• WordNet 3.6
    • n pastorate the position of pastor
    • n pastorate pastors collectively
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Pastorate The office, state, or jurisdiction of a pastor.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n pastorate The status or office of a pastor, or the people under his spiritual care. Hence The time during which a pastor remains in charge of a parish: as, a pastorate of twenty years.
    • n pastorate The body of pastors in a given community.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • ns Pastorate the office of a pastor: the time during which one has been a pastor: the whole body of pastors in one church or district
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Pastoral care - This is used in education to describe the aspect of care offered to pupils that cover things besides learning.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Cf. F. pastorat,. See Pastor
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L., pascĕre, pastum, to feed.


In literature:

The first was made by Johann Adolph Franz Kloenne, pastor of the church at Bislich, near Wesel.
"Deaconesses in Europe" by Jane M. Bancroft
Aliae ecclesiae habent super se pastores.
"Short Studies on Great Subjects" by James Anthony Froude
He was installed colleague-pastor of the Old South Church with John Bacon in 1771.
"Diary of Anna Green Winslow" by Anna Green Winslow
When the King questioned him thus, the pastor felt that it was impossible to admit who he was.
"Short Stories of Various Types" by Various
He has a pastorate that many a white minister might covet.
"Among the Sioux" by R. J. Creswell
Mr. Wayman, then pastor of the Bethel Church, and afterward promoted to the bishopric.
"History of the Negro Race in America from 1619 to 1880. Vol. 2 (of 2)" by George Washington Williams
E. S. Tead is pastor, have just added 65 per cent.
"American Missionary - Volume 50, No. 3, March, 1896" by Various
Elias Graves was pastor of one of the largest churches in Ithaca.
"Tess of the Storm Country" by Grace Miller White
Now for the morning he had dropped the pastor, and was simply the family father.
"Little Tora, The Swedish Schoolmistress and Other Stories" by Mrs. Woods Baker
The Greenock school adventure was unfortunate, and the poet returned to the pastoral scenes of Carcoe.
"The Modern Scottish Minstrel, Volumes I-VI." by Various
How often a pastoral call is paid, whether at mansion or cottage, when no man is at home!
"To My Younger Brethren" by Handley C. G. Moule
Rollo next turned her attention to the little procession which appeared upon the hills, bringing the pastor and his wife to their new abode.
"The Billow and the Rock" by Harriet Martineau
Such is my duty as a Christian pastor.
"Feats on the Fiord" by Harriet Martineau
With great labour and much pains had this church been built, and pastor and people alike were not a little proud of their handiwork.
"Gascoyne, the Sandal-Wood Trader" by R.M. Ballantyne
Whenever the busy pastor appeared for a brief chat, she had to own defeat, and beg for a little more time.
"Heart of Gold" by Ruth Alberta Brown
Pastors of fashionable churches rarely perform this office now.
"A Circuit Rider's Wife" by Corra Harris
Two more churches would have been receiving aid if they had had a pastor, and still another church had there been a resident pastor.
"The Church on the Changing Frontier" by Helen O. Belknap
In 1571 there was an independent church of which we know little but the pastor's name.
"The Beginners of a Nation" by Edward Eggleston
He came first to London in April, 1793, and communed with the church in Keppel Street, then under the pastoral care of the Rev.
"The Baptist Magazine, Vol. 27, June 1835" by Various
Why they had mustered in this house round their old pastor, and with what hope remained, Nigel could only guess.
"The Mercenary" by W. J. Eccott

In poetry:

All by one man's sin engendered,
All by Adam's fatal fall,
Which, the pastor said, hath all men
Wrapped within its fearful pall.
"Caleb's Vision" by Alfred Gibbs Campbell
He may have worshipped gods like Zeus,
And termed old Dis a master;
But then he had a strong excuse —
He never heard a pastor.
"A Hyde Park Larrikin" by Henry Kendall
And still the white-hair'd pastor's voice
Fell on the ear, and still
A curlew would make sudden noise,
And swoop around the hill.
"In Kirkconnel Old Churchyard" by Alexander Anderson
But these are facts you can't deny,
My pastor, smudged and sooty,
His mind was like a summer sky —
He lived a life of beauty —
"A Hyde Park Larrikin" by Henry Kendall
But deep upon the Pastor's Pool
A sense of loss and shadow lies;
To me this sweet spring day is full
Of death and all its mysteries.
"In Memoriam" by Alexander Anderson
The dear, old pastor, kind and wise,
Large-hearted, full of quiet grace,
The kindliness within his eyes,
The sympathy upon his face.
"In Memoriam" by Alexander Anderson

In news:

Vurn C Martin, pastor, officiating.
Excerpt from Pastor John Hagee's Speech at A Night to Honor Israel.
Reverend Joseph Xiu Hui Jiang is the associate pastor at the Cathedral Basilica .
Fuquay-Varina church leader sues pastor.
"Goodbye for now, good friend, but that we should be together when I can salute you in person, with our glorified bodies," Pastor Jim Reinbolt said at his memorial service.
Chicagoland / Music A pastor's take on David Bazan .
After learning he would pay with his life for the brutal attack on an a young Arlington pastor, Steven Lawayne Nelson screamed and howled in his holding cell and then broke a sprinkler head, flooding the Tarrant County courtroom.
Pastor Terry Jones said he would cancel his planned Koran burning and travel to New York to discuss the location of the mosque near ground zero.
Arrests of youth coaches, educators, pastors and priests on suspicion of molesting children are not an epidemic in Sacramento.
Linda Hansen Bibb , pastor of Asbury United Methodist Church in Webster City, has recently retired and will be leaving Webster City after serving Asbury for the past four years.
Assisting White with training this seek was Daniel Vogel, Tyson Denison plant chaplain and associate pastor at Zion Lutheran in Manning.
He will be assisted by Minister K Aikens, Pastor R Colbert, Elder Clarence Seals, and Pastor T McKenzie.
A Houston, Texas man was arrested Sunday and questioned by police regarding the death of his grandfather, an 89-year-old pastor and the pastor's 61-year-old daughter, who was visiting from California.
Pastor Fred Small will celebrate his 54th anniversary as Pastor of People's Inter -Cities Fellowship Church, 4 pm, Sunday, Dec 9 at the church, 639 Drake Ave in Marin City.
As interim pastor at Mission del Sol Presbyterian Church in south Tempe, Dr Larry Corbett stays busy every day with a variety of jobs that are typical for most pastors.

In science:

The results of Pastor et al. for the paramagnetic phase are recovered if we introduce the additional approximation tanh β J = β J + O (cid:2)(β J )3(cid:3), and discard higher-order terms.
Replica-symmetric solutions of a dilute Ising ferromagnet in a random field
In many empirical networks, knn (k) has the form knn (k) = A + Bkβ , with A, B > 0 (Boccaletti et al., 2006; Pastor-Satorras et al., 2001) – the mixing being assortative if β is positive, and disassortative when negative.
Interplay between Network Topology and Dynamics in Neural Systems
It is worth mentioning that Pastor-Satorras et al. originally suggested using this exponent as a way of quantifying correlations (Pastor-Satorras et al., 2001), since this seems to be the most relevant magnitude.
Interplay between Network Topology and Dynamics in Neural Systems
This method is like the hidden variable technique (Bogu˜n´a and Pastor-Satorras, 2003) in that edges are placed with a predefined probability (which is why the resulting ensemble is canonical).
Interplay between Network Topology and Dynamics in Neural Systems
In many empirical networks, knn (k) has the form knn (k) = A + Bkβ , with A, B > 0 (Boccaletti et al., 2006; Pastor-Satorras et al., 2001) – the mixing being assortative (disassortative) if β is positive (negative).
Interplay between Network Topology and Dynamics in Neural Systems
Recently Pastor et. al. have derived bounds on the transition magnetic moment of the Ma jorana neutrinos in the presence of random magnetic fields from the supernova energy loss as well as from nucleosynthesis.
Neutrino propagation in a random magnetic field
Pastor reviewed the cosmological implications of large lepton asymmetries, e.g., generated by an Affleck-Dine scenario or active-sterile mixing.
Neutrino Oscillation Workshop 2000: Conference Summary
Pastor, these proceedings. 53. I. Affleck and M.
Neutrino Oscillation Workshop 2000: Conference Summary
Julien Lesgourges, Sergio Pastor, Marco Peloso and Lorenzo Sorbo.
Hubble Law and Brane Matter after Ekpyrosis
Recently, however, Pastor-Satorras and Vespignani have shown that for scale-free networks with γ ≤ 3 the epidemic threshold vanishes, i.e. λc = 0.
Halting viruses in scale-free networks
A result similar to immunizing all nodes with degree k > k0 (i.e. α = ∞) and the α = 1 case was studied independently by Pastor-Satorras and Vespignani [R.
Halting viruses in scale-free networks
They have shown results for protein interaction networks and the Internet. A more compact representation of the situation is that proposed by Pastor-Satorras et al. [331, 401], who in studies of the Internet calculated the mean degree of the network neighbors of a vertex as a function of the degree k of that vertex.
The structure and function of complex networks
A good discussion has been given by Pastor-Satorras and Vespignani [335].
The structure and function of complex networks
The SIS model cannot be solved exactly on a network as the SIR model can, but a detailed mean-field treatment has been given by Pastor-Satorras and Vespignani [332, 333] for SIS epidemics on the configuration model.
The structure and function of complex networks
In accordance with the electronic calculations by Pastor et al. a simple model is used assuming that the moments depend on cluster shell (i) and local atomic coordination, both changing with number of cluster atoms.
Magnetic Nanostructures