• WordNet 3.6
    • n peperomia any of various plants of the genus Peperomia; grown primarily for their often succulent foliage
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n peperomia A large genus of herbaceous plants of the apetalous order Piperaceæ, the pepper family, and the tribe Pipereæ, characterized by the single sessile stigma, and the two stamens with the anther-cells confluent into one. There are over 400 species, found throughout warmer parts of the world, especially in America, from Florida to Chili and the Argentine Republic. They are usually prostrate and fleshy annuals, or perennial by a creeping rootstock or tuberous base. They bear alternate, opposite, or whorled leaves, undivided and commonly pellucid-dotted, and minute flowers in a dense or scattered spike. P. maculata is a dwarf green house plant with ornamental spotted leaves, remarkable for its ready propagation by leaf-cuttings. P. resedæflora is cultivated for its delicate spires of pink-stemmed white flowers. P. magnoliæfolia (.P. obtusifolia) of the West Indies and Central and South America is a succulent shrub with obovate or spatulate leaves and long curving spike-like aments. Several others, all known in cultivation as Peperomia, are the pepper-elder of British colonists.
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In literature:

Thibaudia myrtifolia, Peperomia, Stemodia grandis, Airoid, Otochilus linearis.
"Journals of Travels in Assam, Burma, Bhootan, Afghanistan and TheNeighbouring Countries" by William Griffith