• WordNet 3.6
    • v pertain be a part or attribute of
    • v pertain be relevant to "There were lots of questions referring to her talk","My remark pertained to your earlier comments"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Pertain To belong; to have connection with, or dependence on, something, as an appurtenance, attribute, etc.; to appertain; as, saltness pertains to the ocean; flowers pertain to plant life. "Men hate those who affect that honor by ambition which pertaineth not to them."
    • Pertain To have relation or reference to something. "These words pertain unto us at this time as they pertained to them at their time."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • pertain To belong; appertain, as a possession or an adjunct: with to or unto: as, the things which pertain to God.
    • pertain To relate; have reference or relation: with to.
    • pertain Synonyms To regard, relate to, bear upon, concern.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.i Pertain per-tān′ to belong: to relate (with to)
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  • Henry Ward Beecher
    “In things pertaining to enthusiasm, no man is sane who does not know how to be insane on proper occasions.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. partenen, OF. partenir, fr. L. pertinere, to stretch out, reach, pertain; per + tenere, to hold, keep. See Per-, and Tenable, and cf. Appertain Pertinent
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. partenir—L. pertinēreper, thoroughly, tenēre, to hold.


In literature:

I wrote about affairs pertaining to Japon last year, by way of India.
"The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898, Volume XXIV, 1630-34" by Various
He desired to eliminate Myra Bland and all that pertained to her from even casual contact with him.
"The Hidden Places" by Bertrand W. Sinclair
It was subtle and pertained to spirit.
"The Butterfly House" by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
It so far surpassed anything pertaining to this world that I am unable to give you any description of it.
"The Path of Duty, and Other Stories" by H. S. Caswell
The following resolution pertaining to Farmers' Institutes was unanimously adopted.
"Trees, Fruits and Flowers of Minnesota, 1916" by Various
So great was his confidence in her judgment that he consulted her in all that pertained to his work.
"For Every Music Lover" by Aubertine Woodward Moore
The chimes had never played again; they pertained to the church, and the church was in ill-favour with the Captain.
"The Argosy" by Various
Eddie had apparently the greatest respect for her judgment in all matters pertaining to the running of the farm.
"The Land of Promise" by D. Torbett
The law thus defined pertains to reasonable beings alone, and supposes on our part, as we have seen, knowledge and free will.
"Explanation of Catholic Morals" by John H. Stapleton
The fourth dream, pertaining to drink, he interpreted to signify deliverance and life.
"Hawaiian Folk Tales" by Various
The appreciation of rhythm is universal, pertaining to no region, race, nor era, in especial.
"The Continental Monthly, Volume V. Issue I" by Various
We thus avoid all the risks that pertain to the usual plan of injection.
"The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser in Plain English" by R. V. Pierce
She wondered why the child had lost interest in the festival, indeed in all things pertaining to the occasion.
"Suzanna Stirs the Fire" by Emily Calvin Blake
And it is seen in matters pertaining to individuals, as well as in the affairs of cities and empires.
"Our Day" by W. A. Spicer
I went, and we had a lengthened conversation on matters pertaining to religion and the Church.
"Modern Skepticism: A Journey Through the Land of Doubt and Back Again" by Joseph Barker
To the night the things of the night pertain.
"Lore of Proserpine" by Maurice Hewlett
The Negro is made the test in everything pertaining to American civilization.
"Twentieth Century Negro Literature" by Various
Hence, the minimum for 1843 appears as pertaining to 1844.
"Outlines of a Mechanical Theory of Storms" by T. Bassnett
Our life and everything pertaining to it is miracle enough, if we only had the sense to see it.
"How to Eat" by Thomas Clark Hinkle
Everything pertaining to superstition was interesting to him.
"The Mysteries of All Nations" by James Grant

In poetry:

Pertain these characters to thee?
Then, soul, begin and praise
His glorious worthy name, for he
Thy Husband is always.
"The Believer's Jointure : Chapter II." by Ralph Erskine
'And broaden this path where shown;
Nothing prevents it but an old tombstone
Pertaining to a family forgotten,
Of deeds unknown.
"The Obliterate Tomb" by Thomas Hardy
Good fruits have promise in this view
As union to the Branch they shew;
To whom the promises pertain,
In him all Yea, and all Amen.
"The Believer's Principles : Chap. II." by Ralph Erskine
Dread threat'nings to the law pertain,
Not to the gospel's golden chain:
Yet all law-threats and Sinai's ire
To gospel-grace are walls of fire.
"The Believer's Principles : Chap. II." by Ralph Erskine
Though all their merits diverse be
According to their pains,
Yet love doth make that every one's
Which any other gains,
And all which doth belong to one
To all of them pertains.
"Aspiration (excerpt)" by Thomas Traherne
To Me pertains not, She replies,
To know or care where Cupid flies;
What are his Haunts, or which his Way;
Where He would dwell, or whither stray:
Yet will I never set Thee free:
For Harm was meant, and Harm to Me.
"Love Disarmed" by Matthew Prior

