pick off


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v pick off pull or pull out sharply "pluck the flowers off the bush"
    • v pick off shoot one by one
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Pick off to aim at and kill or wound, as with a rifle
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  • Walter Gropius
    Walter Gropius
    “If your contribution has been vital there will always be somebody to pick up where you left off, and that will be your claim to immortality.”
  • Winston Churchill
    “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Celt., as Gael. pioc, to pick, W. pigo; cf. Pike.


In literature:

You have only to scrape the minutest point off with a needle or tooth pick to find an abundance by examination.
"Scientific American Supplement, No. 385, May 19, 1883" by Various
Two hundred pounds a year are not to be picked off the roadside every June morning.
"Micah Clarke" by Arthur Conan Doyle
If you carry a sword the snipers know you are an officer, and they try to pick you off.
"Echoes of the War" by J. M. Barrie
Take a hundred and fifty fine large oysters, and pick off carefully the bits of shell that may be sticking to them.
"Directions for Cookery, in its Various Branches" by Eliza Leslie
We don't want to be picked off by sharpshooters.
"The Rock of Chickamauga" by Joseph A. Altsheler
After luffing to pick him up, the brigantine had been again pulled off on the port tack.
"The Black Bag" by Louis Joseph Vance
She can fire a gun and pick off a State Senator as well as any man in all the South.
"Punchinello, Vol. 1, No. 14, July 2, 1870" by Various
Well, the boy runs his eye over the bunch, and then picks the pinto right off.
"Way of the Lawless" by Max Brand
I picked up my hat and walked off.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 1, Issue 2, December, 1857" by Various
We picked off (censored) of them and they went plunging down in flames.
"America's War for Humanity" by Thomas Herbert Russell
A splinter off that pick-handle, stuck two inches under his skull, in his brain!
"The Desert of Wheat" by Zane Grey
During the night, poor foolish Dick had picked off the splints from his leg, and now it was as bad as ever.
"Beautiful Joe" by by Marshall Saunders
I shall have to keep to it till I'm picked up in some corner and carried off to die at a hospital.
"Fruitfulness Fecondite" by Emile Zola
All that long forenoon Fernando Stevens remained behind the works occasionally picking off a gunner at long range.
"Sustained honor" by John R. Musick,
As regularly as the solstice they alternated in picking each other off.
"Tutt and Mr. Tutt" by Arthur Train
Mr. Throgmartin bails him out, so now Tump's gone to pick cotton fuh Mr. Throgmartin to pay off'n his fine.
"Birthright" by T.S. Stribling
It would be no harder than to pick apples off a tree.
"Britain at Bay" by Spenser Wilkinson
It's only a short while, Mr. Wilks, and the little children'll be running about over your grave and picking daisies off of it.
"At Sunwich Port, Complete" by W.W. Jacobs
After the stones were picked off the boys raked the ground all over fine, free from lumps and small stones.
"The Library of Work and Play: Gardening and Farming." by Ellen Eddy Shaw
Then pick off all the leaves and the tender tops of the stems; put them in a clean, large-mouthed bottle that is perfectly dry.
"The Whitehouse Cookbook (1887)" by Mrs. F.L. Gillette

In poetry:

One sword-knot stolen from the camp
Will pay for all the school expenses
Of any Kurrum Valley scamp
Who knows no word of moods and tenses,
But, being blessed with perfect sight,
Picks off our messmates left and right.
"Arithmetic on the Frontier" by Rudyard Kipling

In news:

Canyon View held off Bonanza in the fourth quarter to pick up the victory in Las Vegas.
Many people prefer cassettes because they make it easy to pick up in the same place where the listener left off, or to rewind in case a certain sentence is missed.
It will be the 7th Chainsaw film, but unlike any of the others, Texas Chainsaw 3D is a direct sequel to the original as this new movie picks up where the first one left off.
Workers will be busy Monday at Ramsey's Restaurant off Harrodsburg Road in Lexington to try to pick up what they can.
The reigning AL MVP picks up right where he left off (2-3, a RBI, a run), their two-time 19-game winner goes seven strong innings, and Joba and Mo seal the deal in the 8th and 9th.
To fill Collie 's spot, the Colts picked up rookie receiver Nathan Palmer off the San Francisco 49ers practice squad.
ARLINGTON — Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant played Sunday like a man free of off-the-field concerns and one that resembled a first-round draft pick.
Google says search engine, other services cut off in China as ruling party picks new leaders.
Will The Twins Pick Themselves Off The Floor.
Falcons Pick-Off Drew Brees 5 Times, Beat Saints 23-13.
Veteran Eddy Curry was picked up off of waivers.
Apparently making a quick drop-off or pick-up is dangerous for customers' fiscal health.
Sapp, a fifth-round pick of the Eagles in 2010, has been on and off the Jets' practice squad for about a year.
The Trimble Lady Tomcats and Southern Lady Tornadoes squared off in an exciting game Thursday night with the Lady Tomcats picking up a 42-37 victory.
A matchup between touted pitchers Matt Harvey and Stephen Strasburg lasted all of one inning -- and included the Nats' phenom singling off the Mets' former first-round pick.

