• Plan for a border of Perennials
    Plan for a border of Perennials
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj perennial recurring again and again "perennial efforts to stipulate the requirements"
    • adj perennial lasting three seasons or more "the common buttercup is a popular perennial plant"
    • adj perennial lasting an indefinitely long time; suggesting self-renewal "perennial happiness"
    • n perennial (botany) a plant lasting for three seasons or more
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Bananas are perennial crops that are grown and harvested year-round. The banana plant does not grow from a seed but rather from a rhizome or bulb. Each fleshy bulb will sprout new shoots year after year.
    • n Perennial (Bot) A perennial plant; a plant which lives or continues more than two years, whether it retains its leaves in winter or not.
    • Perennial (Bot) Continuing more than two years; as, a perennial steam, or root, or plant.
    • Perennial Continuing without cessation or intermission; perpetual; unceasing; never failing. "The perennial existence of bodies corporate."
    • Perennial ing or continuing through the year; as, perennial fountains.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • perennial Lasting or continuing without cessation through the year, or through many years: as, a perennial spring or fountain.
    • perennial Continuing without stop or intermission; perpetual; unceasing; never-failing; everlasting.
    • perennial In zoology, growing continually: noting teeth which have the pulp-cavity open, and grow indefinitely from persistent pulps: as, the perennial incisors of a rodent.
    • perennial In botany, continuing more than two years: as, a perennial stem or root.
    • perennial In entomology, forming colonies which are continued from year to year, as the ants, bees, and termites; also, living more than one year, as an insect. Synonyms Unfailing, enduring, permanent, constant, abiding, lasting, undying, imperishable, deathless, immortal.
    • n perennial In botany, a plant which lives and blossoms or fructifies year after year. Such plants may or may not have perennial roots. In trees and shrubs and herbs with growth from year to year from a strong taproot the root is naturally perennial; but in most perennials with only fibrous roots the roots are produced anew from time to time or from year to year. The division of plants into annuals, biennials, and perennials, according to the duration of their roots, is liable to vary under the influence of different circumstances. An annual plant in a northern climate may become a biennial or even a perennial in a warm climate, while, on the other hand, the perennials of warm climates often become annuals when transplanted to northern climates.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Perennial pe-ren′i-al lasting through the year: perpetual: never failing: growing constantly:
    • n Perennial a plant which lives more than two years
    • adj Perennial pe-ren′i-al (bot.) lasting more than two years: of insects, living more than one year
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  • Bertrand Russell
    “Folly is perennial, yet the human race has survived.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. perennis, that lasts the whole year through; per, through + annus, year. See Per-, and Annual
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. perennisper, through, annus, a year.


In literature:

It possesses a feature of considerable importance in the river Jordan itself, almost the only river in Palestine with a perennial flow.
"With the British Army in The Holy Land" by Henry Osmond Lock
The inspiration of the cause was not perennial.
"The American Revolution and the Boer War, An Open Letter to Mr. Charles Francis Adams on His Pamphlet "The Confederacy and the Transvaal"" by Sydney G. Fisher
Mammoth clover is biennial under some conditions and under others it is perennial, although it is not usually a long-lived perennial.
"Clovers and How to Grow Them" by Thomas Shaw
The plant is perennial, which renders the annual planting of it altogether unnecessary.
"Prehistoric Textile Art of Eastern United States" by William Henry Holmes
Like a dried-up fountain, the perennial flow and bright fertility have ceased, and ceased for ever.
"Alroy The Prince Of The Captivity" by Benjamin Disraeli
Why had it so signally failed with perennial plants and most impressively with trees?
"Northern Nut Growers Association Report of the Proceedings at the Twenty-Fourth Annual Meeting" by Northern Nut Growers Association
A hardy perennial if ever there was one.
"Gigolo" by Edna Ferber
But think how wonderful this imperishableness of the stem of many plants is, even in their annual work: how much more in their perennial work!
"Proserpina, Volume 1" by John Ruskin
Fear and uncertainty had robbed her small features of that look of perennial youth which so individualized her.
"Grace Harlowe's Golden Summer" by Jessie Graham Flower
The problem is one of fertility, of course, and stems from the huge quantities of nitrogen and phosphorus perennially present in the water.
"The Nation's River" by United States Department of the Interior
Hardy perennial flowers should predominate, with enough annuals to fill up the spaces and hide the soil.
"Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Household Science in Rural Schools" by Ministry of Education Ontario
And now, for all this perennial Martyrdom, and Poesy, and even Prophecy, what is it that the Dandy asks in return?
"Sartor Resartus, and On Heroes, Hero-Worship, and the Heroic in History" by Thomas Carlyle
The perennial garden was flourishing, and there was nothing to do.
"The Master-Knot of Human Fate" by Ellis Meredith
The question as to the relative intelligence of the sexes is one of perennial interest and great social importance.
"The Measurement of Intelligence" by Lewis Madison Terman
The temper exhibited here will probably be perennial in the world.
"Short Studies on Great Subjects" by James Anthony Froude
There are many methods of destroying perennial weeds.
"Agriculture for Beginners" by Charles William Burkett
The yard was only big enough for the perennial rubbish heap.
"The Promised Land" by Mary Antin
Ouida and Trilby may endure for a day, but Thackeray and Walter Scott are perennial.
"A Book for All Readers" by Ainsworth Rand Spofford
Perennial peace is before the door.
"Erasmus and the Age of Reformation" by Johan Huizinga
There were a few perennials easy to cultivate; and annuals such as sow themselves, marigolds and pansies.
"Janet's Love and Service" by Margaret M Robertson

In poetry:

