• WordNet 3.6
    • n parable a short moral story (often with animal characters)
    • n parable (New Testament) any of the stories told by Jesus to convey his religious message "the parable of the prodigal son"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Parable A comparison; a similitude; specifically, a short fictitious narrative of something which might really occur in life or nature, by means of which a moral is drawn; as, the parables of Christ. "Declare unto us the parable of the tares."
    • a Parable Procurable.
    • v. t Parable To represent by parable. "Which by the ancient sages was thus parabled."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n parable A comparison; similitude.
    • n parable Specifically An allegorical relation or representation from which a moral is drawn for instruction; an apologue. It is a species of fable, and differs from the apologue in that it deals with events which, though fictitious, might reasonably have happened in nature. The word is also employed in the English Bible to signify a proverb, a proverbial or notable saying, a thing darkly or figuratively expressed.
    • n parable Synonyms Metaphor, Comparison,etc. (see simile); Fable,etc. (see myth).
    • parable To represent by a parable or allegorical representation.
    • parable Capable of being procured, prepared, or provided.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Parable par′a-bl a comparison: a fable or story of something which might have happened, told to illustrate some doctrine, or to make some duty clear:
    • v.t Parable to represent by a parable
    • n Parable par′a-bl (B.) an apologue, proverb (Ps. lxxviii. 2, Hab. ii. 6)
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  • Camille Paglia
    “Jesus was a brilliant Jewish stand-up comedian, a phenomenal improviser. His parables are great one-liners.”
  • Simone Weil
    “Every perfect life is a parable invented by God.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. parabole, L. parabola, fr. Gr. a placing beside or together, a comparing, comparison, a parable, fr. to throw beside, compare; para` beside + to throw; cf. Skr. gal, to drop. Cf. Emblem Gland Palaver Parabola Parley Parabole Symbol
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Gr. parabolēparaballein, to compare—para, beside, ballein, to throw.


In literature:

That added chapter becomes to us like an acted parable, the parable of the added touch.
"Quiet Talks on Following the Christ" by S. D. Gordon
In the parable of Judges 9, the trees are represented as holding a council and talking with one another.
"Our Day" by W. A. Spicer
And how then will ye know all parables?
"Jesus of Nazareth - A Biography" by John Mark
You remember the Saviour's parable of the two sons.
"Modern Skepticism: A Journey Through the Land of Doubt and Back Again" by Joseph Barker
I must dwell on it for a moment, and you must mark well what I say, for on it my parable largely depends.
"The Best Short Stories of 1921 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story" by Various
Emerson had little use for science except so far as it yielded him symbols and parables for his superscience.
"The Last Harvest" by John Burroughs
That is a perfect parable of the history of Masonry.
"The Builders" by Joseph Fort Newton
I purpose not to handle this parable punctually, because it stands not with the nature of a parable, neither will the time suffer me so to do.
"The Covenants And The Covenanters" by Various
Now this is a primrose parable of many things, and worth remembering.
"A Book of Quaker Saints" by Lucy Violet Hodgkin
It is true we have a little money, but the parable can't possibly mean anything so vulgar as money; our money's our own.
"A Joy For Ever" by John Ruskin

In poetry:

In darkness till God's own appointed time
In His own manner passeth fully by.
Our Penance this. His Parable sublime
Means we must learn to die.
"An Elegiac Ode" by James Barron Hope
But were they dead in me, they live
In thee, whose Parable is—Time,
And Worlds, and Forms—all things that give
Me thoughts, and this my rime.
"A Prayer for the Past: All sights and sounds of day and yea" by George MacDonald
While thus our rippling discourse rolled
Smooth down the channel of the night,
We spoke of Time: thereat, one told
A parable of the Seasons' flight.
"The Hard Times In Elfland [A Story of Christmas Eve]" by Sidney Lanier
And if my word be of mine exaltation,
Take up thy parable and say, 'He stands,
This Pharisee of hills, with vain elation,
In that great Church which is not made with hands.'
"What The Mountain Said To The Maiden" by Samuel John Stone
There is a parable in the pathless cloud,
There's prophecy in heaven,--they did not lie,
The Chaldee shepherds; seal-ed from the proud,
To cheer the weighted heart that mates the seeing eye.
"The Cloud's Swan-Song" by Francis Thompson
'But thou begone, take counsel, and away,
For hard by here is one that guards a ford—
The second brother in their fool's parable—
Will pay thee all thy wages, and to boot.
Care not for shame: thou art not knight but knave.'
"Gareth And Lynette" by Alfred Lord Tennyson

In news:

Parable of the Bees.
Parable of the Rich Fool.
Cardinal Rep continues their 08/09 season with John Patrick Shanley's Doubt, A Parable , winner of the 2005 Pulitzer and Tony Awards for Drama.
The Iraqi soccer ' parable '.
Theatre in the Park's Doubt: A Parable .
The choice of Doubt, a Parable is a significant step in the growth of Pec Playhouse as a professional theater.
'Pi' is a pretty, yet plodding, parable .
Shanley's 'Doubt: A Parable ' is a dark puzzler.
In Tehran, A Vivid Parable About The Ends Of Things.
The parable of the wild horses.
Hamlet's Optical Parable : To Refurbish or Not to Refurbish Old Lenses.
A Parable of a Familiar Industry.
A Parable about the Gender Debates.
Group reviews ' Parable of the Unjust Steward.
Great teachers use parables .

In science:

One of them is finite (the entropic circle), another one is infinite (the entropic parable).
Geometry of irreversibility: The film of nonequilibrium states
The relevance of this scientific parable is that the same arguments can (more legitimately) be applied to the mantle of the PNS.
Perspectives on Core-Collapse Supernova Theory
As Simon’s classic parable of Hora and Tempus illustrates, there are advantages to assembling a complex system from modular pieces in a hierarchical fashion.
The Emergence of Modularity in Biological Systems
Within quantum information, nonlocality has undergone an interesting parable.
Device-independent bounds for Hardy's experiment
As the magnetic field change increases, there will come a point when the energy difference ∆ − Ez becomes com3χf cH 2 for the largest of the small parable to ∆(r) − rmax crystallites.
Finite Size Effects on Spin Glass Dynamics