• WordNet 3.6
    • adj pharmaceutical of or relating to pharmacy or pharmacists "the pharmaceutical industry"
    • adj pharmaceutical of or relating to drugs used in medical treatment
    • n pharmaceutical drug or medicine that is prepared or dispensed in pharmacies and used in medical treatment
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Aspirin went on sale as the first pharmaceutical drug in 1899, after Felix Hoffman, a German chemist at the drug company Bayer, successfully modified Salicylic Acid, a compound found in willow bark to produce Aspirin.
    • a Pharmaceutical Of or pertaining to the knowledge or art of pharmacy, or to the art of preparing medicines according to the rules or formulas of pharmacy; as, pharmaceutical preparations.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: A few years back, a Chinese soap hit it big with consumers in Asia. It was claimed in ads that users would lose weight with Seaweed Defat Scented Soap simply by washing with it. The soap was sold in violation to the Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and was banned. Reportedly, the craze for the soap was so great that Japanese tourists from China and Hong Kong brought back large quantities. The product was also in violation of customs regulations. In June and July 1999 alone, over 10,000 bars were seized.
    • pharmaceutical Same as pharmaceutic
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Pharmaceutical fär-ma-sū′tikal pertaining to the knowledge or art of preparing medicines
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  • John W. Gardner
    “Self-pity is easily the most destructive of the non-pharmaceutical narcotics; it is addictive, gives momentary pleasure and separates the victim from reality.”
  • Gerhard Kocher
    “Don't tell my parents that I work in the pharmaceutical industry. They think I am working in a brothel.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. pharmaceuticus, Gr. farmakeytiko`s, fr. farmakey`ein: cf. F. pharmaceutique,. See Pharmacy


In literature:

It was not by his pharmaceutic prescriptions that he gained his great name.
"Medical Essays" by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
A pharmaceutical student, spending a few days with my parents, shall be my eyewitness.
"The Mason-bees" by J. Henri Fabre
Having retired from the pharmaceutical brotherhood I'll say this: If you can do it, avoid drugs.
"In the Wilderness" by Robert Hichens
The room was chilly and had a slight pharmaceutical odour.
"The Price of Love" by Arnold Bennett
He wrote a dictionary of pharmaceuticals.
"Our Legal Heritage, 5th Ed." by S. A. Reilly
Some of these are to be seen in the Museum of the Pharmaceutical Society of London.
"The Commercial Products of the Vegetable Kingdom" by P. L. Simmonds
He was a good biotechnician and had a job with one of the big pharmaceutical companies.
"Security" by Poul William Anderson
Hole, pharmaceutical chemist: "Drops, 1 shilling 6 pence; liniment, 1 shilling; mixture, 1 shilling 9 pence," repeated many times.
"The Nebuly Coat" by John Meade Falkner
Here, two shelves at the foot of his berth contained his pharmaceutical stock in ancient, torn and fly-specked wrappers.
"Two on the Trail" by Hulbert Footner
It is the remembrance of sickness and its attendant pharmaceutic devils.
"The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 18, No. 108, October, 1866" by Various
To my wife he gave the pharmaceutic recipes of his own land, to my daughter he taught the melodies of the Ukraine.
"Jack" by Alphonse Daudet
So the Empire got its pharmaceuticals, and the cloudcats seem more than pleased with the opportunity to indulge their curiosity.
"A Matter of Honor" by Ann Wilson
They are licensed to practice medicine, dentistry and pharmaceutics.
"The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume IV" by Various
Not only in complexity did the patent medicines resemble regular pharmaceutical compounds of the 18th century.
"Old English Patent Medicines in America" by George B. Griffenhagen
Yeast is still included amongst pharmaceutical substances, but could doubtless be very well dispensed with.
"Fungi: Their Nature and Uses" by Mordecai Cubitt Cooke
In large pharmaceutical laboratories, this filtring bag is streached upon a wooden stand, Pl.
"Elements of Chemistry," by Antoine Lavoisier
We might have greatly enlarged the list of the pharmaceutic agents, but the richer a treatment is in remedies the poorer it is in cures.
"On the cattle plague: or, Contagious typhus in horned cattle. Its history, origin, description, and treatment" by Honoré Bourguignon
In 1817 he joined the corvette "Uranie" as pharmaceutical botanist to the circumpolar expedition commanded by D. de Freycinet.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 11, Slice 5" by Various
Member of the Pharmaceutical Society.
"Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 4 of 4: S-Z and supplements)" by Various
Under Nero, we are told, that these reptiles were imported into Rome for pharmaceutical purposes.
"Curiosities of Medical Experience" by J. G. (John Gideon) Millingen