In science:

We do this as following: N nodes are randomly distributed in a d-dimensional space (only d = 2 will be considered here), we then randomly pick a pair of nodes u,v and create edge (u, v) if the spatial distance is within the cut-off distance lc , disallowing repeated edges.
Damage Spreading in Spatial and Small-world Random Boolean Networks
Excluded areas around the field perimeter due to the vignetting footprints of the telescope wavefront sensor pick-offs have not yet been included.
Fibre Positioning Revisited: The use an off-the-shelf assembly robot for OPTIMOS-EVE
Pick an off-diagonal term G(a\{u,v}) in A which does not have upper indices a.
Averaging Fluctuations in Resolvents of Random Band Matrices
Numerical calculations of asymptotic quantities such as the Bondi mass must overcome severe technical difficulties arising from the necessity to pick off nonleading terms in an asymptotic expansion about infinity.
Characteristic Evolution and Matching
For example, in an asymptotically inertial frame (called a Bondi frame at I + ), the mass aspect M(u, θ, φ) must be picked off from the asymptotic expansion of Bondi’s metric quantity V (see Eq. (16)) of the form V = r − 2M + O(1/r).
Characteristic Evolution and Matching
The calculation of the Bondi mass requires regularization of this expression by numerical techniques so that the coefficient M can be picked off.
Characteristic Evolution and Matching
However, for a general module M , if we pick the canonical choice of graded ring CM (namely, CM is made up off all possible maps), then we obtain the following theorem which also proves existence of τ (M , D ) in a new case.
A dual to tight closure theory
In the decomposition (7) of the field variable φ picks up the diagonal quantum fluctuations in the density matrix which appear in the expectation values of the canonical coordinates and φadv collects off-diagonal fluctuations, displayed by the expectation value of the canonical momentum variables.
Quantum-classical crossover in electrodynamics
When a linearly polarized light passes through the indicator and reflects off the mirror sputtered on its bottom, it picks a double Faraday rotation proportional to the magnetic field intensity at a given location on the sample surface.
Dynamic Formation of Metastable Intermediate State Patterns in Type-I Superconductors
Thus the mean free path of the collision between positronium and SiO2 are different, and it makes difference in the thermalization process and the pick-off probability.
First test of $O(\alpha ^{2})$ correction of the orthopositronium decay rate
Since the velocity of the Ps slows down slowly due to the elastic collision to the material, pick-off probability depends on the time after produced as shown in Figures.2.
First test of $O(\alpha ^{2})$ correction of the orthopositronium decay rate
The energy distribution of photons emitted from the 3-body decay is continuous below the steep edge at 511 keV, whereas the pick-off annihilation is 2-body which produces a 511 keV monochromatic peak.
First test of $O(\alpha ^{2})$ correction of the orthopositronium decay rate
The pick-off 2-γ spectra, which are obtained from the o-Ps spectra after subtracting the 3γ -spectra, are also superimposed in the same figures.
First test of $O(\alpha ^{2})$ correction of the orthopositronium decay rate
The λpick (t)/λ3γ can be calculated directly from the ratio of the pick-off 2-γ and 3-γ spectrum, the ratio does not depend on the absolute values of the detection efficiencies.
First test of $O(\alpha ^{2})$ correction of the orthopositronium decay rate
Pick-off spectrum obtained after subtracting the 3γ contribution from the o-Ps spectrum is superimposed. (c) The ratio λpick (t)/λ3γ are plotted as a function of time (RUN-I).
First test of $O(\alpha ^{2})$ correction of the orthopositronium decay rate