3f ).
Nonparametric tests of structure for high angular resolution diffusion imaging in Q-space
Note that the picture in this theorem is similar to some extent to the one for the desingularization theorem in : In the vicinity of a point p ∈ Li we have approximately coaxial catenoidal bridges and (if Σ is included in W ) an approximate plane through the waist.
Doubling and Desingularization Constructions for Minimal Surfaces
This provides a unique realization of the simple theoretical picture of a discrete level in strong interaction with a photonic continuum in experimental situations where the in plane wavevector is fixed to zero by the geometry.
Dispersion and damping of multi-quantum well polaritons from resonant Brillouin scattering by folded acoustic modes
The picture outlined in the previous paragraph undergoes a profound change when the distance z to the observation plane becomes smaller than z ∗ - the so-called deep Fresnel zone [19, 20, 21, 22].
Cold atoms in the presence of disorder
Surveys of H I from both northern (Taylor et al. 2003) and southern (McClure-Griffiths et al. 2005) hemispheres, along with a finer resolution survey of parts of the Galactic Plane (Stil et al. 2006) have given a much clearer picture of the atomic gas in the MW (for a review of H I surveys, see Kalberla & Kerp 2009).
Star Formation in the Milky Way and Nearby Galaxies
To see the real picture of stable area one should set at least 2 non-zero coordinates. Although each particle has 4 coordinates (x, x’, y, y’), there is coupling between them. In Figure 5 one can see particle’s trajectory in y-y’ phase plane.
Stability of non-linear integrable accelerator
The similar picture can be build for x-x’ plane.
Stability of non-linear integrable accelerator
This paper addresses two questions: (1) under what scale can we observe a clear picture of them? and (2) under the correct scale, what can we see? For the Ginibre ensemble where the eigenvalues lie on the two dimensional complex plane, the correct scale of the minimum gap is O(n−3/4 ).
Smallest Gaps Between Eigenvalues of Random Matrices With Complex Ginibre, Wishart and Universal Unitary Ensembles
Picturing A\B and B\A as subsets of the plane as in the preceding paragraph, we see that these events correspond to two triangles, where the triangle corresponding to A\B is larger than or equal (in Lebesgue measure) to that corresponding to B\A.
Testing in the Presence of Nuisance Parameters: Some Comments on Tests Post-Model-Selection and Random Critical Values
The unit vector ˆm0 is directed from the plane of the picture (the ˆ − ˆz plane) towards the reader.
Spin Dynamics of a Fermi Liquid in an Electric Field
This does not, of course, represent a point-like particle picture, because A† (K ) creates a particle in the plane-wave state.
Statistics of the Composite Systems and Anyons in the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect
On the left: The galactic plane flux of protons with E = 64 MeV, 8.2GeV and 1 T eV, as indicated above the respective picture.
Cosmic ray propagation and acceleration
However, when we look at the constraints in the ΩM —ΩΛ plane coming from the CMB, the observation of large-scale structure (LSS) and type Ia supernovae (SN Ia) an interesting picture emerges (see Figure 4).
High precision cosmology