• WordNet 3.6
    • v par make a score (on a hole) equal to par
    • n par (golf) the standard number of strokes set for each hole on a golf course, or for the entire course "a par-5 hole","par for this course is 72"
    • n par a state of being essentially equal or equivalent; equally balanced "on a par with the best"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: An artificial hand , with fingers moved by cogwheels and levers, was designed in 1551 by Frenchman Ambroise Paré. It worked so well that a handless cavalryman was able to grasp the reins of his horse.
    • Par An amount which is taken as an average or mean.
    • prep Par By; with; -- used frequently in Early English in phrases taken from the French, being sometimes written as a part of the word which it governs; as, par amour, or paramour; par cas, or parcase; par fay, or parfay.
    • Par Equal value; equality of nominal and actual value; the value expressed on the face or in the words of a certificate of value, as a bond or other commercial paper.
    • Par Equality of condition or circumstances.
    • n Par (Zoöl) See Parr.
    • Par (Golf) The number of strokes required for a hole or a round played without mistake, two strokes being allowed on each hole for putting. Par represents perfect play, whereas bogey makes allowance on some holes for human frailty. Thus if par for a course is 75, bogey is usually put down, arbitrarily, as 81 or 82. If par for one hole is 5, a bogey is 6, and a score of 7 strokes would be a double bogey.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • par To inclose.
    • n par An inclosed place for domestic animals.
    • n par Equality in value or in circumstances.
    • n par The norm; a standard, fixed either by natural conditions or by consent and agreement.
    • n par Specifically In banking and com., the state of the shares of any business, undertaking, loan, etc., when they are neither at a discount nor at a premium—that is, when they may be purchased at the original price (called issue par), or at their face-value (called nominal par). Such shares or bonds are said to be at par. When they may be purchased for less than the issue or nominal par, they are said to be below par, or at a discount; when the price is greater than the issue or nominal par, they are said to be above par, or at a premium.
    • n par Same as arbitrated par. See the quotation.
    • par Normal; standard.
    • par Strictly equivalent value, as pound for pound or dollar for dollar.
    • par To fix an equality between; arrive at or establish an equivalence in the values of; agree upon the commercial or financial par of: said of the agreement between two or more countries as to the value of the coins of one in those of the other, or of the others, etc.
    • n par A pair; in anatomy, a pair (of nerves): now only in one phrase.
    • n par See parr.
    • n par A young leveret.
    • n par A French preposition, meaning ‘by,’ ‘through,’ etc., occurring in some phrases occasionally used in English, as par excellence. See per and per-.
    • n par A form of per- in some words from Old French, as parboil, pardon etc. See per-.
    • n par A form of para- before a vowel or h.
    • n par An abbreviation for paragraph and parenthesis.
    • n par In golf: Perfect play.
    • n par At each hole, the number of perfectly played strokes from tee to green (two putts being added). The par of a 320-yard hole, for instance, is usually fixed at 4 strokes.
    • n par An abbreviation of parallel
    • n par of parish.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Par pär state of equality: equal value, the norm or standard: state or value of bills, shares, &c. when they sell at exactly the price marked on them—i.e. without premium or discount: equality of condition
    • v.t Par to fix an equality between
    • n Par pär Same as Parr.
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  • Plato
    “Honesty is for the most par less profitable than dishonesty.”
  • Sam Snead
    Sam Snead
    “Forget your opponents; always play against par.”


Above par - Better than average or normal
Below par - If something isn't up to standard, or someone isn't feeling or doing very well, they are below par.
Par for the course - If something is par for the course, it is what you expected it would be. If it is above par, it is better, and if it is below par, it is worse.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. par, adj., equal. See Peer an equal


In literature:

I couldn't just reconcile those statements with Clarence's face, but I accepted him at par and had him passed along to the head errand boy.
"Letters from a Self-Made Merchant to His Son" by George Horace Lorimer
De totes cinc que une soule: Totes passerent par sa goule.
"A Literary History of the English People" by Jean Jules Jusserand
By paying down $4.76-1/2 in New York you can get L1 in London, which on a par gold basis is equivalent to $4.86 in London.
"New York Times Current History; The European War, Vol 2, No. 5, August, 1915" by Various
What Inflection is placed on the rhetorical questions in par.
"The Ontario High School Reader" by A.E. Marty
Par le Sieur de Beaulieu, Ingenieur, Geographe du Roi ...
"A Budget of Paradoxes, Volume I (of II)" by Augustus De Morgan
Par M. de P. Augumentee par Dom Pernety.
"History of Circumcision from the Earliest Times to the Present" by Peter Charles Remondino
He told me he would make it cross par within sixty days.
"The Tipster" by Edwin Lefevre
Zis, monsieur," holding out the skirt of his hunting-shirt; "par Dieu!
"The Scalp Hunters" by Mayne Reid
Blade: Contes populaires recueillis en Agenais par M. Jean-Francois Blade suivis de notes comparatives par M. Reinhold Koehler.
"Italian Popular Tales" by Thomas Frederick Crane
Witch, 'e no rassel wit' 'e ebry-day 'quaintan'; 'e do go pars 'e own place.
"Nights With Uncle Remus" by Joel Chandler Harris
Contes et Romans del' Egypte Chretienne par E. Amelineau.
"The Science of Fairy Tales" by Edwin Sidney Hartland
One of them suburbs on the line to Essex, where my pretty will live when her husband's frantic par makes it up.
"The Opal Serpent" by Fergus Hume
Grands Voyages, Occidentalis Indiae, pars VIII., p. 50.
"Celebrated Travels and Travellers" by Jules Verne
Cette erreur a ete partagee par un des voyageurs modernes les plus spirituels, mais des plus systematiques, par Volney.
"The Conquest of Canada (Vol. 1 of 2)" by George Warburton
She was a grown-up person, accepted as one, not as Mrs. Golden's daughter; and her own gossip now passed at par.
"The Job" by Sinclair Lewis
C'est la regle de conduite donnee par la nature humaine et indiquee par l'histoire.
"A Lecture on the Study of History" by Lord Acton
The dove is, par excellence, an example of conjugal love.
"Sex=The Unknown Quantity" by Ali Nomad
The par value being five hundred francs, two hundred of them represented at par a sum of one hundred thousand francs.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, v. 13" by Various
Par l'Abbe C.-H. Laverdiere, M.A.
"The Founder of New France" by Charles W. Colby
L'Echange Revue Linnienne, fondee par le Docteur Jacquet.
"A History of Science, Volume 5(of 5)" by Henry Smith Williams

In poetry:

He seeks to hold relentless war,
With God, or man, or self;
All men to him are at a par,
His mind is all bereft.
"Strong Drink" by Frank Barbour Coffin
I fari splendono--la`, in lontananza,
Pupille immobili--fise nel vuoto;
E par che evochino--la rimembranza
D'un di` remoto.
"Notte" by Ferdinando Fontana
La colomba che sopra v'e` scolpita
Par che dica, mandandomi un saluto:
"Che giova esser vissuto!
"Che giova il darci pena della vita!"
"Veritas, Vanitas!" by Ferdinando Fontana
'Er "pore dear Par"…I s'pose 'e 'ad 'is day,
An' kissed and smooged an' loved 'er in 'is way.
An' wed an' took 'is chances like a man -
But, Gawd, this splicin' racket ain't all play.
"Mar " by C J Dennis
No! God has more love for his children, than mere man.
To make strong drink their souls to damn;
His love is more boundless than mere man's by far,
And to say not it would be an unequal par.
"A New Temperance Poem, in Memory of My Departed Parents" by William Topaz McGonagall
This fact is clear….Both man and woman
Prize not what's good, but what's uncommon ;
And most delighted still they are,
Not with the excellent, but rare,….
I could of this give proofs most stable,
But, par exemple , take a fable.
"The Moon and the Comet" by Amelia Opie

In news:

Verizon Wireless is cutting the cost of its Samsung Galaxy by $100 from $599, perhaps in a sign that sales aren't up to par.
As a die-hard fan of 'The Punisher ' comic books growing up, it was tough not to see my favorite character get a few sub-par movie adaptations.
The aggregate value of securitized loans priced by DebtX at the end of April registered 80.9% of par value, up from 79.8% a month earlier and 76.4% a year ago.
Sea Hawks star shoots 6-under-par 66 to place second at CIF-SS Northern Division event.
Golfer shoots 7-under-par 67 for individual title.
Remember him as you will, but John Zachary DeLorean was a car guy par excellence.
Judge critical of Par Ridder 's conduct in ruling.
Summary of Par Ridder 's compensation 1998-2005.
Slippery Rock senior Brett Rinker scrambled for a 2-over-par 73 to tie for third in Class AAA boys play Monday in the PIAA Golf Championships at Heritage Hills Golf Resort.
You could tell it was Obama, because he finished about 14 trillion over par.
Fred Couples gave himself a chance entering the final round after shooting 5-under-par 65 on Saturday – aka Moving Day – in the US Senior Open at Indianwood Golf and Country Club.
Last year, he came from 12 strokes off the pace in the final round and won by shooting a 7-under-par 64.
Still struggling to fit into offense, Howard has second straight sub-par game.
Forrest's Austin Nichols putts out on the par 4 9th green at Henry Horton to cap off his round of 40.

In science:

We shall use a notation Par(n) for the set of all partitions of n.
Determinantal random point fields
The last statement is a direct consequence of Lemma 3.1 since by the construction the different solutions correspond to the same par(Γ).
Singular sets and parameters of generalized triangle orbifolds
Langages et environnements en programmation par contraintes d’interval les.
Component Programming and Interoperability in Constraint Solver Design
Multiplications aleatoires et distributions invariantes par moyenne ponderee aleatoire. C.R.
On the uniqueness of the branching parameter for a random cascade measure
Gomis, J., Par´ıs, J. and Samuel, S.: Antibracket, antifields and gauge theory quantization.
Lagrangian symmetries and supersymmetries depending on derivatives. Global analysis
Si existe un Complex K y un homeomorfismo f : |K | −→ X , entonces se dice que X es triangulable y el par (K, f ) se denomina una Triangulaci´on de X .
Aproximacion Discreta de la Relatividad General
Ramella, La stratification du sch´ema de Hilbert des courbes rationel les de Pn par le fibr´e tangent restreint, Comptes Rendus Acad.
Normal bundles of rational curves in projective spaces
Multiplications aléatoires itérées et distributions invariantes par moyenne pondérée aléatoire: quelques extensions.C. R.
Bindweeds or random walks in random environments on multiplexed trees and their asympotics
Approximation filtrante de diagrammes finis par Pro-C .
A generalization of Quillen's small object argument
Almost putting it on a par with the photon or neutrino.
A Sketch for a Quantum Theory of Gravitity
Dixmier, Certaines alg`ebres non associatives simples d´efinies par la transvection des formes binaires, J.
New simple Lie superalgebras in characteristic 3
J (0) (q) = Qα∈R+ (qα )mα J (−) (q) = Qα∈R+ (sinh(qα))mα J (+) (q) = Qα∈R+ (sin(qα))mα for the various types of symmetric spaces with zero, negative and positive curvature, respectively (see , Ch. I, par. 5). J (j ) = p|g | where g is the metric tensor at an arbitrary point of the symmetric space.
Lectures on random matrix theory and symmetric spaces
Nr (·) → ar (·)dt + par (·)dWr (t), where Wr (t), r ∈ R1 are Brownian motions independent of each other and Xt=0 .
On hybrid simulation schemes for stochastic reaction dynamics
In par ticular, when the maximum clause length is 3, this model displays a curve in its parameter space along which the probability of satisfiability is discontinuous, ending in a second-order phase transition where it becomes continuous.
A Continuous-Discontinuous Second-Order Transition in the Satisfiability of Random Horn-SAT Formulas
Applying a chaotic operator once will not, in general, produce entanglement on par with random operators [1, 5].
Matrix Element Distribution as a Signature of Entanglement Generation