paper currency


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n paper currency currency issued by a government or central bank and consisting of printed paper that can circulate as a substitute for specie
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In literature:

They therefore knew nothing of paper currency, which was so common throughout the rest of North America.
"Acadia" by Frederic S. Cozzens
The depreciation of paper currency, or Continental money, had by this time brought the serious burden of high prices upon the people.
"A Short History of Pittsburgh" by Samuel Harden Church
The sum he obtained amounted to about twenty thousand dollars, in the depreciated paper currency of that day.
"Daniel Boone" by John S. C. Abbott
I had rather let it go than see them paid in the paper currency which they can't read or judge of.
"Letters from Port Royal" by Various
She would have known more about the properties of a rectangle or the dangers of a paper currency.
"Hopes and Fears scenes from the life of a spinster" by Charlotte M. Yonge
The currency in circulation is almost entirely paper, though no bills smaller than one riksdaler are issued.
"Up The Baltic" by Oliver Optic
Paper currency, 163-179, 205, 218, 273-276.
"The Critical Period of American History" by John Fiske
The lower the value of the notes, or paper currency, the greater will become the scarcity of the coin.
"The Coinages of the Channel Islands" by B. Lowsley
Warmly he advocated a paper currency.
"Benjamin Franklin, A Picture of the Struggles of Our Infant Nation One Hundred Years Ago" by John S. C. Abbott
Neither could the circumstances of America admit of system, till either the paper currency was fixed or laid aside.
"The Writings Of Thomas Paine, Complete" by Thomas Paine
And like his paper currency, it was of all nations.
"Command" by William McFee
The Continental currency was not worth the paper it was printed on.
"The Greater Republic" by Charles Morris
Strictures on his principles of paper-currency, 503-508.
"On The Principles of Political Economy, and Taxation" by David Ricardo
He wrote and published a highly interesting pamphlet on the necessity of paper currency.
"Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution" by L. Carroll Judson
The currency, principally paper money, was depreciated.
"A Historical Geography of the British Colonies" by Charles Prestwood Lucas
There is such a thing as a depreciated paper currency.
"A New Banking System" by Lysander Spooner
In England bills have developed into a paper currency of perfect flexibility.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Slice 7" by Various
While this base paper was in full currency, there appeared an advertisement in the Daily Advertiser for a servant.
"Harper's New Monthly Magazine, No. VI, November 1850, Vol. I" by Various
Governments deem it a safe policy to issue in times of financial stress three times as much paper currency as they have bullion in the vaults.
"The Iron Ration" by George Abel Schreiner
Certain specified resources are appropriated for the formation of a conversion fund, which guarantees the paper currency.
"The Amazing Argentine" by John Foster Fraser

In news:

Banks have long considered placing silicon transistors on currency for security purposes, but the technology was too chunky and intensive for paper bills.
"Mr. Fairman" would have been Gideon Fairman, a principal in a Philadelphia engraving firm that specialized in making paper currency for financial institutions.
And over the seas in shrewd Yankee America, Benjamin Franklin insisted in 1776 that the $25 bill of the new Revolutionary currency be edged with inimitable marble paper to prevent its being forged.
NORTH COUNTY – Is paper currency a dying breed.
During this event at the Best Western Plus Palm Desert Resort, the ICCA will be purchasing coins, paper currency , gold and silver on behalf of their global network of collectors, dealers and refineries.
More than 170 countries print paper currency, but only the United States produces bills that are identical in size and color regardless of denominations.
GAO claims $1 coin lasts far longer than paper notes, would save government $30 B on replacing worn-out currency.
Abilene Coin & Collectibles Show will have the opportunity to buy, sell or trade a variety of coins and other items, including stamps, sports cards, paper currency, gold, silver, jewelry, coin supplies and books, and other collectibles .
Detectives also found multiple counterfeit $100 bills, laptop computers, printers, jump drives and paper used for counterfeiting currency.
Paper Currency Is Designed And Printed At Bureau of Engraving and Printing.
The Massachusetts company that makes the paper used to print US currency has bolstered its stationery division by buying a Maine-based division of Hallmark Cards.
Individuals were asked to handle 52 blank paper strips (of the same dimension as a monetary note), 52 $2 bills (Singaporean currency), or 52 $50 bills (Singaporean currency).
An explanation of what the gold standard is and how it relates to paper currency.
The company that makes the paper used to print US currency has bolstered its stationery division by buying a Maine-based division of Hallmark Cards.
Users scan paper currency with their phone's camera and the application recognizes the denomination and reads it aloud.

In science:

The calibration study conducted in this paper is a ma jor and ambitious test of the concept that the potential approach may account simultaneously for the prices of many assets in different currencies.
The potential approach in practice