• WordNet 3.6
    • n phlox any polemoniaceous plant of the genus Phlox; chiefly North American; cultivated for their clusters of flowers
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Phlox (Bot) A genus of American herbs, having showy red, white, or purple flowers.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n phlox A genus of ornamental gamopetalous plants of the order Polemoniaceæ, characterized by a deeply three-valved loculicidal capsule, included stamens unequally inserted on the tube of a salver-shaped corolla, and entire leaves. The 30 species are natives of North America and Siberia. They are erect or spreading herbs, often tall perennials, bearing chiefly opposite leaves, and showy flowers usually in a flat or pyramidal cyme, red, violet, purplish, white, or blue. Most species are cultivated under the name phlox, P. speciosa as the pride-of-Columbia, P. subulata as the moss-pink. P. maculata is the wild sweet-william of the middle and western United States. P. paniculate, with large pyramidal clusters of flowers, native of the central and southern States, is the parent of most of the perennial phloxes of the gardens. The annual varieties in gardens are from P. Drummondii of Texas, there discovered by Drummond in 1835. P. dicaricata is the wild phlox of the eastern States, with early bluish-lilac flowers. P. reptans, the creeping phlox, is an important spring-flowering species of the south.
    • n phlox [lowercase] Any plant of this genus.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Phlox floks a well-known garden plant, so called from its colour.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L., a kind of flower, fr. Gr. flame, fr. to burn
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Gr.,—phlegein, to burn.


In literature:

Perennial Phlox, all things considered, deserves a place very near to the head of the list of our very best hardy plants.
"Amateur Gardencraft" by Eben E. Rexford
It is especially fond of the sweet-scented phlox.
"Harper's Young People, October 12, 1880" by Various
Cautiously she selected a head of white phlox.
"The Camerons of Highboro" by Beth B. Gilchrist
She was sitting by the dining-room window; it was open, and a pitcher of wild phlox and pink-and-white wake-robins stood in it.
"Happy Days for Boys and Girls" by Various
Not in vain did I wait, departed summer, amid your phlox!
"One Day & Another" by Julius Madison Cawein
Stake dahlias, phloxes, etc.
"Small Gardens" by Violet Purton Biddle
As he came up to me and dismounted I held out to him a spray of white phlox.
"The Jonathan Papers" by Elisabeth Woodbridge Morris
The stock was little higher than the phlox.
"The Idyl of Twin Fires" by Walter Prichard Eaton
She broke off two heads of phlox, red and white, and fastened them in behind his ear.
"The William Henry Letters" by Abby Morton Diaz
Phlox Drummondii, in many varieties.
"The Practical Garden-Book" by C. E. Hunn

In poetry:

Gaudy phlox and flaunting rose,
Stiff and straight and on their toes,
And, blaring from the garden wall,
The trumpet flower led them all.
"Parade" by John Chipman Farrar
Take roses red and lilies white,
A kitchen garden's my delight;
Its gillyflowers and phlox and cloves,
And its tall cote of irised doves.
"The Choice" by Katharine Tynan
These, with symbolic blooms
Of wind-flower and wild-phlox,
I found among the glooms
Of hill-lost woods and rocks,
Lairs of the mink and fox.
"Wood-Words" by Madison Julius Cawein
There, I think, on that lonely grave,
Violets spring in the soft May shower;
There, in the summer breezes, wave
Crimson phlox and moccasin flower.
"The Maiden's Sorrow" by William Cullen Bryant
And where the larkspur and the phlox
Spread carpets wheresoe'er she pass,
She seems to stand with sombre locks
Bound bleak with fog-washed zinnias.--
"A Dark Day" by Madison Julius Cawein
Nasturtium and sweet-william and red stocks,
And clover crouching in the border grass,
And blood-like fuschia, eve's primrose and white phlox
And honeysuckle--waved all their smell and hue
Morn and eve anew.
"The Lime Tree" by John Freeman

In news:

Here is a recent photo of five different varieties of Phlox subulata in bloom in my wife's rock garden.
Intensia Phlox Stunning All Season Long.
(MCT)—On more than one occasion I have been guilty of warning gardeners the perils of being out phloxed by their neighbors.
Phlox By Sandy Fiore, Community Blogger
Smooth phlox is a charming in-between bloomer.
Smooth phlox blooms between the end of creeping woodland phlox of early spring and the start of summer's tall garden phlox .
Smooth phlox ( Phlox glaberrima) is an easy-to-grow native perennial that flowers in late spring or early summer.
Phlox drummondii is a native wildflower for us.
But there are many phloxes out there, some hybridized with the native one.
Plant the native phlox in the fall from seed, though you may also find hybrid transplants in the nurseries in spring.
You can propagate your mums, phlox and other perennials in the spring by taking 3-inch cuttings from the new growth.
The tiniest is my new Phlox paniculata 'John Fanick.
White or pink phloxes are good in moist shade .
Smooth phlox blooms between the end of creeping woodland phlox of early spring and the start of summer's tall garden phlox.
Smooth phlox (Phlox glaberrima) is an easy-to-grow native perennial that flowers in late spring or early summer.