• WordNet 3.6
    • v permute change the order or arrangement of "Dyslexics often transpose letters in a word"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Permute To exchange; to barter; to traffic. "Bought, trucked, permuted , or given."
    • Permute To interchange; to transfer reciprocally.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • permute To interchange.
    • permute To exchange; barter.
    • permute In mathematics, to subject to permutation or change of order.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. permutare, permutatum,; per + mutare, to change: cf. F. permuter,


In literature:

The economic reform wrought is largely of the nature of a permutation in the methods of conspicuous waste.
"The Theory of the Leisure Class" by Thorstein Veblen
Thus, by an application of the theory of permutations and combinations, you have your choice among four ways of accomplishing a driving-tour.
"Fisherman's Luck" by Henry van Dyke
SOCRATES: That may be variously interpreted; and yet more variously if a little permutation is allowed.
"Cratylus" by Plato
A was undermining B, D was undermining C, and so on in all possible combinations and permutations.
"War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy
What could he imagine, except combinations and permutations of his own memories?
"Suite Mentale" by Gordon Randall Garrett
In abortion it exists, but in a stunted and dwarfed, but not otherwise permuted state.
"Vegetable Teratology" by Maxwell T. Masters
"A Handbook of the English Language" by Robert Gordon Latham
They were mere permutations of known quantities.
"The Rainbow" by D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence
Permutations are readily illustrated with squares or cubes of different colours, with numbers, or letters.
"Little Masterpieces of Science:" by Various
And yet the man, so superbly at his ease in his enormous spaces, is his own conclusion when he goes to town; the permutation is logical.
"The Spanish Jade" by Maurice Hewlett

In poetry:

French Deck. Solitary stroker of cards. He
dealt himself a hand. Turn stills of the past in
unending permutations, shuffle and begin. Sort
the images again. And sort them again. This
game reveals germs of truth, and death.
"Notes On Vision" by James Douglas Morrison

In news:

As we talked about on Friday, the Knicks have gone through so many different permutations in this season alone that it's enough to give fans whiplash, or vertigo, or some combination of both.
One of the ISAM Live 2.0 set's many stunning permutations.
Cycles, and the cycle decomposition of a permutation.
The word and its permutations come up a lot when the singer-keyboardist-producer talks about Johnny Headband 's Who Cooks for You.
We present uniform and non-uniform algorithms to rank and unrank permutations in lexicographic order.
The uniform algorithms run in O(n log n) time and outperform Knuth's ranking algorithm in all the experiments, and also the linear-time non- lexicographic algorithm of Myrvold-Ruskey for permutations up to size 128.
Permut Presentations presentation of a James W Evangelatos, Julie Lott Gallo production.
Produced by David Permut, Mark Sennet, Julie Lott Gallo, James W Evangelatos.
Combinations and permutations are fairly rare on the SAT.
Questions that involve arranging a group are " permutations ," since in an arrangement the order of things is important.
Now that we have the permutation fully specified, we'll use it to learn a little about how the CTC permutation works — in particular, we're going to learn about cycles in permutations and try to understand the cycle structure of a CTC.
Randomization was based on permuted blocks, with a block size of 4.
John Whitney's Permutations by Klax.
One of the first theorems on permutation routing, proved by V.E.
Run a few permutations, described below, and Xenopohon ends up using the word "paradeisos," which he used to refer to the walled gardens of Persia.

In science:

Therefore, the permutation action of G on the left cosets of H is faithful and we can consider G as a permutation group.
A class of simple proper Bol loops
In studying random permutations, it is often assumed that all permutations are equally likely, each permutation of length n + 1 occurring with probability 1/(n + 1)!.
Random permutations and unique fully supported ergodicity for the Euler adic transformation
Fix a subset T ⊂ [k]. A permutation of T and a permutation of T c together give a permutation of [k].
From random matrices to random analytic functions
Just as before, a permutation of T and a permutation of T c together give a permutation of [k] and a permutation p ∈ Sk can arise from summands in which T is a union (possibly empty) of some of the cycles of p.
From random matrices to random analytic functions
Random permutations, cycles of random permutations, random permutations with restricted cycle lengths, A-permutations.
Cycles of random permutations with restricted cycle lengths