In news:

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.
Novasep to build world's largest chromatography plant for the pharmaceutical industry.
Robotic solution automates the pick-and-place of pharmaceuticals from a conveyor belt .
Irvine's Cortex Pharmaceuticals restructures, downsizes.
Cohen's SAC Capital Advisors was named to the official committee of unsecured creditors of K-V Pharmaceutical Co. A committee's role in a bankruptcy case is to represent all unsecured creditors .
Mostly recently, he was senior director of the pharmaceutical sector in Brazil.
Precisely tailored pharmaceuticals could reduce medical side effects.
This supplement is sponsored by EMD Pharmaceuticals.
A logo of Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche is pictured in front of a company's building in Rotkreuz, April 12, 2012 REUTERS/Michael Buhol.
Logo of Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche is pictured in Rotkreuz ( MICHAEL BUHOLZER, REUTERS / November 17, 2012 ).
Acura Pharmaceuticals on Wednesday shared with analysts details on its launch strategy of Nexafed, a pseudoephedrine formulated such that it inhibits the diversion to methamphetamnine.
His name is Kumar, a retired pharmaceutical rep from India by way of Ohio.
The Senate Finance Committee, which has been investigating pharmaceutical companies over CME grants, has turned its attention to the group that accredits providers.
PDC International Corporation, a world leader in shrink seal and shrink label technology for foods, beverages and pharmaceuticals, has introduced a robust, multi-use shrink labeler that processes up to 400 containers per minute.
Teikoku Pharma USA, Inc and Verde Environmental Technologies, Inc Announce Licensing Agreement for Pharmaceutical Disposal Technology.

In science:

Pharmaceutical companies search for these drugs by a simple trial–and– error method, testing hundreds of thousands of molecules on the enzymatic target, selecting those which display the best inhibitory ability.
Simple models of protein folding and of non--conventional drug design
As a case in point, consider a pharmaceutical company that asks clients to disclose the diseases they have suffered from in order to investigate the correlations in their occurrences – f or example, “Adult females with malarial infections are also prone to contract tuberculosis”.
A Framework for High-Accuracy Privacy-Preserving Mining
Recently, we developed a mathematical model to predict the release kinetics of matrix tablets . A matrix tablet is a device used to deliver a pharmaceutically active drug and to release it in a controlled fashion over an extended period of time, longer than if an immediate release tablet were used.
Topological and Geometrical Random Walks on Bidisperse Random Sphere Packings
Matrix tablets are formulated as powder mixtures of the pharmaceutically active drug and at least two inactive ingredients, namely water soluble excipients and water insoluble polymers.
Topological and Geometrical Random Walks on Bidisperse Random Sphere Packings
The motivating problem from pharmaceutical science in however required that some edges are much harder to access than others (and in the extreme case, not at all), namely those ending at particles of polymer type.
Topological and Geometrical Random Walks on Bidisperse Random Sphere Packings
The plan is to use the Siam Photon Source for physics and chemistry research, with some industrial research in semiconductors, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture.
The world of synchrotrons
Still more recently, over-enthusiastic taxonomists have contributed to confusion about distinctness of plant species (Riesenberg et al. 2006), and pharmaceutical companies have discovered that it is not a good investment to develop antibiotics, because new ones are used sparingly (Nathan 2006).
Astrophysics in 2006
Examples of applications include paints and coatings, electronic devices and electronic semiconductor parts, circuit boards, permalloy specimens, foods and pharmaceuticals.
A Review of Accelerated Test Models
University of Il linois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Il linois at Urbana-Champaign and Mil lennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Detection of treatment effects by covariate-adjusted expected shortfall
Later in this paper, we use a recent observational study conducted at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and sponsored by Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Biogen Idec as a basis for assessing the performance of the proposed test.
Detection of treatment effects by covariate-adjusted expected shortfall
Goodrich report, Polymers for Pharmaceutical applications. 17. H.
Power-law decay in first-order relaxation processes
It is used by pharmaceutical companies for a wide variety of applications including drug design, drug screening and, in general, to investigate protein function.
Performance of the Cell processor for biomolecular simulations
One such corporation, Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company founded in 1849 and headquartered in NYC, in 2005 had annual revenue of 51 B USD and spent 7 B USD on R&D.
Observations of Extrasolar Planets Enabled by a Return to the Moon
Before their studies, these compounds were used only for pharmaceutical purposes.
A survey of liquid crystalline oxadiazoles
For instance, these systems also occur in the pharmaceutical industry by mathematical modells for the development of blood coagulation treatments with specific coagulation factors [14, 28, 32].
Sup-norm estimates for parabolic systems with dynamic boundary conditions