No flowers emit their transient rays;
Yet sure Asteria's wit displays
More various tints, more glowing lines,
And with perennial beauty shines.
"Upon a Visit to a Lady of Quality" by William Shenstone
Thou never saw'st our Spring
Unfold the blossoms gay;
But thou shalt see perennial bowers,
Enwreathed with bright and glorious flowers,
That cannot fade away.
"Henrietta Selden Colt," by Lydia Howard Huntley Sigourney
It was sweet,
Full of dear leisure and perennial peace,
As very old days when life went easily,
Before mankind had lost the wise, the good
Habit of being happy.
"The Beginning" by Jean Ingelow
A good deed done hath memory's blest perfume,--
A day of self-forgetfulness, all given
To holy charity, hath perennial bloom
That goes, undrooping, up from earth to heaven.
"Perennials" by Samuel Griswold Goodrich
Forbear thy rage—on no perennial base
Is built frail Fear, or Hope's deceitful pile;
My pains are fled—my joy resumes its places
Should the sky brighten, or Melissa smile.
"Elegy XVII. He Indulges the Suggestions of Spleen.-- An Elegy to the Winds" by William Shenstone
What are the splendors that India can boast,
Blooming perennial on Lanca's bright coast?
What are the glories displayed on the bowers
Clothed with the verdure of tropical flowers?
"To The Pearl Vested Spikenard" by Henry Pelham Holmes Bromwell

In news:

ADF / Reviews ADF 2012: Perennial favorite Pilobolus falls flat.
Ohioans started casting their ballots Tuesday in the perennial battleground that tipped the election to President Bush four years ago and may determine his successor.
To help with this perennial dilemma, we have searched through the thousands of recipes in our recipe archive.
The zoo will accept tropical and perennial plants in containers 12 inches or larger on Saturday and Sunday in the zoo's administration parking lot.
Square Bud primrose is an Edwards Plateau perennial.
Stanford recruit Kevin Hogan has passed for more than 700 yards this season heading into Gonzaga's showdown with perennial power DeMatha.
You can propagate your mums, phlox and other perennials in the spring by taking 3-inch cuttings from the new growth.
The Issaquah High School girls team took on two perennial powers Dec 8 as the Eagles opened their 4A KingCo Conference season.
Tulips don't "perennialize" well, coming back year after year like daffodils.
Boogie Nights is one of my "anytime films," a perennial favorite with appeal no matter my mood.
Perennially outgunned Maryland Republicans hoped the strategy of using the Internet to petition laws to the ballot might help make the minority party relevant in state politics again.
Perennial keep-or-cull decisions take on a new level of importance and risk in the current price environment.
One of the perennial problems associated with fishing on the Kenai Peninsula river is bear encounters.
The writer is a Glenmont resident and the owner of the garden design business Perennial Wisdom.
Deadheading perennials may encourage encore blooms.

In science:

Of course, all this relates to the perennial debate started by the conflict between the EPR paper and Bohr’s response .
Relationalism vs. Bayesianism
It is the purpose of this paper to propose a remedy to this problem by splitting the equivalence of General Relativity and Shape Dynamics into two parts that are naturally separated in a Wheeler-DeWitt quantization approach, where ultimately only Dirac observables (or perennials in Kuchaˇr’s notation) are considered.
Observable Equivalence between General Relativity and Shape Dynamics
We thus argued in the introduction that one should define a notion of equivalence that puts observables (or perennials in Kuchaˇr’s notation) to the forefront, since classical observables are translated into quantum operators, while classical tra jectories lack a simple quantum analogue.
Observable Equivalence between General Relativity and Shape Dynamics
B -observables that would be called “perennials” by Kuchaˇr.
Observable Equivalence between General Relativity and Shape Dynamics
It is deeply rooted in experimental phenomena, yet it has also been a perennial source for new theoretical ideas.
Some Recent Issues in Quantum Magnetism
This seems to be a perennial feature of the staggered fermion formalism [228].
Meson and Baryon Spectroscopy on a Lattice
But since the Hamiltonian is one of the constraints, then such variables are “perennials” i.e. con stants of motion, and one cannot reasonably expect any of them to play the role of a “clock ”.
Canonical quantum gravity and consistent discretizations
Absolute measurements of optical standards can be made in perennially different labs around the world and compared. A relative measurement between optical standards require that both standards plus an appropriate femtosecond laser frequency comb be present at the same laboratory but yields far higher precision.
Single barium ion spectroscopy: light shifts, hyperfine structure, and progress on an optical frequency standard and atomic parity violation
Observables are better described, as Kuchaˇr emphasizes, as “perennials”.
An overview of canonical quantum gravity
The injection issue was the sub ject of two papers, Gieseler, Jones & Kang (OG 3.3.20) and Sugiyama & Fujimoto (OG 3.3.21), though neither paper treated electron injection, a perennial concern for theorists.
Cosmic Ray Origin, Acceleration and Propagation
While the perennial problem of what is the metallicity of > 1019 eV cosmic rays (i.e. protons vs.
Cosmic Ray Origin, Acceleration and Propagation
Although temperatures have never been measured there, it has been estimated that the surface could naturally and perennially be as cold as 30 K.
Does the Lunar Surface Still Offer Value As a Site for Astronomical Observatories?
Of course, all this relates to the perennial debate started by the conflict between the EPR paper and Bohr’s response .
Weak Values and Relational Generalisations
The constants of the motion of the discrete theory are quantities that have vanishing Poisson bracket with the Hamiltonian, {OD i , H } = 0 and in the continuum limit H0 → 0 reproduce, as functions of phase space the “perennials” of the continuum theory OC i = limH0→0 OD i .
Uniform discretizations: a new approach for the quantization of totally constrained systems
Conversely, for every perennial of the continuum theory there exists a constant of the motion (in general many constants) of the discrete theory that reduce to the given perennial in the continuum limit.
Uniform discretizations: a new approach for the quantization of totally constrained systems