peanut gallery


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n peanut gallery rearmost or uppermost area in the balcony containing the least expensive seats
    • n peanut gallery (figurative) people whose criticisms are regarded as irrelevant or insignificant (resembling uneducated people who throw peanuts on the stage to express displeasure with a performance) "he ignored complaints from the peanut gallery"
    • ***


Peanut gallery - An audience that interrupts, boos or heckles a performer, speaker, etc, is a peanut gallery.


In literature:

On those occasions they had sat far up in the peanut gallery in the place reserved for people of colour.
"The Sport of the Gods" by Paul Laurence Dunbar
A few minutes before he had been sitting up there in the "peanut gallery" of the Teatro Real.
"Their Son; The Necklace" by Eduardo Zamacois
But give me a chance to hear good music, and I'm there, if I have to stand in the peanut gallery.
"Into the Primitive" by Robert Ames Bennet

In news:

Paul Lawrie unhappy at Medinah peanut gallery , calls Ryder Cup win 'all the more satisfying'.
Paul Banks unveils its peanut gallery In our own backyard.
Nick Denton Gives Gawker's Drive-By Peanut Gallery a Promotion.
I CAN ALREADY hear the moans and groans from the peanut gallery if the Eagles select a defensive end with their first pick in the draft.
There is something about twitter that turns people into a cynical, "snarky" peanut gallery.
The spray paint peanut gallery.
Escape the peanut (and almond) gallery and dig your knife or spoon into the assortment of nut and seed butters out there.
Lessons from the Peanut Gallery.
Here's a summation of what Paterno had to say (along with comments from the peanut gallery).
Can we have a better class of political prevarication from the peanut gallery, please.
Nick Denton Gives Gawker's Drive-By Peanut Gallery a Promotion .