particulate matter


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n particulate matter a small discrete mass of solid or liquid matter that remains individually dispersed in gas or liquid emissions (usually considered to be an atmospheric pollutant)
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In news:

Navigating a 'course' through coarse particulate matter regulations.
The V-CAT system can reduce particulate matter (PM) 30-50%, hydrocarbons (HC) 50-70% and carbon monoxide (CO) 80-90% at full load conditions.
It displays measurements of a size of particulate matter called PM-10.
After a range of studies in the 1990s linking daily mortality rates with the concentration of particulate matter in the atmosphere, concern has grown about the effects of ambient air on health.
Stricter particulate matter soot standards could hinder transportation improvements.
CORPUS CHRISTI — Las Brisas Energy Center has agreed to lower pollution limits for mercury and tiny dust known as particulate matter.
The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is developing a regulation to reduce diesel particulate matter (PM) and other emissions from in-use heavy-duty diesel-powered vehicles operating in California.
Tighter particulate matter standards are in our future, according to Regulatory Editor Lynn Bergeson in this month's Compliance Advisor column on
Expect tighter particulate matter standards.
BAD AIR = BAD HEALTH: Study links exposure to ambient fine particulate matter with a higher risk of stroke.
When residents burn wood, the amount of particulate matter in the region's air grows.
The earlier 2010 regulation required facilities to formally certify that existing pellet mill cyclones were designed to reduce emissions of particulate matter by at least 95 percent.
It removes virtually all bacteria (99.9999%) and protozoa parasites (99.9%) that can contaminate water, and it reduces turbidity by filtering out particulate matter.
In addition to the 70 percent reduction in fungal levels and 38 percent of particulate matter, a 53 percent decrease was reported in airborne outdoor fungal levels, Cheong said.
Fairbanks and North Pole continue to have higher pollution levels for fine particulate matter than any of the 500 or so cities monitored on a national website.

In science:

Spatio-temporal modelling of particulate matter concentration through the SPDE approach.
Think continuous: Markovian Gaussian models in spatial statistics
Sublightlike charged-particulate matter (a component of ‘objective reality’) reflects ‘zitterbewegung’—fluctuation of a lightlike-velocity direction specified by 2 angles of a 3-sphere fiber.
Unification of Gravity with Electromagnetism
Kalberer, Atmospheric Particulate Matter, in: C. N.
A Study of the Effect of Molecular and Aerosol Conditions in the Atmosphere on Air Fluorescence Measurements at the Pierre Auger Observatory
As a proxy for environmental pressure we considered the availability of energy from detritus (particulate organic matter) input.
The Emergence of Modularity in Biological Systems
Thompson and Townsend showed that the forest river food webs in this data set have a much greater concentration of both coarse and fine particulate organic matter than their counterparts flowing through grassland .
The Emergence of Modularity in Biological Systems