paper money


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n paper money currency issued by a government or central bank and consisting of printed paper that can circulate as a substitute for specie
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: 97% of all paper money in the US contains traces of cocaine
    • Paper money notes or bills, usually issued by government or by a banking corporation, promising payment of money, and circulated as the representative of coin.
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  • Billy Wilder
    Billy Wilder
    “France is the country where the money falls apart and you can't tear the toilet paper.”
  • Billy Wilder
    Billy Wilder
    “France is a place where the money falls apart in your hands but you cannot tear the toilet paper.”
  • Havelock Ellis
    “Thinking in its lower grades, is comparable to paper money, and in its higher forms it is a kind of poetry.”


In literature:

All my papers were taken away, and all my money.
"The Boy Scouts In Russia" by John Blaine
From time to time money had been subscribed through Pigott's papers for various national funds.
"The Life Story of an Old Rebel" by John Denvir
It had some money in one pocket, and also some papers I need at the lumber office!
"The Bobbsey Twins at the County Fair" by Laura Lee Hope
A succinct account of paper money, in America?
"Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson" by Thomas Jefferson
Paper money would be perilous even to the paper men.
"Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson" by Thomas Jefferson
Paper money has funny ways.
"My Neighbors" by Caradoc Evans
We drink, smoke and chew up all the money in this country, gold, silver, and paper, every seven years.
"Wit, Humor, Reason, Rhetoric, Prose, Poetry and Story Woven into Eight Popular Lectures" by George W. Bain
The servant took the paper and the money, and set off.
"Parker's Second Reader" by Richard G. Parker
There are reading-rooms furnished only with newspapers, where for a small sum of money one can read the papers.
"Paris: With Pen and Pencil" by David W. Bartlett
States were forbidden to emit bills of credit: paper money, in short.
"History of the United States" by Charles A. Beard and Mary R. Beard
Why, there wasn't money enough in the world to pay the damages the Athelstones would get against the paper.
"The False Gods" by George Horace Lorimer
What, we find them asking, are the effects of paper money on prices?
"Life of Adam Smith" by John Rae
Nobody would take paper money unless we bought ten francs' worth.
"The Luck of Thirteen" by Jan Gordon
We are determined to make it the most desirable and reliable paper in the United States; will spare no effort or money to achieve that object.
"Prairie Farmer, Vol. 56: No. 1, January 5, 1884." by Various
The English captain therefore promptly seized both money and papers.
"King's Cutters and Smugglers 1700-1855" by E. Keble Chatterton
No money had passed between them, not even a scrap of paper.
"The Title Market" by Emily Post
They speculated in land, in money, and above all in the paper money that was coming more and more into use.
"A history of China., [3d ed. rev. and enl.]" by Wolfram Eberhard
Well, I want you to tear up the papers; I'll see that your money is returned to you.
"Man to Man" by Jackson Gregory
Any shop refusing to accept German paper money at the stipulated rate is to be immediately closed, according to the Governor's threat.
"A Journal From Our Legation in Belgium" by Hugh Gibson
At first the papers had it that John Harper Drennen had absconded with fifty thousand dollars of the Eastern Mines Company's money.
"Wolf Breed" by Jackson Gregory

In poetry:

Mouth fills w/taste of copper.
Chinese paper. Foreign money. Old posters.
Gyro on a string, a table.
A coin spins. The faces.
"Wilderness" by James Douglas Morrison
And strangers were as brothers to his clocks,
And with his spires he made a human sky;
Museums stored his learning like a box,
And paper watched his money like a spy.
"from In Time of War" by W H Auden
She patronized extensively a man, Ulysses Gunne,
Whose mode of earning money was a low and shameful one.
He wrote for certain papers, which, as everybody knows,
Is worse than serving in a shop or scaring off the crows.
"Delilah" by Rudyard Kipling

In news:

In its early history, the US itself had already had these very same experiences with its own paper-money systems.
Paper money unfair to blind - court.
Judge rules paper money unfair to blind.
Dale's Daily Data: Paper Money .
E-Commerce On Today's Vault … Paper Money .
While "pushing paper" usually describes meaningless office work, in Granville it means earning money and helping Planet Earth.
Paper money unfair to blind - court.
New design coming for paper money, beginning with $20 bill.
Dale's Daily Data: Paper Money.
E-Commerce On Today's Vault … Paper Money.
Taxpayers requesting refunds online usually get their money two weeks earlier than those who file paper returns.
That tour's about how paper money gets made.
You saved paper (money) by waiting for the price on a Luana croc-hobo to drop $20.
GreenCloud saves paper, toner , money and time.
Our local paper, which I kind of like, is selling out for money from gas industry propaganda.

In science:

This work is written up in the paper 'Why Money Trickles Up' which can be downloaded at
The Bowley Ratio
CONC LU S ION S In this paper we have outlined the push for open data and described its current state with the help of an example—open data for the beneficiaries of European Regional Development Fund money.
Open Data: Reverse Engineering and Maintenance Perspective
At this point of your career you do not have to worry as much as before about being the first author on your papers, but you will probably have to find money to pay for the page charges for your first-author junior collaborators, who face a different optimization problem.
How long should an astronomical paper be to increase its Impact?
The data is obtained by filtering the whole set of papers with keywords econophysics, market, finance, stock, price, minority game, money, wealth, trade and GDP.
Quantifying the influence of scientists and their publications: Distinguish prestige from popularity