pass water


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v pass water eliminate urine "Again, the cat had made on the expensive rug"
    • ***


In literature:

She did it no harm but the pain of the blow made the bullock pass water.
"Folklore of the Santal Parganas" by Cecil Henry Bompas
We had passed the watering boats some distance further down on their way to the ship.
"Discoveries in Australia, Volume 2" by John Lort Stokes
We have no want of passes, and the Miller's-Maid is just as good a name to hail by, as the 'Water-witch.
"The Water-Witch or, The Skimmer of the Seas" by James Fenimore Cooper
Four large canoes coming from the northward passed over the reef at high-water, going towards Sue Island.
"Voyage Of H.M.S. Rattlesnake, Vol. 2 (of 2)" by John MacGillivray
If we had looked slightingly on the rough water passed, what we now see would satisfy the greediest.
"The New North" by Agnes Deans Cameron
When six nights have passed, he shall wash his body, he shall wash his clothes with gomez and water to make them clean.
"Sacred Books of the East" by Various
Pass the night in a hollow without water.
"Three Expeditions into the Interior of Eastern Australia, Vol 1 (of 2)" by Thomas Mitchell
It is probably frequented by seals, since many were seen in the water whilst passing at the distance of two miles.
"A Voyage to Terra Australis" by Matthew Flinders
The water passed through the side slopes away from the garden.
"The Library of Work and Play: Gardening and Farming." by Ellen Eddy Shaw
The water lay still as if asleep, only broken now and then by some passing craft.
"Story of Chester Lawrence" by Nephi Anderson
The flooring was about six feet above water, and wide enough for two teams to pass.
"Overland through Asia; Pictures of Siberian, Chinese, and Tartar Life" by Thomas Wallace Knox
So clearly did it sound over the water that it kept with them when the ships were passed.
"Sir Mortimer" by Mary Johnston
As we have passed through the water, let us now investigate her sister fluid, the air.
"An History of Birmingham (1783)" by William Hutton
He got up, and returning slowly towards the camp, passed on his way the drinking-place, where a groom was watering some horses.
"After London" by Richard Jefferies
Before one, however, we saw shoal water on the larboard bow, and standing from it, passed another ledge at two.
"A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Vol. 12" by Robert Kerr
MacLean drew it toward him, and, pressing aside the mass of bloom, passed his glass over the water in the bowl.
"Audrey" by Mary Johnston
As it passed, he waded a short distance into the water, and stretched forth his musket to the unhappy voyager.
"The Soldier Boy; or, Tom Somers in the Army" by Oliver Optic
From an open passing one water polo became one of close formations and fierce scrimmages.
"Swimming Scientifically Taught" by Frank Eugen Dalton and Louis C. Dalton
Unfortunately these scouts drew too little water and passed over the reefs without touching them.
"The Buccaneers in the West Indies in the XVII Century" by Clarence Henry Haring
It passes under all the gas and water pipes and sewers.
"Lights and Shadows of New York Life" by James D. McCabe

In poetry:

He leads me to the place
Where heav'nly pasture grows,
Where living waters gently pass,
And full salvation flows.
"Psalm 23" by Isaac Watts
We strolled down by the river side,
My sister Nell and I,
To watch the waters onward glide,
And vessels passing by.
"My Sister Nell And I" by Joseph Horatio Chant
What cares the unconventioned wood
For pass-words of the town?
The sound of fashion's shibboleth
The laughing waters drown.
"June On The Merrimac" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Since olden times
On these ancient banks
With the passing of the years
By the pool water's edge
Thickly grew the waterweed.
"Since olden times" by Yamabe no Akahito
Each and all are passed, like water
Under-rolled into a cavern,
Till we see the Devil's daughter
Waiting at the Devil's tavern.
"Pre-Ordination" by Madison Julius Cawein
One day as I stood at the Bridge of Luckeen,
Above the bright water all glancin' an' green,
There strayed down the path from the top of the pass
Such a slim little, prim little, trim little lass.
"The Bridge At Luckeen" by Clinton Scollard

In news:

A recent audit of Harlingen Waterworks revealed the water company passed more than two dozen budget amendments without city commission approval.
Legislation passed with bipartisan support by the California State Senate and signed into law last week will now require water companies and agencies to be subject to the same review and audit process as other public utilities.
The Water, Gas and Light commission passed the budget for next year which translates to a minor increase in your bill.
City passes budget, includes water meter replacement and fewer water bills.
Senate passes watered -down alcohol bill.
This Dec 5, 2012 photo provided by The United States Coast Guard shows barges passing in tight quarters due to low water levels as they navigate the Mississippi River near St Louis.
Houston engineers give roads, water lines barely passing grades.
(WCBI) – We have a boil water notice to pass along for some folks in Monroe County.
Buckeye voters passed a ballot question Tuesday that will allow town officials to spend as much as $28.5 million on water-system improvements.
A bill that would authorize COMCD to import and store water from other sources into Lake Thunderbird passed out of the House committee on Natural Resources in March.
The Water and Sewer Commission unanimously passed a motion Tuesday recommending the town allocate up to $2.6 million for adding new meters and updating equipment.
Pumps must be able to move a high volume of water, pass debris without clogging, and withstand difficult conditions on any jobsite.
A Wylie player defends Ryan Mercer (34) of Sweet-water as he passes to an unseen teammate in Friday's District 5-3A opener.
In Miami this weekend, the US Conference of Mayors passed a resolution encouraging all cities to not spend tax payer dollars on bottled water.
Ruth Gibbs Ton , of Chesterton, passed away Saturday, Sept 1, 2007 at The Waters of Duneland, Chesterton.

In science:

The ridged waveguides are machined into the cell, the slots by wire etching, the waveguide by milling. The SiC wedges are fixed with a specially designed clamp, avoiding thermal strains during brazing. Water cooling channels and dimple tuning are provided. The complete structure is brazed vertically and in one pass.
Design of a 3 GHz Accelerator Structure for the CLIC Test Facility (CTF 3) Drive Beam
Carnot reasons by analogy with a machine that works at the expense of water passing from a higher to a lower level reservo ir.
The Energy-Entropy Principle
If the water could, by it self, pass into a higher level we would have a perpetual machine.
The Energy-Entropy Principle
Carnot associates the heat (or caloric) passing between two sources at different temperatures with the water falling between the two levels. The quantity of water falling to the lower level reservo ir is equal to the one coming out of the higher level reservo ir.
The Energy-Entropy Principle
The purity of the liquid Argon before passing through the OXYSORB cartridge has a nominal concentration of water and Oxygen of the order of the ppm.
A prototype liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber for the study of UV laser multi-photonic ionization
The water containing impurities smaller than Gd and SO4 is deionized (DI) and then sent through the reverse osmosis (RO), where only H2O molecules can pass through the membrane.
Gadolinium study for a water Cherenkov detector
For electrons with a kinetic energy of 5.0 MeV passing through 1 cm of water, the percentage increase in the fraction that scatters into the forward hemisphere over that obtained with EGS4 is 0.9% when applying the average step length correction, and 1.2% using EGSnrc.
Electron Energy Spectra, Fluxes, and Day-Night Asymmetries of $^{8}$B Solar Neutrinos from the 391-Day Salt Phase SNO Data Set
These simulations reveal the motion of a single water molecule as it passes through the channel.
Biological and synthetic membranes: What can be learned from a coarse-grained description?
The tra jectories provide insights into the specificity mechanism by which the channel allows water, but not ions, to pass.
Biological and synthetic membranes: What can be learned from a coarse-grained description?
In most cases the membrane is designed to allow only water to pass through this dense layer while preventing the passage of solutes (such as salt ions).
Extraction of Freshwater and Energy from Atmosphere
Thus heated, the water is passed to another container known as a "stage", where the surrounding pressure is lower than that in the brine heater.
Extraction of Freshwater and Energy from Atmosphere
The bars, which operate at ~1800 K and radiate the power dissipated in them to water-cooled walls, are connected to a pair of chains that propel and guide them through the solenoids. If there are ~500 bars on the chains, each target bar passes through the beam only one million times in one year of operation.
Accelerator design concept for future neutrino facilities
Studies of water passing obstacles and falling by Leonardo Da Vinci, c. 15089.
Different goals in multiscale simulations and how to reach them
Thus Eqs. (3.28) and (3.29) are the constant fractions of the original energy E0 deposited into ionic energy EI and electronic energy Ee — the energy losses analogous to those of the water passing through the rocky waterfall.
Charged Particle Motion in a Plasma: Electron-Ion Energy Partition
The narrow selectivity filter is only 12 ˚A long and about 3 ˚A wide, which forces potassium ions with Pauling radius 1.33 ˚A to shed their hydrating waters to enter and pass in a single-file fashion.
From Brownian Dynamics to Markov Chain: an Ion Channel Example