paradise flower


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n paradise flower tropical shrub or small tree having showy yellow to orange-red flowers; sometimes placed in genus Poinciana
    • ***


In literature:

Her voice was like the singing flowers of Paradise.
"The Ninth Vibration And Other Stories" by L. Adams Beck
And then to lift them down in armfuls, those flowers of paradise, all fresh with the air of the fields, all joyous like the birds!
"A Beleaguered City" by Mrs. Oliphant
It was a Paradise of Flowers, even the Golden State could not outdo it.
"The Boy With the U. S. Fisheries" by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
He had been taught that it was the most beautiful flower of Paradise.
"The Little Colonel: Maid of Honor" by Annie Fellows Johnston
Flowers were encouraged to grow wild under those trees; in spring it was a paradise of wild daffodils and tulips.
"To Love" by Margaret Peterson
The crushed leaves of that flower of paradise are bathed and saturated with dewy tears.
"Memories of Bethany" by John Ross Macduff
A fountain, too, in Paradise, and fine flowers painted.
"Rambles Beyond Railways;" by Wilkie Collins
Then he thought of his parents in Orangeville with every comfort inside, and a perfect paradise of fruits and flowers outside.
"A California Girl" by Edward Eldridge
Rose Benoit knows all the flowers of paradise and all the animals that were in the ark.
"Our Children" by Anatole France
He traveled slowly over the fifty-mile plain rich with a verdure of green, covered with flowers, a game paradise.
"The Valley of Silent Men" by James Oliver Curwood
In Japan there are flowers blooming all the year round: the country is a veritable paradise of flowers.
"Japan" by Dorothy Menpes
It is the white flower of eternal perfection that blooms and waits for the soul in Paradise.
"Sister Dolorosa and Posthumous Fame" by James Lane Allen
A small room, flooded with sunshine and filled with flowers, laughed at her like a garden from paradise.
"The Song of Songs" by Hermann Sudermann
Now it happened that this little angel loved the flowers of Paradise especially.
"The Islands of Magic" by Elsie Spicer Eells
A small room flooded with sunlight and filled with flowers smiled at her like a tiny paradise.
"The Song of Songs" by Hermann Sudermann
The beautiful blue of the Paradise Flower is used when one wishes for this color in decorations.
"Garden Ornaments" by Mary H. Northend
Souls in this paradise might also enter the bodies of humming-birds, and flit from flower to flower.
"The Mythologies of Ancient Mexico and Peru" by Lewis Spence
Granite Park is a paradise for lovers of alpine flowers.
"Glacier National Park [Montana]" by United States Dept. of the Interior
You are like a bird of paradise or a flower from the tropics.
"Northwest!" by Harold Bindloss
What a little flower of Paradise!
"William Hickling Prescott" by Harry Thurston Peck

In poetry:

But in a blissful Paradise,
'Mid ever-blooming bowers,
The mother and the daughter
Now gather fairer flowers.
"The Mother's Grave" by Peter John Allan
I almost forgot:
Rhoda is the Rose.
And this flower perhaps is the only thing
that’s left us on earth
from the Paradise that was.
"Lost Paradise" by Jaroslav Seifert
Gone are the tents that pierced the skies;
But in their place, more fair,
Transfigured flowers of Paradise
Bloom in the crystal air.
"The Mountains Of Meran At Sunrise" by John Lawson Stoddard
Remnants of Paradise — and thou, fair rose,
Loveliest of all, albeit a simple flower,
Thrown freely here,— how trebly prized by those
Who in you find a Father's gracious power!
"The Rose Of The Wilderness (Gathered In Crossing A Portage On The River Winnipeg)" by George Jehoshaphat Mountain
Such was my pure ambition then,
My sinless transport night and morn
Ere yet this newer world of men,
And that most fair of stars was born
Which I in fatal hour saw rise
Among the flowers of Paradise!
"The Loves of the Angels" by Thomas Moore
Now take we happy flight
To Paradise, adorned with fairest flowers;
There let us almost worship
The mighty lord of this transcendent world,
And joyous let us sing
This flowery heaven, and Adam as its God.
"Adam: A Sacred Drama. Act 2. " by William Cowper

In news:

What's Blooming in Paradise: Calico Flower.
Paradise Flower Farms in Kula reported Wednesday that it is taking orders for flower lei graduations next week.
The red bird of paradise ( Caesalpinia pulcherrima ) is often mistakenly called the "Mexican bird of paradise" (a similar plant, with all-yellow flowers).
A flower lover's paradise awaits in Lewes, Deleware.
Deep green foliage sets off the bright pink flowers of Paradise 'Orchid' New Guinea impatiens.