philosophers' stone


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n philosophers' stone hypothetical substance that the alchemists believed to be capable of changing base metals into gold
    • ***


  • G. Randolf
    G. Randolf
    “Pay as you go is the philosopher's stone.”
  • Benjamin Franklin
    “If you know how to spend less than you get, you have the philosopher's stone.”
  • James Weldon Johnson
    James Weldon Johnson
    “Labor is the fabled magician's wand, the philosophers stone, and the cap of good fortune.”
  • Sir William Osler
    “Work is the open sesame of every portal, the great equalizer in the world, the true philosopher's stone which transmutes all the base metal of humanity into gold.”


In literature:

We have said that he was deeply interested in the philosopher's stone.
"Old-Time Makers of Medicine" by James J. Walsh
To be sure, the Philosopher's Stone, and the Quadrature of the Circle, have had at least as many Followers.
"Letters of Edward FitzGerald in Two Volumes Vol. II" by Edward FitzGerald
"Anecdotes of Painters, Engravers, Sculptors and Architects, and Curiosities of Art, (Vol. 2 of 3)" by Shearjashub Spooner
Of the philosopher's stone, he says he knows enough to hold his tongue, but not enough to speak.
"Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 1 (of 3)" by Isaac D'Israeli
He runs after an Italian air open-mouthed, with as much eagerness as some fools have sought the philosopher's stone.
"The Violin" by George Hart
He had discovered the philosopher's stone.
"The Grell Mystery" by Frank Froest
In the back of the room is one who owes his ruin to an indefatigable search after the philosopher's stone.
"The Works of William Hogarth: In a Series of Engravings" by John Trusler
Philosopher's stone, I, 118, 125.
"A Budget of Paradoxes, Volume II (of II)" by Augustus de Morgan
The whole of this contrivance was to tend towards the Discovery of the Philosopher's Stone.
"The Strange Adventures of Captain Dangerous, Vol. 3 of 3" by George Augustus Sala
This jewel was called the philosopher's stone.
"Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen" by Hans Christian Andersen

In news:

Ancient alchemists had it all wrong when they tried to turn common elements into gold with the philosopher's stone -- they should have turned to bacteria instead.
From philosophers to poets to the Rolling Stones, that message has been true for as long as people have walked this earth.
This first edition, sold in the United Kingdom as "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone," was one of only 200 copies printed before the series became popular.
Scott Weiland, lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots, appealed to the philosophically minded among the 20,000 fans in attendance at the 2011 K-Rockathon with a question he raised at the conclusion of the day's raucous, crowd-surfing festivities.