• Paper Dolls
    Paper Dolls
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n papers writing that provides information (especially information of an official nature)
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Paper Mother and Child Paper Mother and Child
Paper Girl Paper Girl
Paper Boats 1 Paper Boats 1
Paper Boats 2 Paper Boats 2
Paper Darts Paper Darts
Paper Mats Paper Mats
Paper Boxes Paper Boxes
Joe's Wall Paper Duds Joe's Wall Paper Duds


  • Will Rogers
    “One ad is worth more to a paper than forty editorials.”
  • Paul Valery
    “If some great catastrophe is not announced every morning, we feel a certain void. nothing in the paper today , we sigh.”
  • Alicia Silverstone
    Alicia Silverstone
    “Like when I'm in the bathroom looking at my toilet paper, I'm like 'Wow! That's toilet paper?' I don't know if we appreciate how much we have.”
  • Mao Zedong
    “All reactionaries are paper tigers.”
  • Will Rogers
    “All I know is just what I read in the papers.”
  • Johann Kaspar Lavater
    “Trust him not with your secrets, who, when left alone in your room, turns over your papers.”


Cigarette paper - If you cannot get or put a cigarette paper between people, they are so closely bonded that nothing will separate them or their positions on issues.
Paper over the cracks - If you paper over the cracks, you try to make something look or work better but only deal with superficial issues, not the real underlying problems.
Paper tiger - A paper tiger is a person, country, institution, etc, that looks powerful, but is actually weak.


In literature:

Before Dr. Surtaine lay many sheaves of paper, in rigid order.
"The Clarion" by Samuel Hopkins Adams
It was about a quire of folio paper, written in a large and running hand, very like his own.
"Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson" by Thomas Jefferson
I communicated to him my papers.
"Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson" by Thomas Jefferson
Cover the bottom of an oblong pan with a greased and floured paper and then pour in sponge cake mixture one-quarter of an inch deep.
"Mrs. Wilson's Cook Book" by Mary A. Wilson
In a former paper, we alluded to the manner in which the Sabbath was regarded by our ancestors.
"The Olden Time Series, Vol. 3: New-England Sunday" by Henry M. Brooks
In this I file each paper so soon as read, by which means they are never lost or mislaid.
"Prairie Farmer, Vol. 56: No. 1, January 5, 1884." by Various
Both women stood close to the wall, papered with white-and-gold paper, and listened.
"By the Light of the Soul" by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
The paper was a nondescript pattern, a large satin scroll on white.
"The Shoulders of Atlas" by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
Winona read over her paper slowly.
"The Luckiest Girl in the School" by Angela Brazil
Cover with buttered paper and bake for fifteen minutes.
"How to Cook Fish" by Olive Green
I would fling a crumpled piece of paper into the waste-paper basket.
"My Lady Nicotine" by J. M. Barrie
The afternoon papers say that in Paris the name of the Rue de Berlin has been changed to Rue de Liege.
"A Journal From Our Legation in Belgium" by Hugh Gibson
Put a mark upon a paper for every bow you get, and when you have one hundred bury the paper and wish.
"Current Superstitions" by Various
He resolved that he did not like their unkempt looks, so turned his attention to the man with the paper.
"The She Boss" by Arthur Preston Hankins
As Higgins had said, the brown paper was on top, and the coarse, light-coloured paper underneath.
"The Triumphs of Eugène Valmont" by Robert Barr
In the library stood the master of the house, idly fingering some papers which lay on the study table.
"The Million Dollar Mystery" by Harold MacGrath
He took out pencil and paper, scrawled a word or two, and shoved the paper at Chacherre.
"The Mardi Gras Mystery" by H. Bedford-Jones
Plates on thick paper must likewise be mounted on strips of paper.
"Practical Bookbinding" by Paul Adam
Cover with a buttered paper and the casserole cover, put in oven and cook until soft.
"The Hotel St. Francis Cook Book" by Victor Hirtzler
The enormous writing-table of dark wood stood in front of the fireplace and was covered with books and papers.
"When It Was Dark" by Guy Thorne

In poetry:

Your gondola—-let Zorzi wreathe
A mesh of water-weeds about
its prow, as if he unaware
Had struck some quay or bridge-foot stair!
That I may throw a paper out
As you and he go underneath.
"In A Gondola" by Robert Browning
The papers wrote that all the men
That had been called the spring before
Were due to quit the site of war;
So to the village came again
Now one, and now another yet
Of those who had left then.
"Three, Mighty God, All Three!" by George Cosbuc
Then she thrummels the leaves o' some aul' tatter'd book,
Readin' into hersel' wi' a mak'-believe look;
Then, seein' nae pictures to please her e'e there,
Tears a leaf oot for papers to curl up her hair.
"Wee Tottie" by Alexander Anderson
Then Madame Malibran rose from her seat most costly and grand
And took the scroll of paper from Pierre's hand
And hummed his little song, to a plaintive air,
Then said, your song is soul stirring I do declare.
"Little Pierre's Song" by William Topaz McGonagall
"Good fellow, you behold in me
An insect of repute," said he.
"I'm that State Insect, so much talked about.
I've frequently been mentioned in
Such papers as THE BULLETIN;
So you have beard of me before, no doubt.
"The Insect" by C J Dennis
So Little Pierre was broght in with his hat under his arm
And in his hand a scroll of paper, thinking it no harm,
Then walked straight up to Madame Malibran without dread
And said, dear lady my mother is sick and in want of bread.
"Little Pierre's Song" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