In news:

My favorite part of the NFC West chat this week: Those in the comments section counting how many questions/comments I chose pertaining to each team.
Report Assesses Actions Pertaining to Adirondack Park.
Throughout history, African-American leaders have often provided critical insight, especially as it pertains to race relations, for presidents of both parties.
A longtime San Antonio resident, Sarah has a passionate interest in current events and issues pertaining to women and girls both locally and throughout the world.
You increase the chances of having your comment posted if it pertains to the subject matter of the chat.
One of the Press Department intern 's primary responsibilities is collecting, recording and distributing all media coverage pertaining to the Public Theater.
Operation Help Civil Rights group got involved in the Department of Justice lawsuit pertaining to an alleged school to jail pipeline on Saturday.
The topic of my mail pertains to obvious waste and poor revenue management of taxpayers money.
In 1928, a vault was constructed to store and preserve relics, documents, antiques, and anything pertaining to the history of the Masons .
Prosecutors later dropped the charges pertaining to one boy due to the statute of limitations.
Boy Scouts motto 'Be prepared' pertains to storms.
Especially when that uncertainty pertains to the product being sold.
Editor's Note: On May 14, 2010 and May 21, 2010, the Palo Alto Weekly published an investigative series of articles pertaining to high school coaching in Palo Alto.
Lately I've been thinking a lot about the problem of perception as it pertains to fantasy basketball.
Editor's note: The following Practice Builder pertains to Gary Sherwood, an independent dairy nutritionist from Verona, N.Y.

In science:

The central concepts pertaining to the differentiation of the conjugate regular functions are analogous.
Bicomplex algebra and function theory
If a name could be found, the pertaining value is filled into the list accordingly.
AMEGIC++ 1.0, A Matrix Element Generator In C++
Another advantage our analysis has over previous work is the extraction of information pertaining to the gravitational wave content of the geometry.
Variational Principles in General Relativity
This information yields estimates pertaining to the dynamics of the system, which is of vital interest to the community involved with gravitational wave detectors like LIGO.
Variational Principles in General Relativity
These results pertain to the crossing sweep.
Effects of nonlinear sweep in the Landau-Zener-Stueckelberg effect
On the other hand, (5.8) shows that the pro jective notion of holography pertains to Atot (K ) = Adual ∆ (K ) instead.
Generalized free fields and the AdS-CFT correspondence
In both these cases, the variables which form the arguments of the eigenfunction define the final eigenvalue pertaining to the measurement which this eigenfunction is the probability amplitude for.
Generalized Spherical Harmonics
Results pertaining to the dynamics and rise times of rings with a variety of initial field strengths and cross-sectional radii are presented in §3.
Magnetic Fields in Massive Stars. II. The Buoyant Rise of Magnetic Flux Tubes Through the Radiative Interior
Additional information pertaining to the evolving dynamical and thermodynamical properties of the flux ring under consideration is presented in Figure 5.
Magnetic Fields in Massive Stars. II. The Buoyant Rise of Magnetic Flux Tubes Through the Radiative Interior
After reviewing some basic notions pertaining to rigidly rotating fluids, our considerations are first specialized to the subcase in which the gradient of the norm of the time-like Killing vector field and its twist are linearly dependent.
Ellipsoidal shapes in general relativity: general definitions and an application
Hence, all the results pertaining to vibrations of Xe adlayers on Gr(0001) and several other substrates are at strong variance with the first finding of KKK who obtain that the S-mode in Xe/Gr(0001) exhibits strong dispersion.
Diffraction of He atoms from Xe monolayer adsorbed on the graphite (0001) revisited: The importance of multiple scattering processes
The results in Chapters 8 and Chapter 9 pertain only to the case that m = 1 and Φ is a simply attractive potential.
Random Surfaces
Even though we have not defined a restricted root system for the zero–curvature spaces arising from non–semisimple groups, the same multiplicities characterize also the Jacobian pertaining to the zero–curvature member of the triplet.
Random matrix theory and symmetric spaces
Let us review some of the features of neutron scattering experiments on underdoped cuprates pertaining to our discussion.
Theory of spin response in underdoped cuprates as strongly fluctuating d-wave superconductors
Here we briefly recall that to the Jacobi potential (7) pertains a family of conformal Riemannian metrics parametrized by the value of the energy.
Non-Integrability of a weakly integrable Hamiltonian system