Eric Herschthal covers arts and culture for the paper.
Your depiction of President Bush as a terrorist, specifically Osama Bin Laden, on the cover of your paper is a tribute to just how low and sleazy you will sink to make a point.
Paper Recycling Conference Podcast Series.
International Paper yesterday said that it has entered into agreements with Mr L.N.
New electronic voting machines record paper ballots (Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska/WNYC).
Gloomy 'Twilight' saga sags with anemic acting, paper cut drama.
Jil Sander's $290 brown paper bag purse is made of brown paper .
Description Kids can craft this dragon puppet from recycled carboard paper towel and toilet paper tubes.
Maine paper industry officials are concerned over plans to re-open a failed paper mill in Nova Scotia .
Cardstock: (black) Bazzill Basics Paper Patterned paper: (Bouquet & Stripe, Wallpaper from Scarlett collection.
The Shore Publishing weekly papers qualify for special postage rates because people like you have requested to continue to receive the paper each and every week.
The GoECOlife Platinum Series GXC120Ti Paper Shredder is the Cadillac of paper shredders .
Candace Begody has been named editor of the paper and Quentin Jodie has been named the paper's sports editor .
Bales of mixed paper recycables, like these beside Mike Martin, are shipped by the TAL company of Tucumcari to an Arizona paper company where they are reused to make paper goods.
Two of the lines will be located at Shandong HengAn Paper Co. Ltd, in Weifang City, Shandong Province, and two at HengAn Wuhu Paper Co.

In science:

As papers are added to the collection, note that individual papers collect no links after their initial appearance, while references cumulate links (citations from newly appearing papers) as papers are added.
Construction of bipartite and unipartite weighted networks from collections of journal papers
A Prototype Demonstration Before presenting the prototype’s referee recommendations for this paper it is important to take a moment to discuss the history of this paper. The original idea and draft of this paper was initially written by Marko A.
The Convergence of Digital-Libraries and the Peer-Review Process
In most cases the numbers are comparable, which reflects the fact that although much of the sky searched in this paper has already been searched by Giclas and Luyten, there is significantly more sky covered in this paper than in Paper XII.
The Solar Neighborhood XV: Discovery of New High Proper Motion Stars with mu >= 0.4"/yr between Declinations -47 degrees and 00 degrees
This paper along with our companion paper is one of the first papers that tightens the mathematical structure of full LQG by using the kind of consistency argument that we used here.
Consistency Check on Volume and Triad Operator Quantisation in Loop Quantum Gravity II
The discrete formulation of the SPMHD equations was discussed in paper I and derived self-consistently from a variational principle in paper II. A self-consistent formulation of the SPMHD equations in the case of a variable smoothing length was also derived in paper II.
Smoothed Particle Magnetohydrodynamics III. Multidimensional tests and the div B = 0 constraint
After finishing the first draft of this paper, we noticed that the main result (Theorem 32) obtained in this paper has been covered in Kempner’s papers on this sub ject [3, 4] published in 1921.
Null Polynomials modulo m
This is the second in a series of two papers (I and II), in which we revisit the problem of decoherence in weak localization, using both an influence functional approach (paper I) and a Bethe-Salpeter equation for the Cooperon (paper II) to calculate the magnetoconductivity.
Decoherence in weak localization II: Bethe-Salpeter calculation of Cooperon
While co-download performance slightly decreases beginning two years after publication, we believe that this is an artifact of the experiment design: the reference lists of papers citing older papers tend to contain other older papers.
Recommending Related Papers Based on Digital Library Access Records
Large parts of the latter paper coincide with this paper and the reader should rather refer to that paper than to this one.
Triple-Point Defective Regular Surfaces
This result is similar in spirit to that appearing in ; however, in that paper the focus was on the “small” Fourier coefficients, whereas here the focus is on the “large” Fourier coefficients (furthermore, the proof in the present paper requires much more sophisticated arguments than those of that other paper).
Subsets of F_p^n without three term arithmetic progressions have several large Fourier coefficients
Actually, that paper based on his paper when Shirshov invented a new linear basis for a free Lie algebra which is now called Lyndon-Shirshov basis (it was defined independently in the paper in the same year).
Groebner-Shirshov Bases for Lie Algebras: after A. I. Shirshov
Landau’s papers [1, 67]20 ! Although GKZ promised to write a separate paper devoted to the qft integrals only, to our knowledge such paper was never written.
Landau's Last Paper and its Impact on Developments in Mathematics, Physics and Other Disciplines in New Millennium
Fact Distribution We started with an annotation task on 25 papers, listed in Table 2, and asked a number of annotators to read the citation summary of each paper and extract a list of the main contributions of that paper.
Scientific Paper Summarization Using Citation Summary Networks
Also, the very few longest (> 80 pages) papers are actually cited less than somewhat shorter papers, although there are few such very long papers.
How long should an astronomical paper be to increase its Impact?
Impact per journal page (Fig. 4) is fairly flat at ∼1.5 citations/page for papers longer than 6 pages and shorter than 50 pages, but it peaks at ∼4 citations/page for papers 4 pages long and drops rather steeply for the longest papers.
How long should an astronomical paper be to increase its Impact?